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Editor’s picks: Our favorite articles of 2013

Discover the articles we enjoyed writing the most and why in our picks of the year.

Social climbers: Aussies plump for premium chocolate

Lindt, Ferrero and artisanal chocolatiers could be set to profit from thriving demand for premium chocolate in Australia, market analysts Leatherhead Food Research say.

‘Very happy Halloween’ for US confectioners, says NCA

US Halloween confectionery sales outshone expectations in 2013 driven by strong promotions from retailers and a noteworthy boost in the final week, according to the National Confectioners Association (NCA).

The European food industry: Health claims, recession and global competition

We gave the European food industry a check-up at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FiE), talking with some of the industry's top ingredients players about EU health claims, economic recovery and how to...

News in brief

ConfectioneryNews on the move: Download your free iPhone and Android app

ConfectioneryNews has launched iPhone and Android apps to help you keep up to date with the latest industry news wherever you are.

Most popular US confectionery brands 2013 – consumer poll

US consumers have voted for their favorite confectionery brands in five categories: chocolate, premium chocolate, gum, candy and cookies. Find out the results here.

Day three

FIE it happens

Our team of journalists is in Frankfurt this week, and we'll be among many tweeting live from the show. Scroll down for the latest on what's trending on social media...

Premium chocolate samba in Brazil

Premium chocolate is rapidly growing in popularity in the emerging Brazilian market, according to domestic trade body ABICAB.

Impulse buy: Unrealized potential at confectionery-rich checkouts, says Wrigley

A study backed by Wrigley has found that the confectionery-laden checkout zone is one of the highest areas for sales in stores, but is still underexploited by many retailers.


Sluggish French confectionery sales expected up until 2017: Analyst

Slow growth in French confectionery runs deeper than the economic crisis since consumers are simply more health-conscious than their European cousins, according to market research.

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Mixed bag for Halloween confectionery in Europe

Halloween confectionery sales are expected to grow in line with the overall market in Europe, but there are notably differences among EU countries, according to industry association Caobisco.

The trick to treat sales series

Thursday’s Halloween has far to go: NCA predicts flat US Halloween sales

US Halloween sales are expected to rise just 1% this year as the season falls on a weekday meaning people are less likely to plan parties, says the National Confectioners...


Treats (not health) will drive German gum market: Analyst

Gum is set to grow faster that all other confectionery categories in Germany and will be driven by premium products and claims that go beyond dental health, according to a...

Quality key to upping Chinese chocolate consumption, says analyst

Premium international brands for China’s increasingly affluent population could be instrumental in raising low domestic chocolate consumption, according to market researchers Canadean.

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Richard Sprüngli dies aged 97

The former head of Confiserie Sprüngli Richard Sprüngli has died aged 97.

Top 10 UK chocolate brands: IRI

Cadbury Dairy Milk, made by Mondelēz International, claimed first place in a list of top 10 chocolate brands by UK value sales issued by market analyst Information Resources (IRI)....

Snack makers should bag an invite to Halloween

A retail survey has predicted that $2.08bn will be spent on candy in America this Halloween, but what can snack manufacturers do to get a bite of the spook season...

North America cocoa grind hits record high as Asia figures up 12%

North America’s third quarter cocoa grind is the highest of any quarter since the National Confectioners Association began to collaborate data for the US, Mexico and Canada in 2009. The...

Infographic: European chocolate makers move East

Chocolate production is still growing in developed markets, but volumes are growing at a faster pace in Eastern European countries like Poland, data from Leatherhead Food Research shows.

News in brief

Haribo chief Hans Riegel passes away

The former long-term CEO of German sugar confectioner Haribo has died aged 90.

Dried fruit health halo prompts rise as chocolate inclusion

Chocolate makers are increasingly opting for dried fruit inclusions over sharper flavor additions like chilli and nuts because of their perceived healthy image and flavor enhancing properties, according to confectionery...

E-tail trends

Confectionery omitted from most UK online shopping baskets

The majority of UK consumers who admit to regularly buying confectionery in-store do not purchase confectionery online, according to research by Kantar Media, which says confectionery has huge growth prospects...

Russia to overtake Germany as Europe’s leading sugar confectioner, says Leatherhead

Sugar confectionery production volumes in Russia will soon outpace Germany as multinationals establish manufacturing bases in the growing region, according to Leatherhead Food Research.

Indonesian trade minister urges cocoa import policy review

The Indonesian deputy trade minister has said that after successfully increasing domestic cocoa grinding capacity the country should lower cocoa bean import duties to prevent shortages in the future.

Special edition: Sweeteners

Natural sweetener from oats a 'great fit' for ice cream, candy, bars, cereals; oat protein byproduct shows promise

About a year on from OatSweet’s initial push into the U.S. sweetener marketplace, Oat Tech CEO and founder, Dr. Paul Whalen, caught up with FoodNavigator-USA on the growth areas—both expected...

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