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TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference

Nestlé ups game in Asian travel retail with ‘perfect store’ concept

Douglas Yu

By Douglas Yu+

Last updated on 12-May-2016 at 16:28 GMT2016-05-12T16:28:22Z

Nestlé's 'perfect store' concept aims to increase sales by turning passengers into buyers. Source: Nestlé
Nestlé's 'perfect store' concept aims to increase sales by turning passengers into buyers. Source: Nestlé

Nestlé will introduce a “perfect store” concept to Asian travel retailers for the first time at the upcoming TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore.  

Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR)’s global head of sales, Alan Brennan, said the “perfect store” is Nestlé’s strategy to help retailers increase sales by turning passengers into buyers.

NITR perfect store virtual reality will also be shown at the conference to provide consumer insights, including their shopping behaviors, to travel retailers. 

It will assess how consumers of different nationalities behave and how they can be influenced at different touch points. The traveller sample will initially be centered on Chinese and British consumers.

Growth target in Asia

“Though the competitive landscape and market conditions in Asia remain challenging, we believe our focused brand strategy and traveler-centric approach will continue to deliver growth on growth in 2016,” NITR’s general manager Stewart Dryburgh said prior to the show.

Dryburgh was previously Nestlé's global category leader for KitKat & Countlines, but was appointed as general manager of the travel retail division in March. 

Nestlé will showcase three confectionery products at the show: KitKat, Smarties and Cailler. It also plans to launch Smarties in an orange-colored tube exclusive to travel retail this summer.

In March, the company added single-flavor format of KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter to its travel retail range.

This site previously reported Nestlé adapted classic KitKat to a smaller size and achieved initial success after the company brought the product to China in December last year.

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