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Ruby chocolate: New gem in confectionery crown or pink misfit?

Ruby chocolate may become as popular as white chocolate within three decades, but observers say the craft movement is skeptical and secrecy of the process may mean it is unjustly associated with GM.

Can ruby chocolate live up to the media hype and become a commerical success? Photo: BC

Yummex 2017: Middle East confectionery innovation award winners

A sugar-free, high protein product has won the yummex Middle East Innovation Award for best chocolate.

I need chocolate, Alexa... sweets, snacks, and the Amazon effect

Candy and snacks sales on Amazon are growing at 42% year-on-year,* according to new report from ecommerce data firm One Click Retail, which says category sales have already hit $215m in the first eight months of 2017, compared with $240m for the whole of 2016.

Purple chocolate ups the possibilities for healthy indulgent foods: Herza

Purple chocolate, coloured with nutrient-packed fruit and vegetable powders, can make healthy foods such as muesli more appealing or give indulgent ice cream a healthy halo, says Herza Schokolade.

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