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ABF to shake up China sugar industry with joint venture

Associated British Foods (ABF) has forged an agreement with Chinese sugar group Hebei Tian Lu, which is expected to revolutionise beet sugar production technology and boost yields.

Danisco stands by for record sugar harvest

Danisco is expecting a record sugar harvest as climactic factors have stimulated growth, the year's first field samples indicate, meaning that any excess above quota will be channelled towards non-food...

Cocoa prices may stabilise, says ICCO

A positive outlook for the chocolate industry as cocoa prices could be stabilising, the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) said in its July review.

Sugar demand to exceed supply says report

Sugar supply for the fiscal year 2008 is expected to be less than the demand, which could cause continual price pressures, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said last week.

Cocoa demand on the up

Demand for cocoa is on the up, registering compound growth of 2.7 per cent over the next three years, and most of it will come from Africa, according to a...

New approach to sugar needed, says USDA

A new approach to sugar is needed in the US to avoid the continuing cost pressures on the industry, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in a report...

EU sugar reform hit Agranas sugar revenues

Sales revenues for Agrana's sugar segment were down to €171m for the three months ended May 31, from €243m the same quarter the previous year, due to EU sugar reforms.

Real Good Food focuses on sugar and bakery

Real Good Food said this week it is focusing upon its sugar and bakery sectors following the disposal of its fish business.

Future of cocoa prices uncertain, says ICCO

Cocoa prices in June reached their highest levels since 2003, according to the monthly review by the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO).

Sugar prices expected to stabilise, forecasts FAO

A rising global demand for sugar is set to be met by an increase in production, leading to a more stable market and prices, forecasts the Food and Agriculture Organisation...

Indonesia gears up to meet rising cocoa demand

Indonesia is expecting an increase in the country's cocoa production, despite recent poor crops, according to local news media.

Sugar-free gum poisonous for pets

Consumer demand for sugar-free products with Xylitol is leading to the deaths of domestic pets, according to reports in the US.

Danisco blames revenue dip on EU sugar reform

Danisco suffered a 3 per cent drop in revenue in the 12 months to 30 April, blaming the fall on the EU's decision to cut subsidies for sugar.

Barry Callebaut goes green with new biofuel energy source

Swiss chocolate firm Barry Callebaut is joining the ranks of environmentally-friendly businesses as it looks to 'greener' ways of powering its processing facilities in Wieze, Belgium.

British Sugar rolls out clean-label syrup

UK ingredients manufacturer British Sugar has developed a new liquid sugar product, suitable for both bakers and confectioners and designed to re-introduce traditional golden syrup to a modern, more health-conscious,...

Ghana addresses cocoa labour issues

The Ghanaian government is continuing its investigation into labour practices in the country's cocoa industry with the publication of a report into child labour.

UK farmers bitter over altered sugar reform

Farmers in the UK have condemned the newly amended EU sugar restructuring scheme saying it will benefit processors rather than growers struggling to compete at the lower end of the...

Sugar processors offered restructuring sweeteners

The European Commission is stepping up efforts to force less competitive sugar processors from the market, with a series of changes to the EU sugar restructuring scheme.

ABF sugar buy helps keep business afloat

After a problematic year involving tampering incidents and disappointing bread sales, UK food producer Associated British Foods (ABF) has posted a 7 per cent rise in profits which the group...

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EU sugar reform sours at home and abroad

Still in its initial stages of implementation, the EU sugar reform effort appears dogged by problems - a significant quota cut in the last few months left producers scrambling to...

Bakers offered new moisture resistant sugar product

UK sugar processor British Sugar has developed a new line of moisture-resistant sugar to its dry ingredients range for bakers, which it claims can prolong shelf life and improve product...

Which? criticises complicated sugar labelling

Consumer watchdog Which? has hit out at confusing labelling of sugar content in foods, placing the onus on manufacturers to put full nutritional information on packs after a survey found...

Chocolate test ensures sugar consistency

Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company Metrohm has developed a test to determine the exact sugar content of chocolate - helping manufacturers ensure consistency on the production line.

Tate & Lyle teams up with Eridania for Italian sugar supply

Tate & Lyle and Italian sugar producer Eridania Sadam have formed a joint venture for the marketing and sales of all sugar products to the Italian market, seen as an...

Sugar reform continues to leave a sour taste

EU sugar reform combined with unfavourable trading conditions in the UK are continuing to hit food manufacturers hard - denting profits and squeezing margins.

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