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Asian innovation: Wasabi Kit Kats and cheese chocolate

By Oliver Nieburg+


Confectioners are vigorously innovating to build market share in the developing Asian market. We take a look at some of the latest products to hit Asia.

Nestlé CEO Paul Buckle said earlier this year that his firm was “living in a new reality” as wealth creation was shifting from West to East.

Nestlé and its major competitors are all vying for a share of the Asian confectionery that according to Euromonitor has grown 54% in the past five years and is now worth around $36bn.

Confectioners have established in-country R&D centers to develop products that cater specifically to Asian tastes.

Local players such as Korean firm Lotte and Japan’s Morinaga and Meiji are also innovating to fight off foreign invasion.

We bring you a picture roundup of some of the latest products to hit the Asian market – from wasabi Kit Kats to cheese chocolate.

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