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Creating packaging that connects with consumers

Successful food packaging requires more than just good looks; here, one design expert shares his advice on combining structure, function, and aesthetics to create containers that entice consumers to buy.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: EASTER

Easter food isn't just chocolate and jelly beans; packaging decorated with chicks and bunnies can be found in shelves all over retail stores. Here are some examples of festive packaging...

Novel conching process opens doors for small firms to produce own chocolate mass

A new conching process called coarse conching will make it more affordable for smaller chocolate companies to produce their own chocolate mass, according to researchers.

Poetry in motion control as Kinnerton boosts production

Easter egg manufacturer Kinnerton Confectionery has boosted production by simplifying production line processes in partnership with industrial solutions provider Siemens Industry.

Retailers wear the trousers in candy packaging decisions – NCA editors

Retailers’ clout in confectionery packaging decisions is mounting after consolidation in the retail sector, according to the editors of a National Confectioners’ Association publication.

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Special Edition: Consumer friendly confectionery packaging unwrapped

How can the modern confectioner curry favor with consumers and inspire loyalty through pack design?

Special Edition: Consumer friendly confectionery packaging unwrapped

I can’t get inside! Easy-to-open confectionery wrappers

Hard to open wrappers have been cited as the largest consumer packaging frustration. How can confectioners make life a little easier without overpaying for elaborate opening features?

Special Edition: Consumer friendly confectionery packaging unwrapped

Getting portion controlled packaging under control

Consumer demand is rising for portion controlled packs, but do existing packaging machines have everything under control?

Special Edition: Consumer friendly confectionery packaging unwrapped

Interactive packaging: What the world is waiting for?

Big brands may be dipping their toes in the interactive packaging pool, but two analysts question whether consumers really want this technology and ask if if manufacturers can keep the technology...

Special Edition: Consumer friendly confectionery packaging unwrapped

White is the new black – but does it make a bland shelf?

White packaging is on the rise globally, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out within the retail space, according to an industry commentator.

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Ritter Sport injunction impacts Ishida sales

Ritter Sport has delayed buying a second piece of machinery from Ishida following a legal battle with German consumer group, Stiftung Warentest.

Eliminate unnecessary processes with one-stop cutter-mixer: RoboQbo

Chocolate makers can cut out timely and costly processes by using a single cutter-mixer vessel, according to Italian equipment supplier RoboQbo.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: VALENTINE'S DAY

Like many other holidays, Valentine's Day is a time for sharing food, sweets, wine, and other treats with a loved one. Here are some packaging designs that aim for the...

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Functional gum making extrusion to compression switch, says Zoft Gum

Confectioners are beginning to incorporate more active ingredients into chewing gum using techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry, according to US contract manufacturer Zoft Gum.


Kraft: Packaging should ‘stop consumers in their tracks’

A Kraft Foods design expert is advising CPG professionals to remember that when it comes to influencing consumers to buy products, packaging leads the way.

Gerhard Schubert to expand primary packaging portfolio

Gerhard Schubert has announced plans to grow its primary packaging product portfolio.

Strong packaging boosts fudge's credentials

Fudge Kitchen will catapult the wholesale and export divisions of its gourmet artisan business this year – while still making fudge by hand.  

Velcro and Bolletje in cookie Press-Lok packaging

Velcro Industries has partnered with Dutch baked-goods brand, Bolletje, to integrate its Press-Lok Closure into its Kruidnoten cookie packaging.

Open and shut case to add resealable feature to chocolate bars, says Printpack

Manufacturers can empower consumers to portion control their confectionery consumption by adding a reseal feature to packaging, says Printpack.

Effective packaging grabs snackers

The look of a snack package holds significant influence on a consumer’s purchasing decision.


Christmas candy pack stacks up sustainably

Clear Lam has launched holiday candy brand packaging with a sweet combination of flexibility, recloseability and sustainability.

Mondelez aims to master the ‘black arts’ of chocolate depositing

Global leading chocolate player Mondelez International is part of a UK government funded project to improve chocolate deposition.

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Sewtec opens R&D center to develop confectionery robotics

UK production line supplier Sewtec has opened an R&D facility in England to support customer projects and to develop robotic equipment for the confectionery industry.

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Not wanting to see the cookie crumble: The other side of the lightweighting frenzy

Lightweighting and the move to shelf-ready packaging can be more sustainable, but also exposes delicate products such as biscuits to damage and any savings may be outweighed by extra pallet...

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Theegarten-Pactec in €30m expansion

Theegarten-Pactec, confectionery packaging manufacturer, is expanding and moving to a new office.

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