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Cadbury Adams ceases all advertising to kids

US confectionery firm Cadbury Adams yesterday pledged to stop advertising Bubblicious Gum to children under 12, the last product in its portfolio to come under a nationwide initiative.

News briefs: AB Foods, Nestle, Cadbury and volatile commodities

The global commodity market continues to worry confectionery and sugar firms, as AB Foods profit is dented by sugar reforms, Nestle combats costs with price hikes, and Cadbury may be...

News briefs: Polyols, Cargill, and Cadbury Schweppes

This week, demand for polyols is reported as experiencing substantial growth on the back of health trend, Cargill provides more convenient cocoa packaging, and Cadbury Schweppes moves nearer to its...

Cadbury to remove artificial colours by end of 2008

Cadbury Schweppes has pledged to remove all artificial colourings from its confectionery products by the end of the year in response to concerns over their possible effects on behaviour.

Cadbury continues fight to protect purple packaging

The Australian arm of Cadbury Schweppes, has lost another round in its bid to protect the use of its characteristic colour purple, used in wrapping for many of the company's...

News briefs: Cocoa, Cadbury and Sweet China

In financial news this week, cocoa prices go up yet again, Cadbury reveals more de-merger plans, and Sweet China is allowed to return to the London stock market.

Cadbury sets date for drinks demerger

Cadbury today set a timetable for the planned demerger of its beverage arm, with the process expected to be completed by 7 May this year.

Doubts cast over Cadbury beverage spin-off

Weakening debt markets may force Cadbury to put the de-merger of its US beverage arm on hold, an investment bank predicted last week.

Switzerland chosen as new EU Cadbury base

Global confectionery firm Cadbury has created a new European headquarters in Switzerland, as part of the company's attempts to consolidate its operations within the bloc, local news reports have stated.

News briefs: Cadbury, Hershey and Swiss confectionery

The sale of Cadbury subsidiary Monkhill is finalised, a Hershey director leaves his post, and the Swiss sweet industry experiences stable sales at home but higher sales abroad.

Cadbury adopts new pathogen testing system

Global confectionery giant Cadbury has stepped up its microbiological surveillance by adopting the Pathatrix pathogen testing system, according to its creator.

Kraft profits down on input costs

Global food giant Kraft yesterday posted fourth quarter profit losses of six per cent, despite higher volume sales of chocolate, biscuit and beverage brands.

Cadbury to protect Ghanaian chocolate production

Cadbury today launched a fund to aid its cocoa suppliers in Ghana, after research suggested that average production in the region is now 40 per cent lower than the potential yield.

'Iconic' brands behind Tangerine's Cadbury buy

UK-based confectioner Tangerine agreed Friday to purchase some of the country's most iconic confectionery brands including Barratt Sherbet Fountains and Butterkist popcorn from market leader Cadbury Schweppes.

Environmental concerns dog Cadbury closure

Cadbury has this week confirmed it will continue with plans to switch some UK production to Poland, sparking accusations that the confectioner will be adding 12 million food miles to...

News briefs: Barry Callebaut, Cadbury and Rocky Moutain

Swiss-based Barry Callebaut hopes to profit from China, Cadbury denies selling its Australian beverage arm, and Rocky Mountain focuses on franchises after poor Q3 sales.

Peltz threatens Cadbury, pushes for change

The Trian investment group, led by Nelson Peltz, yesterday called for Cadbury to make a raft of improvements to its operations, threatening to take matters out of management's hands if...

News briefs: Hershey, Wrigley and Cadbury

Hershey may remove mint packaging that looks like drug pouches; Wrigley's credit rating is improved by analyst; and internet viewer vote the Cadbury gorilla ad the best commercial of 2007.

Strong sales boost Cadbury revenue outlook

Cadbury today said it expects confectionery revenue growth to exceed the 2007 four to six per cent target range, thanks to revenues from the UK chocolate and the US gum markets.

Trian group increases Cadbury share

The US hedge fund group Trian, run by active investor Nelson Peltz, has increased its stake in Cadbury from 3.47 per cent to approximately 4.5 per cent, the confectionery company...

Kraft denies Brazilian acquisition

Global food giant Kraft yesterday denied making a bid for Brazilian poultry company Perdigao, despite a flurry of merger and acquisition activity over the last year.

Cadbury's de-merger will boost profits, analysts say

Cadbury's de-merger of its US beverage business should increase margins for the confectionery business by 4.6 percentage points, despite an initial cost of £1bn, estimates Credit Suisse.

News briefs: VAT row, Cadbury ballot and expensive chocolate

Premier Foods is resisting confectionery tax on fruit bars, Cadbury staff vote to reject closure plans, and a New York restaurant charges $25,000 (€17,000m) for the most expensive chocolate dessert...

Cadbury reveals demerger proposals

Cadbury Schweppes yesterday filed regulatory documents outlining the demerger of its Americas beverage business into a new company, revealing the company's strategy to maintain its position as the world's largest...

Kraft Q3 operating profit falls 20 per cent

Kraft Foods Inc today posted a 27 per cent decrease in operating profit for the third quarter, blaming high dairy and other commodity costs for the tumble.

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