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The ultimate in Food and Beverage Processing from GEA

GEA Process Engineering Inc.

Your Product. Our Know-How.

Today's food and beverage processing facilities need modern technology that is innovative, efficient and reliable. GEA has the engineering solutions to retrofit an existing system or to develop a completely new plant. With years of technical expertise, GEA works closely with your product developers to custom engineer the best solution.

GEA's world-wide recognized brewhouse and aseptic PET bottling technology, separators, decanters, pumps, valves and homogenizers enable the production of beer, wine, fruit juices, coffee and a wide range of animal and plant-based products. Evaporation, filtration, flow control, measurement, sterilization, drying and powder handling from GEA complete the scope of supply. 

All together GEA represents the ultimate in food and beverage processing technology by helping customers achieve

  • higher yields
  • greater product diversity
  • better control of quality and product consistency
  • reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • significantly improved environmental performance

But it is the GEA people who really make the difference when it comes to getting the best out of our technology. Continual training, decades of experience and the best test facilities allow GEA engineers to deliver superior process plants.

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