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Filling fat Chocofill NH 110 low in sat fats and needs no tempering, says AAK

By Oliver Nieburg+


Filling fat to eliminate costly and time-consuming tempering
Filling fat to eliminate costly and time-consuming tempering

AarhusKarlshamn (AAK) claims its filling fat Chocofill NH 110 is lower in saturated fats than lauric fats and can save confectioners money by eliminating the tempering stage compared to polymorphic fats.

Chocofill NH 110 is a non-lauric, non-hydrogenated, non-trans filling fat that can either be used as the full fat, or blended with other fat-containing ingredients such as milk fat, cocoa butter and nut oil. It can be used in pralines, filled bars, biscuit fillings and sugar confectionery.

The ingredient was among three shortlisted for confectionery innovation of the year at FiE this month, but was beaten by Loders Croklaan’s crystallization starter CristalGreen.

Eliminate tempering

René Schou, global director of marketing for AAK told ConfectioneryNews that Chocofill NH 110 was a step up from commonly used polymorphic fats that require tempering.

“We very often experience that our customers find it difficult, time consuming and therefore costly to temper a filling.”

He said that with Chocofill NH 110, manufacturers could avoid the tempering process which was necessary for polymorphic fats to obtain a steep meltdown and which helps them avoid decreased shelf-life and fat lumps in the end product.

Cost saving

Schou added that the cost per kg in production was reduced by removing tempering.

“Our customers do find it challenging and time consuming to carry out proper tempering and at the same time steep melting filling fats have grown in popularity due to the premiumzation trend.”

Saturated fat reduction

He added that Chocofill NH 110 had a healthier profile than other lauric filling fats on the market.

 “It is significantly lower in saturated than lauric based in the market today.”

Chocofill NH 110 contains 55% of saturated fats, compared to between 80-95% for a lauric fat.


Schou continued: “It is possible to obtain a long shelf-life, along the fact that it is non-temper plays a role. If manufactures do not have full control, the current non-lauric steep melting fats may re-crystallise during storage, with small fat lumps and earlier bloom as the result.”

According to AAK, Chocofill NH 110 is neutral in taste and flavor and required no additional ingredients other than the sugar, milk powder and cocoa needed to become a filling. The filling fat can be labeled as ”vegetable fat” on ingredients lists.

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