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Callebaut looking to partnerships for further global expansion

Barry Callebaut plans to expand its strategic partnerships with local food manufacturers in order to “tap into the full potential” of emerging markets.

US and China lead choc market recovery, Barry Callebaut

Recovery in the chocolate market is underway in the US, Brazil and China but Western Europe has been slow to rebound and Eastern Europe still shows negative growth rates, said...

Dietary fibres key to stevia-based chocolate formulation, Barry Callebaut

A stevia-based chocolate incorporating a blend of dietary fibres has been developed by Barry Callebaut for Belgian confectioner Cavalier for a tablet product to be launched next month.

Deal sees Barry Callebaut double existing business with Kraft

Industrial chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut has secured a key, long-term supply contract with Kraft Foods, which will see the Swiss firm invest €51m to expand production capacity in North America,...

Barry Callebaut optimises dairy-free milk chocolate alternative

A hike in demand for lactose free products prompted leading industrial chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut to reformulate a 100 per cent dairy free alternative to milk chocolate.

Premium products and Asia-Pacific market drive growth for Barry Callebaut

Leading industrial chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut reported buoyant third quarter sales volume gains of 11.3 per cent, based it said upon growth in Asia-Pacific and the luxury chocolate category.

Barry Callebaut sees huge growth in Brazil as plant opens

A new Barry Callebaut chocolate factory in Brazil, which commenced operation last week, is building on the predicted growth for consumption of chocolate products in Latin America, according to the...

Barry Callebaut posts gains in contracting chocolate market

Chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has reported increased profits and sales volumes for the six months to the end of February 2010, despite a declining global chocolate market.

Barry Callebaut looks to Malaysia for alternative cocoa sources

Ambitious growth targets are fuelling leading chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut’s strategy to source cocoa from regions other than West Africa, with Malaysia the focus of the first stage of its...

Mars and Barry Callebaut team up on flavanols

A standard for measuring the antioxidant-rich cocoa flavanols in chocolate products, a broadening of the market for functional chocolate as well as boosting consumer awareness are the objectives of a...

Beyond guilt - Barry Callebaut predicts a healthy future for chocoholics caught up with Hans Vriens, chief innovation officer with global chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut at the industry trade show Pro Sweets, where he spilled the beans on the future...

Callebaut confident in face of flat chocolate market

The worst of the global economic crisis on chocolate is over but global market volumes will remain flat throughout 2010, predicts Barry Callebaut – which itself is expecting to outperform the market.

Barry Callebaut still aims to exit consumer business

Barry Callebaut still aims to dispose of its consumer chocolate business in 2010 following the failure of an attempt to sell to Spanish food group Natra earlier this year, the...

Barry Callebaut profits grow as chocolate market shrinks

Chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has reported increased profits and sales volumes for the full 2008/09 fiscal year, despite shrinking global chocolate consumption.

Barry Callebaut to buy Spanish chocolate maker

Barry Callebaut has signed an agreement to acquire Spain’s Chocovic, in a deal that will give the chocolate giant its first manufacturing plant in Spain.

Barry Callebaut to help steer cocoa programme

Chocolate maker Barry Callebaut’s decision to join the UTZ Certified sustainable cocoa programme will bolster efforts to scale up the project and help to get all parts of the supply...

Callebaut-Natra chocolate plan turns sour

Barry Callebaut has confirmed it has ended negotiations with Spanish chocolate producer Natra over the integration of its European consumer chocolate business, citing differences over valuation.

Barry Callebaut builds on Acticoa success

Barry Callebaut’s Acticoa blend of high-antioxidant cocoa and chocolate ingredients is being expanded across a range of products under Prestat’s Choxi+ brand in the UK.

Barry Callebaut develops low calorie, heat resistant chocolate

Food engineers at Barry Callebaut have developed a chocolate that has both a high melting point and a low calorie count.

Barry Callebaut buy targets instant-drink vending innovations

Barry Callebaut has extended its presence in the European market for vending machine beverage mixes to focus further on so-called gourmet chocolate and cappuccino products.

News in brief

Barry Callebaut appoints Americas president

Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest producer of cocoa and chocolate products, has appointed David S. Johnson as president and CEO of its Americas division.

Declining chocolate market felt by Mars and Barry Callebaut

Clear signs that falling consumer demand for chocolate is starting to impact the supply chain with Mars' chocolate business in France announcing contracted production in Alsace.

Hershey deal frees Barry Callebaut to focus on Asia customers

Barry Callebaut has sold its Van Houten Singapore consumer chocolate business to Hershey so it can concentrate on its manufacturer and gourmet customers targeting the Asian market.

Natra to absorb Barry Callebaut consumer unit

As private label sales rise amid the economic downturn, Zurich-based Barry Callebaut joins forces with Spanish food group Natra in a move that sees the Swiss group integrating Stollwerck, its...

Barry Callebaut welcomes new cocoa anti-depressant link

Barry Callebaut is a step closer to boasting about the antidepressant properties of cocoa on its product labels after a study funded by the company found that it could...

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