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Private label chocolate digestives close behind brand leader in taste, finds Which?


Chocolate digestive market leader McVitie’s trumped private label in a taste test, but not by much Which? finds.

The UK consumer advocacy group conducted a taste test with 100 biscuit eaters to see how private label chocolate biscuits matched up to the McVitie’s branded product. The members of the public blind tastes the biscuits in a random order.

McVitie’s was the top scorer (73%) but Lidl Tower Gate biscuits came in second place (71%). Essential Waitrose and Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Digestives followed.

Which? said the Lidl product was flagged for its rich and milky chocolate with a light, crispy base. It noted that the Waitrose biscuits had a crumbly, wheaty base and that the Sainsbury’s product was praised for a good chocolate to biscuit balance.

The consumer advocacy group noted Lidl’s biscuits are a third of the cost of the McVitie’s brand.

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