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Cocoa and sugar are commodities right and the heart of the confectionery industry. This section follows the volatile supply and demand situation and price fluctuations for commodities such as cocoa, sugar and palm oil and how these commodities can be sourced sustainably. 

Chocolate test ensures sugar consistency

Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company Metrohm has developed a test to determine the exact sugar content of chocolate - helping manufacturers ensure consistency on the production line.

Tate & Lyle teams up with Eridania for Italian sugar supply

Tate & Lyle and Italian sugar producer Eridania Sadam have formed a joint venture for the marketing and sales of all sugar products to the Italian market, seen as an...

Sugar reform continues to leave a sour taste

EU sugar reform combined with unfavourable trading conditions in the UK are continuing to hit food manufacturers hard - denting profits and squeezing margins.

Roquette sweetens low-sugar market with soluble fibre range

Helping confectioners target the health trend, French ingredients firm Roquette has developed a new soluble fibre range suitable for use in low-sugar, low-calorie jellies and gums.

Sugar crops improve after hurricane losses

Sugar production in Florida increased during the last crop year, reaching "more normal" production levels after significant losses during the string of hurricanes in recent years.

ABF sugar operations sweeten sales

Sugar producer Associated British Foods (ABF) has announced a strong performance from its operations overseas which have helped to offset rocky trading in the UK market.

Danisco welcomes EU sugar quota cut

Danisco has welcomed the EC's decision to introduce a temporary sugar quota reduction as a "necessary step to restore the balance on the market".

Tate & Lyle sells Canadian sugar business

Tate & Lyle's agreement to the sale of its Canadian sugar refining business represents another move away from the commodity end of the market.

Barry Callebaut boosts Ghana cocoa production

Major Swiss cocoa processor Barry Callebaut has expanded operations at a factory in Ghana - doubling the facility's bean processing capacity.

Royal Cosun announces indicative 2006 sugar beet price

Dutch firm Royal Cosun has announced an indicative sugar beet price of €48.25 per tonne of quota beet from the 2006 campaign.

Test aids sugarcane extraction

A new test has been developed to aid sugar processors in the difficult task of extracting the substance from raw sugarcane.

EC moves to withdraw quota sugar from market

The European Commission took the first steps towards a substantial withdrawal of quota sugar from the market this week.

Danisco hits sugar targets

Danish sugar producer Danisco announced yesterday it had met its 2006/07 output forecast - processing 1.01m tonnes of sugar from the group's factories throughout Europe.

Confusion drives consumers away from sugar, says industry body

A 'low sugar' claim does not necessarily mean 'low calorie' or 'better for you', said the US Sugar Association, in its latest attempt to recapture a part of the market...

Protein-sugar combo could boost encapsulation stability

A protein-polysaccharide combination for stabilising water-in-oil-in-water emulsions could lead to customised double emulsions with differing release behaviours, German researchers report.

Sugar-gelatin alternative to pure gum Arabic developed

A matrix of sucrose, gelatin and gum Arabic can successfully encapsulate citrus flavours, and offer potential as a cheaper alternative to pure gum Arabic for the process.

Orafti launches low sugar Beneo for feel-good foods

Orafti has announced the introduction of Beneo LGI, a virtually sugar-free inulin with multiple applications for healthier food formulation - including products with a low glycaemic index.

EU sugar reforms leave east in the cold, claims expert

Central and Eastern European sugar processors are bearing the brunt of new EU reforms due to dominant Western European companies within the industry acting in a political and not economic...

Australia firm patents natural low GI sugar

An Australian firm has patented what it describes as a 'totally natural low GI sugar'.

Sugar reform fails to sweeten ABF sales

Associated British Foods (ABF) yesterday blamed a drop in operating profits of 21 per cent to £413m (€612.9m) before on higher energy costs and instability arising from EU sugar reforms.

Buhler steps up cocoa production in Ghana

Supplier Buhler has boosted machinery supplies to facilities in Ghana, enabling operations in the country to not only harvest the beans but process them into cocoa butter and powder.

Blend palm kernel oil and palm oil to better replace cocoa butter?

Blending palm kernel oil, extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide, and palm oil leads to new cocoa butter replacers (CBR), offering cheaper alternatives with good physical and chemical properties.

British Sugar launches cost-cutting, process-friendly paste

Sugar supplier British Sugar has launched a new variety of sugar paste promising a whiter, smoother appearance and better taste.

EC calls for greater "responsibility" over new sugar reforms

The sugar industry must take greater responsibility to ensure the successful restructuring of the EU market, said the European Commissioner for agriculture.

Cocoa replacer firm hit by shea nut shortage

Scandinavian ingredients group AarhusKarlshamn (AAK) remains undeterred by a shortfall in raw materials which failed to dent stable profits.

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