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Jackson's building new specialist bakehouse

A new bread factory, capable of increasing output by 50 per cent, is being built by UK-based specialist bread supplier Jackson's Bakery, giving the company an advantage as it strives to supply a bigger portion of the foodservice industry at home and abroad. Chris Mercer reports.

Russia's finest rewarded at equipment show

Innovations from some of Russia's leading agricultural and food processing machinery suppliers were recognised at the AgroProdMash 2004 exhibition which took place in Moscow recently, underlining Russia's commitment to improving its processing capabilities.

Shell launches extreme heat transfer fluid

Shell Lubricants has developed a new food grade heat transfer fluid - Shell FM Heat Transfer Fluid 32 - designed to help food companies meet the extreme operating temperatures of heat transfer systems and reduce the risk of oil contamination.

Honeywell invests in 'greener' refrigerants

Honeywell is building a new facility in China to produce 'environmentally friendlier' HFC refrigerants, just as Europe pledges to reduce these types of gases.

Slovenian wine must fight for foreign markets

Slovenia's wine makers, buoyed by the news of EU funding for their vineyards, face a long struggle if they are to conquer foreign markets and compete effectively against the titans of the world wine business - but one man is certainly determined to try, as Chris Mercer discovered.

Plastic modular conveyor for poultry launched

A plastic spiral belt designed specifically for the conveying of small poultry products promises to increase productivity, extend belt life and reduce maintenance and downtime costs.

French equipment sector booming on back of exports

France has become the world's fifth largest exporter of food processing equipment according to ANVAR, the French agency for innovation that operates under the aegis of the French Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry.

CEDC strengthens its hand ahead of Bialystock auction

Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC) has acquired yet another Polish alcohol distribution company, taking the number of companies owned by the Florida-based holding to 13. But the company is now keen to launch its own products, and will bid aggressively for the Polmos Bialystock distillery in a bid to win control of several popular Polish vodkas.

Ukraine calls for calm over meat price rises

Sharp increases in meat prices at the end of September have prompted Ukraine's Ministry of Agriculture to call for tighter measures to prevent speculation and ensure more stable pricing. But market observers claim that the increases are justified by higher input costs further up the chain.

Loss-making vodka group slated for sale

RosSpirtProm, Russia's state-owned alcohol producer, is to be privatised next year in a two-phase operation expected to garner interest from a wide range of drinks companies. But with many of the distilleries within the group running at massive losses, the sale is likely to mean a major consolidation in the Russian alcohol sector, writes Angela Drujinina.

Buhler opens Asian rice extrusion plant

Buhler has developed a new extrusion process that allows white rice to be enriched with vitamins.

Food production hit by increasing ozone levels

Dr Lisa Emberson of the University of York tells Anthony Fletcher why high ozone concentrations could cost food producers millions in damaged crops.

APV Baker secures Venezuela contract

Another cooker-extruder line from UK-based APV Baker is on its way to South America to help a long-established family cereal company increase its production as it strives to stay ahead of the leading multinationals.

Genome project promises a beef production revolution

The beef industry's ability to accurately breed cattle for specific traits such as increased meat or milk yield has been significantly improved with the release of the first draft of the bovine genome sequence.

Tray sealers installed to meet ready meal demand

UK supplier Kettleby Foods has installed two Proseal F45 tray sealers to increase efficiency in order to satisfy growing retailer and consumer demand for ready meals.

Ozone increase will hit Asian food production, claims report

Increased ozone concentrations at ground level may be causing millions of pounds of damage to food crops, according to a University of York researcher - and nowhere is more likely to be affected than Asia. Anthony Fletcher reports.

China's brewing industry gears for expansion

The Brewing Industry Association of the China National Food Industry Association has announced its support and cooperation in the organisation of BevTek & BrewTek China 2005, which will be held in conjunction with ProPak China 2005.

Russian milk market under pressure as herds decline

Steep declines in the number of milk cattle in Russia is having knock-on effect on the country's dairy industry, which is being forced to import increasing amounts of milk from other, more expensive sources. But calls for greater support from Moscow to develop new breeding programmes appear to be falling on deaf ears, writes Angela Drujinina.

Pick restructures to keep competitive

Hungary's accession to the European Union has already led to increased competition in the food industry there, prompting one of the country's leading food manufacturers, Pick Szeged, to embark upon a two-year restructuring programme aimed at cutting costs and improving productivity.

Chinese scientist recognised for rice production breakthrough

A scientist from China has been awarded first prize in the International Year of Rice (IYR) global scientific contest for his work on genetic diversity and disease control, the UN's FAO announced this week.

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