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Flowers Foods and Hershey extend cake collaboration

Flowers Foods and The Hershey Company have launched a new cake range under their licensed-product collaboration.

Sustainable cocoa

Hershey outlines details of cocoa child labor pledge

The Hershey Company has told this site that it plans to work with multiple organizations to meet its recent pledge to use only certified cocoa by 2020, and will communicate...

Child labor pledge

Hershey stuns critics with commitment to source 100% certified cocoa by 2020

The Hershey Company has surprised its critics after announcing plans to source 100% certified cocoa by 2020.

Mars and Hershey: beneficiaries of US Halloween candy glut, says analyst

US Halloween candy spending is projected to rise this year and the major players Mars and Hershey will be raking in the profits with seasonal variants of popular brands, according...

Hershey opens doors at the ‘world’s most technologically advanced’ choc factory

Hershey has officially opened its expanded chocolate factory in West Hershey, PA, unveiling “technology never before used in the manufacture of confectionery”.

Hershey sets up Indian subsidiary after ending Godrej joint venture

The Hershey Company has agreed a deal to buy Godrej Industries 49% stake in the two companies’ Indian joint venture and has announced plans to set up its own subsidiary:...

Independents call on Hershey to address child labour

US candy brand Hershey’s faces a fresh campaign demanding that it should embrace fair trade principles and reject the use of child labour.

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Hershey-funded school performs U-turn on HIV pupil admission

A school funded by the Hershey Company has backtracked on its decision to refuse admission to a 13-year-old boy over his HIV-positive status.

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Hershey hits Tesco store shelves in UK

Products from US chocolate giant Hershey will be a fixture on Tesco store shelves in the UK as the supermarket launches dedicated US sweet and snacks bays.

Hershey’s apologises after rusty razor blade found in Jolly Rancher candy

Confectionery giant Hershey’s has been forced to issue an apology in the US, after a consumer reported finding a rusty razor blade in a bag of Jolly Rancher candy.

Hershey: Tentative on innovation?

Hershey’s CEO has said that pacing is important in innovation and while efforts have been “far more disciplined” than in the past, it is still committed to new product development (NPD)....

Hershey sales rise 7% in Q2 on strong US candy marketplace

The Hershey Company has posted improved sales and profits in its second quarter (Q2) results driven by a robust US candy, mint and gum market.

Hershey plans new Asia manufacturing facility as it sets vision for international expansion

US-based confectioner Hershey has announced plans to open a new factory in Asia as it embarks on a ‘five core brands’ strategy to realise potential in selected emerging markets.

Hershey to up Mexican cocoa sourcing as programme launched to boost supply

Hershey plans to increase the amount of cocoa it sources from Mexico by initiating a $2.8m crop growing programme in partnership with Ecom Cocoa that it says will boost yields...

Pressure mounts on Hershey to source 100% sustainable cocoa

Hershey has come under pressure from human rights groups to source all its cocoa from certified farms that avoid child labor.

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Hershey claims 30% reduced fat chocolate with first brand launch since 2007

Hershey’s first brand launch since 2007 is a chocolate product that it claims contains 30% less fat compared to the average leading milk chocolates.

Hershey lifts game in Malaysia with DKSH expansion deal

US Chocolate giant Hershey has entered a sales and marketing partnership with Asian expansion group DKSH to help raise its profile in the emerging Malaysian market.

Hershey maps cocoa farms in Ghana with GPS as labour group doubts commitments

Chocolate giant Hershey has announced plans to use GPS mapping for cocoa farms in Ghana to help farmers better manage their resources as labour groups continue to doubt the company’s...

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Hershey Godrej launches new product amid split rumours

The Hershey Godrej Indian joint venture has launched a new chocolate product for its Nutrine brand shortly after rumours surfaced of a possible split.

Hershey sales up 10.7% on strong Easter and international growth

The Hershey Company has recorded growth in its first quarter (Q1) results driven by pricing, solid Easter performance and growth in international markets.

Hershey denies Godrej split in India

The Hershey Company has dismissed reports that it is set to sell its 51% stake in its Indian joint venture with the Godrej Group and tackle the market alone.

Hershey faces boycott as school it funds rejects HIV-positive pupil

The Hershey Company is facing a boycott of its products as a school it funds in the US refused to admit a 13-year-old boy over his HIV-positive status.

Hershey outlook ‘stable’ for 2012 with international expansion afoot, says rating agency

Chocolate giant Hershey will experience improved sales and flat profit margins in 2012 and will seek out acquisitions in international markets, according to credit agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P)....

Hershey packer fails to record worker injuries for four years

The US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited a packer of Hershey chocolates for multiple health and safety violations.

Hershey records growth as international markets shine

The Hershey Company has announced improved sales and gross profit in its fourth quarter (Q4) and end of year results as sales in emerging markets soared.

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