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Sugar and strife – not so nice if the price is not right

Sugar politics means high prices are a bitter pill for US and Indian sweet food and beverage makers; while the European industry is sitting pretty on the back of the...

Heart charity sets strict guidelines for added sugar intake

The American Heart Association (AHA) has set down strict guidelines for added sugar intake that put a woman over the daily recommended limit for drinking just one 12-once can of...

Cadbury removes palm oil from Dairy Milk in New Zealand

Cadbury is removing palm oil from its Dairy Milk recipe in New Zealand following complaints from consumers concerned about its environmental impact.

Record sugar prices squeeze food makers

World sugar prices have jumped to their highest levels since the early 1980s, putting upward pressure on the margins of sugar users.

ABF sells Polish sugar business in advance of EU rule change

Associated British Foods (ABF) has sold its Polish sugar business to Pfeifer & Langen for an estimated £120 to £130m in preparation for the opening up of EU sugar trade.

EFSA proposes new DRVs; leaves out sugar and GI

EFSA has launched a public consultation on dietary reference values for carbs fibre and fats – but has declined to give values for sugar or advice on glycaemic index due...

BASF partners with Brazilian researchers for higher yield sugarcane

BASF has entered into partnership with a Brazilian research centre to develop genetically modified sugarcane with higher yields and greater tolerance to drought.

Trade body warns of sugar market disruption

The Sweetener Users Association (SUA) has warned that the sugar market could be disrupted by production shortages, refining capacity issues and the upcoming hurricane season.

Cargill’s NatureWorks take sugar-derived plastics to Brazil

Cargill is to introduce its Ingeo bioplastics to Brazil, offering the food, cosmetics and other industries a new packaging material derived from sugar instead of petroleum.

New UTZ certification for world’s biggest cocoa producers

Producers in the world’s largest cocoa-producing country, Côte d’Ivoire, are taking part in the first independent audits in preparation for the UTZ Certified code of conduct; a programme that sets...

Technical challenges to reducing sugar

Tate & Lyle’s manager of sweetener technology development gives insight into the role of sugar beyond providing sweetness, and how to pick alternative sweeteners that build back the properties.

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Cadbury mulls India cocoa supply strategy

UK-based Cadbury is hoping to extend its presence in India with the confectioner reportedly set to use the country as a major regional production centre for its cocoa supplies.

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Danisco announces post sugar board changes

Danish ingredients firm Danisco has announced that three of its longstanding board members will not stand for re-election at the AGM in August.

Stevia World puts stevia on the map as sugar replacer

Speakers at the first day of Stevia World have focused on the potential of stevia sweeteners as mainstream sugar replacers, as well as their role in tackling surging rates of...

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Cocoa production on Ivory Coast to fall in 2009

Reports last week suggest cocoa production in the Ivory Coast, the world’s largest producer of cocoa, may be one million metric tonnes this year, down from 1.36 million last season.

Cocoa farmers safety project could boost yields

A confectionery association has joined forces with the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) to improve the lot of cocoa growing communities in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and help ensure a sustainable...

Mars pledges sustainable cocoa only by 2020

Mars has pledged that its entire cocoa supply will be certified as sustainably produced by 2020, through a multi-year, multi-country deal forged with the Rainforest Alliance.

Sharp fall in price for cocoa as investors sell

Prices for chocolate makers' key ingredient cocoa fell this week after speculators on the futures exchange exit cocoa positions.

Cocoa stakeholders agree sustainability action plan

Representatives of the cocoa industry from across the world have agreed on a framework to achieve a sustainable cocoa economy and plan to set up a sustainability fund to help...

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Ghana boosts cocoa processing output

Ghana's Cocoa Processing Company (CPC) has more than doubled its cocoa bean processing capacity to 64,500 tonnes a year, after completing a five-year rehabilitation and expansion programme.


Could sugar shake off its bad boy image?

Sugar could be shedding its bad boy image to take a surprise spot on the public’s list of trusted ingredients, as manufacturers look to appeal to more savvy consumers.

Chocolate makers witness price dip for cocoa

Marginal relief for cocoa inputs is in view, with costs for this soft commodity dipping after the soaring 24-year price highs registered last month.

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Mexican move for confectionery firms saves labour and sugar costs

Confectionery firms are moving to Mexico and Canada to save on labour and sugar costs, reports US paper, York Daily Record.

Cadbury predicts 2010 price hikes will be cocoa linked

Cadbury said it may have to further raise its prices for 2010 as the cost of cocoa has remained stubbornly high, economic conditions are turbulent and markets competitive.

Barry Callebaut welcomes new cocoa anti-depressant link

Barry Callebaut is a step closer to boasting about the antidepressant properties of cocoa on its product labels after a study funded by the company found that it could...

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