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High protein chocolate coatings moving to trail mixes & clusters: Barry Callebaut

By Oliver Nieburg+

Last updated on 01-Aug-2016 at 13:39 GMT2016-08-01T13:39:53Z

New uses for protein compound coatings beyond granola bars, says Barry Callebaut. .©iStock/manaemedia
New uses for protein compound coatings beyond granola bars, says Barry Callebaut. .©iStock/manaemedia

Barry Callebaut says protein chocolate is poised to expand beyond traditional granola and energy bars to clusters and trail mixes.

The supplier said it comes as consumer demand grows for indulgent products that also deliver health benefits.

Beyond typical snacks

A Barry Callebaut spokesperson told ConfectioneryNews: “Protein claims are growing in a majority of market segments beyond the obvious ones, so we foresee our high protein offerings to expand beyond the typical healthy snack markets.”

They said the most obvious use for protein compound coatings was in mainstream energy and granola bars, but added: “These coatings can also be used with other healthier snacks including clusters or trail mix that could be enrobed or have the protein product drizzled on by the coatings.”

Compound coatings with 20% protein

The supplier showcased its two most popular protein compound coatings at the IFT National Tradeshow in Chicago last month.

These products contain 20 g of protein per 100 g serving,

“We do offer different amounts of protein but industry standard is usually in the range of approximately 15-20% protein,” said the company’s spokesperson.

Healthy indulgence

Barry Callebaut said the high-protein coatings were typically more expensive than a standard coating, but it would depend on the amount and type of protein and overall ingredients costs.

 “Chocolate is very indulgent; however, more and more, consumers are looking for products offering dual benefits-- such as finding that ‘sweet spot’ of both indulgence and tangible health properties,” they continued.


Popular request from chocolate firms

They said high-protein coatings had become “more than a niche market”.

“Given the consumer-driven, continued trend of protein requirements in food products, high-protein coatings have become a popular request for chocolate companies.

“Barry Callebaut views this product category as a long-term need for food companies and product developers,” continued the spokesperson.

Earlier this year, Mars launched Snickers and Mars protein bars in the UK containing 18 g and 19 g of protein from whey.

Mars, analysts and a number of protein suppliers say protein chocolate is set for a mainstream future.

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