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New design and pack size for Cadbury brands


UK chocolate maker Cadbury has revamped the design and pack size for its Boost and Double Decker brands, in an attempt to boost the 'aisle appeal' of the products.

Cadbury Boost and Cadbury Double Decker have been re-designed to create increased purchase intention and greater standout enabling consumers to find the product faster on shelf," said Kate Harding, trade communications manager at Cadbury.

Cadbury Boost has been brightened with a new sky blue wrapper, while the logo size has increased for Cadbury Double Decker.

Within the total chocolate confectionery singles category, according to the confectioner, Cadbury Double Decker is the 9th best selling line and Cadbury Boost is the 11th best selling line.

And in a move to halt a decline in the 'larger share bar' category, Cadbury has launched Cadbury Boost DUO and Cadbury Double Decker DUO.

"Standard size singles have been growing over the last 3 years and NPD has been central to this, there has however been a lack of innovation within larger share bars in the last few years which has lead to a decline in the category by 7.4 per cent," commented the UK firm.

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