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Mars re-launches Galaxy brand under new trends

By Karen Willmer , 10-Aug-2007

Confectionery giant Mars has said it will be re-launching its Galaxy brand in the UK this autumn, taking advantage of demand for luxury and 'healthier' products, the company said yesterday.

Mars plans to invest £5.7m (€8.4m) in marketing for the re-launch, which it claims is one of its most significant launches in recent years, in an attempt to gain a bigger share of the block confectionery market. The company claims its Galaxy brand has grown 18 per cent year-on-year for the five years up to 2006, more than any other brand within block confectionery. As part of this, Mars will release three new Galaxy large block bars; smooth dark, roasted and caramelised hazelnuts, and raisin, almond and hazelnut. Many confectionery companies are currently taking advantage of consumer demands for products incorporated with fruit and nuts or dark chocolates, as part of the current trend for foods that could be 'healthier' for you. Recent research has suggesteddark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage has health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease. The re-launch in the autumn will focus on an improvement in product quality, also taking advantage of the demand for luxury confectionery. Recent research has shown spending power is on the increase and so the demand for luxury products is also increasing, a trend Mars is covering with the release of the new products. The company will be changing the product packaging under the launch to reflect the quality, Mars said.

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