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Confectionery Innovation Forum

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
Confectionery Innovation Forum

Innovation is the lifeblood of the confectionery industry.

This free-to-view online forum will explore how chocolate, candy, biscuit and gum makers can launch and tailor products appealing to Millennials and Gen Z in the world’s confectionery largest market, the US.
What are the future trends, the winning formats and ingredients and how can companies leverage emerging technology to perfect in-store merchandizing and the path to purchase?

Four panelists will discuss how increasingly health-conscious Americans are seeking organic, premium and functional confections. This forum is for anyone looking to launch a successful confectionery brand.
The hour-long session will be chaired by ConfectioneryNews editor Oliver Nieburg. He’ll be joined by three panelists to discuss:

  • Upcoming trends
  • Formulation & winning ingredients
  • Consumer taste tests
  • On-pack claims
  • Choosing packaging
  • Picking price points
  • Retail channels & merchandizing
  • Social media & promotions


  • Adam Melonas

    Adam Melonas

    Cofounder of Unreal Candy & CEO of food innovation lab


  • Marcia Mogelonsky

    Marcia Mogelonsky

    Director of insight

    Mintel Food and Drink

  • Oliver Nieburg

    Oliver Nieburg


    Confectionery News

  • Tyler Merrick

    Tyler Merrick

    CEO & Founder