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Bazooka Candy Brands adds emoji-inspired gummies

Douglas Yu

By Douglas Yu+

Last updated on 20-Apr-2016 at 21:20 GMT2016-04-20T21:20:31Z

Gummies growing rapidly in the US, says Bazooka Candy. Photo: Bazooka
Gummies growing rapidly in the US, says Bazooka Candy. Photo: Bazooka

Bazooka Candy Brands has launched emoji-shaped wearable gummies, Ring Pop Gummies Chains, just before summer as the company sees it as an ideal season for consumers to try new confectionery products.

The announcement comes a month after Bazooka released its dessert-inspired Crunchkins .

The new gummies come with heart shape, stars, smiley faces, four-leaf clovers, music notes, Ring Pop gems, LOLs (laugh out loud) and BFFS (Best friends forever), and are available in six different fruit flavors, including orange, grape and strawberry, according to Bazooka Candy’s brand manager Joanna Lippert.

Ring Pop Gummies Chains’ five-ounce pack will be distributed to select Walmart stores, Toy 'R' Us, and 7-Eleven across the US with a suggested retail price of $1.59.

“From a pop culture standpoint, Pop Gummies Chains speaks to today’s trends with the inclusion of emoji-themed charms,” Lippert told ConfectioneryNews. “Emojis are playful and can tell fun stories which we want to be a part of the experience.”

In addition, the gummie candy category is growing at a rate of 9% year-on-year, according to IRI’s data this year. “The gummy category continues to be a strong source of growth in confections,” Lipper added.

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