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Special edition: Sweeteners

Natural sweetener from oats a 'great fit' for ice cream, candy, bars, cereals; oat protein byproduct shows promise

About a year on from OatSweet’s initial push into the U.S. sweetener marketplace, Oat Tech CEO and founder, Dr. Paul Whalen, caught up with FoodNavigator-USA on the growth areas—both expected...

Cakes, celebrity chefs and confectionery: The rise of brand licensing in Europe

Brand licensing in the food industry has becoming increasingly dynamic over the past few years, with the Western European market for co-branded food and beverage products on the rise, according...

Gum production shifts to Latin America, says Leatherhead

Global gum production is moving to two major Latin American nations, while Chinese gum manufacturing has also risen is prominence.

Nestlé unveils Android KitKat Google partnership

Nestlé is to make more than 50M Android-branded KitKat bars, after teaming up with Google to launch the new version of its Android mobile operating system to be called Android...

Market Trends - Dutch confectionery sector

Premium confectionery drive in the Netherlands, says Leatherhead

Boxed chocolates, sugar-free candy and fair trade chocolate are likeliest to succeed in the increasingly premium Dutch confectionery market, according to an analyst at Leatherhead Food Research.

Hummingbird Bakery seeks licensees for branded food products

London’s US-style store chain Hummingbird Bakery is seeking firms interested in making Hummingbird branded ice cream, confectionery, and long shelf-life bakery.

New flavor trends

Dark choc + cucumber? Trailblazer Foodpairing moves beyond flavor combinations to whole recipes

FoodPairing - a Belgian firm blazing a trail in the culinary arts world by replacing guess work with flavor science to identify unique flavor combinations - is moving beyond food...

Emerging Market Watch - Indonesia

Indonesian sugar rush sweet news for Petra Foods...but rivals could be lurking

Indonesian sugar consumption is set to rise 12% this year and could benefit the country’s leading confectioner Petra Foods. On the flip side, multinationals may see it as a chance...

News in brief

Mondelez sponsors British Paralympic Association

Mondelez International will become a commercial partner of the British Paralympic Association ParalympicsGB team ahead of the Rio 2015 Olympic Games in Brazil.

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Analysis: Where is confectionery production moving?

We’ve delved into the ConfectioneryNews archives to chart newly built factories and major investments on existing plants by the industry’s major players over the past five years to discover where...

Top 10 celebrity food products

Tennis ace Maria Sharapova isn't the first celebrity to lend her name and face to a food product. Here's a list of notable celeb-backed products.

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Sugarpova 40 – 0 Sharapova: Tennis star plans promotional name change

Russian tennis ace Maria Sharapova is planning to legally change her name to Maria Sugarpova for the US Open in a bid to promote her sugar confectionery brand.

Retail ‘bargaining power’ commands private label boom in Russia: Euromonitor

Major Russian retailers are using bargaining power to ensure heavy private label presence on shelves – hitting smaller domestic brands, Euromonitor says.

FAO confirms food price fall for third month in a row

A third consecutive fall in global food prices during the month of July was largely driven by lower international prices for grains, soy and palm oil, according to the United...

Slash fairtrade chocolate prices in developed markets, says Euromonitor

Branded chocolate makers could get a sales boost by cutting prices for fairtrade products in developed markets and making items more readily available, according to an analyst from Euromonitor.

Chocolate brands winning on social media...but does it matter?

Chocolate brands have more social media likes than most other industries, but research suggests consumers will most likely never visit fan pages after liking and those that do will react...

Cadbury India bets large on Asia-Pacific’s biggest chocolate plant

Cadbury’s Indian arm has revealed plans to build the biggest chocolate plant in the Asia-Pacific region. The Indian plant, in Andhra Pradesh, will come at an investment of more than...

Consumers aren’t scared of sugar – but would like to cut back

Sugar reduction – rather than substitution – is an area that fits well with consumer concerns about sugar, and big brand moves in the area could spur action from smaller...

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Private label confectionery excelling in UK economy, says Hancocks

UK confectionery wholesaler Hancocks says sales for its own-brands are rising fast as consumers look to save money and brand loyalty diminishes.

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Interactive Map: Top 20 chocolate consuming nations of 2012

Which nations had the highest chocolate consumption per capita in 2012?

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Australia’s oldest chocolate bar, Cherry Ripe, remains the favourite

With Australian tastes in confectionery moving quickly over recent years, chocolate manufacturers are being advised to keep a close eye on changes.

Russian Chocolate Revolution

Soviet chocolate faces the wrath of foreign invasion – Leatherhead

Young people living in urban areas of Russia are driving domestic chocolate consumption and are increasingly opting for premium foreign brands over nostalgic ones from the Soviet-era, say market analysts...

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Infographic: Chewing over the global gum market

Mondelez’s CEO has hailed gum the company’s problem child. We believe it’s only a phase and given the right environment this kid can flourish.

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Get Connected: Global Confectionery Network on LinkedIn

ConfectioneryNews is powering a LinkedIn discussion group for people working in the industry to share ideas and innovations.

Functional confectionery niche continues to grow, says Naturex

The functional confectionery market remains niche but is growing rapidly as candy makers look for new ways to differentiate their products, according to ingredients firm Naturex.

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