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Cocoa and sugar are commodities right and the heart of the confectionery industry. This section follows the volatile supply and demand situation and price fluctuations for commodities such as cocoa, sugar and palm oil and how these commodities can be sourced sustainably. 

EU sugar reforms leave east in the cold, claims expert

Central and Eastern European sugar processors are bearing the brunt of new EU reforms due to dominant Western European companies within the industry acting in a political and not economic...

Australia firm patents natural low GI sugar

An Australian firm has patented what it describes as a 'totally natural low GI sugar'.

Sugar reform fails to sweeten ABF sales

Associated British Foods (ABF) yesterday blamed a drop in operating profits of 21 per cent to £413m (€612.9m) before on higher energy costs and instability arising from EU sugar reforms.

Buhler steps up cocoa production in Ghana

Supplier Buhler has boosted machinery supplies to facilities in Ghana, enabling operations in the country to not only harvest the beans but process them into cocoa butter and powder.

Blend palm kernel oil and palm oil to better replace cocoa butter?

Blending palm kernel oil, extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide, and palm oil leads to new cocoa butter replacers (CBR), offering cheaper alternatives with good physical and chemical properties.

British Sugar launches cost-cutting, process-friendly paste

Sugar supplier British Sugar has launched a new variety of sugar paste promising a whiter, smoother appearance and better taste.

EC calls for greater "responsibility" over new sugar reforms

The sugar industry must take greater responsibility to ensure the successful restructuring of the EU market, said the European Commissioner for agriculture.

Cocoa replacer firm hit by shea nut shortage

Scandinavian ingredients group AarhusKarlshamn (AAK) remains undeterred by a shortfall in raw materials which failed to dent stable profits.

Enzyme-modified soybean sugar - another gum arabic replacer?

Soybean soluble polysaccharide (SSPS) modified by a rhamnogalacturonase (RGase) enzyme could be used in flavour emulsions, and is a potential replacement for gum arabic, say researchers from Fuji Oil Company.

Danisco sees promise despite tough sugar conditions

Danisco's sugar beet seed business in Denmark is bracing itself for tough new market conditions following the implementation of the EU sugar reform.

EU sugar reform knocks ABF

Associated British Foods (ABF) yesterday blamed a 21 per cent drop in operating profit on European sugar industry reform and significantly higher energy costs.

Olam, ADM acquire Cameroon cocoa processor

Singapore-based cocoa bean supplier Olam has jointly acquired the Cameroon cocoa processor Usicam with ADM, the world's largest cocoa processor, giving both firms greater economy of scale in the African...

Business feels tremors of EU sugar shake-up

The shake-up of Europe's sugar industry is already having an effect on internal EU-25 trade, according to a recent USDA report.

Sugar reforms take toll on Tate and Lyle in Central Europe

Ingredients giant Tate and Lyle could be set to cease its sugar processing operations in Central Europe, as producers look to lower quotas in light of new EU sugar reforms.

Tate & Lyle closes in on Israeli sugar deal

Tate & Lyle has formed a joint enterprise to build and operate a sugar plant in Israel, a move that will partially replace traditional sugar imports from the European Union.

Danisco launches cost-cutting sugar product for food makers

Danish ingredients group Danisco has launched a new cost-cutting sugar product designed to reduce waste in end product presentation.

UK support for sugar reform revealed

The UK's food and farming minister has revealed how almost £500 million of additional support for sugar reform will be incorporated within the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) over the next...

Mexican sugar substitute makes it to UK shelves

Diabetics and weight watchers are set to benefit from the release of a new natural alternative to sugar going on sale in leading UK retailer Tesco this week.

Real Good Food record real good sugar sales

Following the acquisition of sugar supplier Napier Brown Foods, UK bakery firm Real Good Food Company (RGFC) has seen turnover increase more than five-fold - despite the impact of the...

Natural protection for sugar industry

US scientists think they may have found a natural alternative to pesticides used by sugar beet growers to fend off their biggest enemy - the sugar beet root maggot.

ADM expands European cocoa sector

Ingredients manufacturer Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has increased its chocolate production in Europe with the takeover of a plant in England.

Sweet makers worry over sugar reform

Confectioners are wary of price hikes following the decision by major UK sugar processor British Sugar to pay beet growers more than the EU minimum.

Danisco eyes 1m tonne sugar harvest

Danisco has maintained its expectations for this years sugar output, and claims a one million-tonne oharvest is possible.

ABF completes African sugar share acquisition

Associated British Foods' (ABF's) acquisition of Africa's largest sugar producer underlines the fact that the European industry is thinking globally.

Sweet forecast for CSM despite upcoming sugar sale

Despite extensive company restructuring and the imminent sale of its sugar division, Netherlands-based ingredients group CSM today announced strong profits in the first half and is optimistic the upward trend...

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