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Carambar’s Schumacher joke too close to the bone

1 commentBy Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn , 20-Feb-2014
Last updated on 20-Feb-2014 at 13:53 GMT2014-02-20T13:53:14Z

French candy firm, Carambar, has removed a joke about Michael Schumacher from its packaging after the racing driver’s recent accident put the one liner in a new light.

The joke, which appeared on the inside of the candy wrappers before Schumacher’s skiing accident, asked what vegetable goes very fast and laughs when cornering? The answer plays on the French word for cabbage (“chou”) and starter (“marreur”), together sounding out the F1 driver’s name.

(“Quel légume va très vite et rigole dans les virages?” Answer: “Le chou marreur”.)

The joke was printed before Schumacher suffered serious head injuries whilst skiing in December putting him into a coma. After a Twitter user pointed out that the jest was no longer appropriate, Carambar said it had withdrawn the joke and would no longer be featuring it on its packaging. 


Twitter user @NadineBonheur

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Just to let you know that «marreur» means laughter and not starter...

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Posted by Max
20 February 2014 | 15h132014-02-20T15:13:50Z

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