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Nestle and Danone make R&D moves

Announcements of new R&D plans this week from Nestle and Danone indicate that major manufacturers plan to keep up the pace on nutrition research and innovation in the economic downturn....

Delays likely in Cadbury damages case against packaging giant Amcor

A massive damages case in Australia brought by chocolate giant Cadbury against packaging giant Amcor has been delayed.

Nestle ranks second in innovation index for Asian markets

Swiss firm Nestle ranks second in terms of innovation targeted at Asia's emerging markets, claims a fresh 'business vitality' index from the Global Intelligence Alliance Group (GIA).

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Gum sales fall, but chocolate resilient for Cadbury 1Q

UK chocolate firm Cadbury reports a 2 per cent drop in gum sales in the first quarter in Europe and the US, impacted by less consumer spending at convenience shops.

Mars' confidence for confectionery in the recession

Confectioners are expected to benefit as shoppers change their behaviour in tough economic times and cut back on necessities for a little indulgence, according to consumer trends research from Mars...

Mars turns recession trends to its advantage

Mars is poised for continued growth this year, according to its UK head, as the long-held belief that chocolate is relatively recession proof still rings true in the current climate.

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New design and pack size for Cadbury brands

UK chocolate maker Cadbury has revamped the design and pack size for its Boost and Double Decker brands, in an attempt to boost the 'aisle appeal' of the products.

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Wrigley SWOT analysis gives info for friends and foes

A new SWOT analysis of the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company from companiesandmarkets will give insights for potential partners and competitors, said the research company.

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Wrigley 5 gum launch targets UK premium category

Chewing gum giant Wrigley will target the premium category in the UK’s competitive gum market, rolling-out its “sense-stimulating, edgy” 5 gum for “stylish consumers”.

Labour watchdog calls for Fairtrade commitment from Mars

Labour watchdog International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) recognises Mars' recent road map for sustainability as “an important step forward” but claims the chocolate behemoth needs to push further into...

Kraft puts prevention, not testing, at heart of contamination battle

Amidst ongoing amendments to improve food safety after recent US contamination scares, Kraft Foods says that system design and prevention remain central to its hygiene plans as opposed to heightened...

Declining chocolate market felt by Mars and Barry Callebaut

Clear signs that falling consumer demand for chocolate is starting to impact the supply chain with Mars' chocolate business in France announcing contracted production in Alsace.

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Local MP joins Cadbury in packaging pledge

Riding the environmental ticket, UK conservative MP Tim Loughton this week joined Cadbury and the National Trust to cut down on packaging as foil-filled Easter approaches.

UK minister 'renews commitment' with Cadbury on Fairtrade

The visit of UK minister Mike Foster to Cadbury’s Birmingham factory last week aimed to "renew a working commitment" with the chocolate firm and to discuss fair deals for cocoa...

Hershey deal frees Barry Callebaut to focus on Asia customers

Barry Callebaut has sold its Van Houten Singapore consumer chocolate business to Hershey so it can concentrate on its manufacturer and gourmet customers targeting the Asian market.

Cadbury builds Fairtrade awareness, bar-by-bar

Cadbury’s commitment to source cocoa for its popular Dairy Milk chocolate bars is a strong signal that responsible sourcing is moving out of a niche and into the mainstream, and...

Cadbury tackles burping cows to reduce milk chocolate carbon footprint

Chocolate maker Cadbury will work closely with UK dairy farmers in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its iconic milk chocolate bar.

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Recession-hit consumers turn to Cadbury's chocolate

Evidence that people do turn to chocolate during an economic downturn as number one UK chocolate maker Cadbury reports worldwide global chocolate sales were up 6 per cent in 2008,...

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Hershey non-exec chairman resigns

Non-executive chairman Kenneth Wolfe has stood down at chocolate giant Hershey following a request from the company's controlling stockholder, the Hershey Trust.

Nestle uncowed by economic outlook

Nestle expects to carry on seeing growth in earnings over 2009 despite the global recession, using its strong 2008 results as a springboard for growth.

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Cadbury spears buoyant liquorice market

Cadbury, the UK’s number one confectionery manufacturer, compounds its presence in the buoyant liquorice market, launching Bassetts Red Liquorice Allsorts this month.

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Chocolate-covered immigrants in lorry headed for Mars

The UK's Daily Mail newspaper reports that fifteen illegal immigrants were arrested last week after they were found hiding in a lorry filled with around 20 tonnes of cocoa powder.

New ruling in Cadbury’s battle for the colour purple

Cadbury has lost its latest attempt to defend the use of its distinctive colour purple as a court has dismissed the first stage of its appeal.

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Cadbury ad campaign backs Trident mint gum

Cadbury, the UK’s number one confectionery manufacturer, will launch a nationwide poster campaign this month to support its Trident mint gum brand.

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Green M&M's from Mars to get lovers' 'mojo motoring'

Mars Snackfood US has released a limited edition of its green M&M'S, set to contrast against the sea of pink on the Valentine confectionery shelves.

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