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Green M&M's from Mars to get lovers' 'mojo motoring'

By Lindsey Partos , 29-Jan-2009

Mars Snackfood US has released a limited edition of its green M&M'S, set to contrast against the sea of pink on the Valentine confectionery shelves.

"By proclaiming green the new color of love, M&M'S is spinning a traditional Valentine's Day treat into something fun and flirty," commented Michele Kessler, vice president, marketing, Mars Snackfood US.

Available until Valentine's Day, the firm said retailers will display limited edition all-green packaging M&M’S chocolate candies featuring 'the flirtatious, alluring, and confident Ms. Green M&M'S brand character' on all packages.

On the firm's M&M's website, consumers will be invited to share their own experiences with the green candy, as well as seek advice from Ms. Green on "how people can get their lovers' mojo motoring".

According to Mars, their green M&M's chocolate candies have even made it 'into outer space', having been requested on 31 space shuttle flights.

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