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Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins combines market-leading production technology with innovation in end product potential, to offer candy makers worldwide the ability to produce the eye-catching, high-quality sweets demanded by consumers. More than 500 cooking and depositing installations are providing flexibility and versatility in the production of hard candies and lollipops, chewing gum, toffee and caramel, jellies and gums, and fondant and fudge. The ServoForm range of depositors produces sweets and lollipops in either sugar or sugar-free varieties, in up to four colours, with stripes, layers, and soft or hard centres. They can also feature the latest in flavours, ingredients and textures to fulfil both pleasurable and functional roles. In addition to high output depositing systems Baker Perkins also offers the ServoForm Mini flexible small batch depositor for outputs of up to 54kg/hr. Ideal for companies wanting to make small batches of a full range of hard and soft confectionery and  lollipops or for development and testing work

Baker Perkins' ability to supply biscuit, cookie and cracker manufacturers with best-in-class equipment for each process stage from mixing to sandwiching is based on over 100 years of experience. A comprehensive range of efficient, hygienic machines combines consistent quality with the competitive cost of ownership essential in today's market. Experienced aftermarket teams in the UK and USA provide lifetime support, including parts, service, rolls and dies as well as rebuilds, upgrades and optimisation services. Baker Perkins' unrivalled process knowledge facilitates the development of the new and differentiated end products that are vital to sustain a competitive edge

Contact Details

  • Phone: +44 1733 283000
  • Website: Baker Perkins
  • Address: Manor Drive, Paston Parkway, PE4 7AP, Peterborough, United Kingdom