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Looking for a new tempering machine, cooling tunnel or enrober or want to upgrade to pick and place packaging robots? Here’s the place to find the latest processing machinery from suppliers such as Bosch, Sollich, Buhler, Aasted, Theegarten Pactec, Baker Perkins and Netzsch. Also find packaging innovations in stand-up pouches, flexible packaging, reseal features and paper packs from suppliers such as Printpack and Essentra.

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Intelligent packaging to dominate future F&B market

Technology will play a more prominent role in the on-going task to supply people with food in the next five to 10 years with intelligent packaging becoming more popular for...

Chocolate wrapped in cocoa: Barry Callebaut teams with supplier for packaging made from cocoa waste

UK packaging supplier James Cropper has developed bio-recyclable paper packaging partially made from the husks of cocoa beans supplied by Barry Callebaut.

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Probat becomes chocolate equipment supplier after Ladco buy

Coffee processing equipment supplier Probat will produce machinery for chocolate manufacture after acquiring the Ladco Group.

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‘Here’s one I cleaned earlier’: Pre-cleaned cooling tunnels and enrobers

Selecting cooling tunnels and enrobers that allow you to pull out the dirty part of the machine to replace with an earlier cleaned component is more hygienic and cuts downtime...

Special Edition: Hygienic Design & Quality Testing

Industry of steel: Confectioners will switch to stainless steel equipment in five years, predicts Bosch

The confectionery industry will move from aluminum surfaces on processing and packaging equipment to stainless steel in the next five years in order to raise sanitation standards, according to Bosch.

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Sound check! Confectioners ready mics for acoustic testing

Auditory testing to measure the crunch noise a product will make when it is chewed in the mouth is quickly becoming widespread in the confectionery industry.

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Access all areas: Knowing when to use water in confectionery production

Choosing equipment that allows you to access critical areas for inspection is essential to limiting water use during production, but some processes are better suited to a wet wash, says...

Special Edition: Hygienic Design & Quality Testing

Retailers pressure confectioners to implement digital traceability standards

Retailers are piling the pressure on confectioners to swap paper records for quicker mobile scanning technology to trace the source of raw ingredients, protecting them in the event of a...

McVitie’s looks to cut cost of one site’s energy use by 41%

United Biscuits’ McVitie’s factory in Glasgow has achieved significant energy reductions and cost savings with the assistance of JRP Solutions, a UK-based energy and facilities specialist, which worked in close...

Robots for retail-ready confectionery packaging: Carle&Montanari-OPM talks flexibility

Equipment supplier Carle&Montanari-OPM has spotted a rise in the use of retail-ready packaging among confectionery firms in the US and claims picker cell robots allow great flexibility to pack pre-merchandized...

Sugar confectionery processing evolves for nutraceutical age

Sugar confectionery processing suppliers are having to adapt to increased demand for nutraceutical confections, which require more complex handling.

Dispatches from Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas

Fully recyclable stand up pouch suitable for US confectioners, says Dow

Dow has launched a single material stand up pouch in the US that is 100% recyclable and can be used to package confectionery.

Dispatches from Pack Expo in Las Vegas

Flexibility key for small confectioners, says Bosch

Bosch Packaging Technology claims that flexibility is crucial for smaller businesses as it launches two new bagging machines at Pack Expo designed for smaller confectioners looking for quick and easy...

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Industry consolidates: Fewer confectioners to talk to at shows, says Bainbridge Associates

There are far fewer confectionery manufacturers to speak to at trade fairs after huge industry consolidation, which has led to more automation, according to processing supplier Bainbridge Associations.

Dispatches from Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas

No issues with confectionery residues caught in our reclosable pouch system, claims Aplix

Aplix has reclosable technology that it claims can still reseal flexible confectionery bags after crumbs are caught in the zipper, unlike zip-locks.

Dispatches from Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas

The Buzz: Pack Expo 2013 for confectioners

Catch up with the social media buzz at Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas to keep pace with the latest confectionery industry developments

Printpack: Choose polyester over cheaper polypropylene for see-through packs

Confectioners move for clear pack films

Confectioners are moving towards clear packaging films that display part of the product to win shelf appeal, according to packaging suppler Printpack, which says confectioners should opt for polyester clear...

Dispatches from Pack Expo in Las Vegas

Confectionery equipment investments set to grow, says PMMI

Booming demand from the growing middle classes in emerging markets mean confectionery industry investments in processing and packaging equipment will grow 4% to 5% annually, according to a report by...

Behind the brand: Agency talks challenges of Mondelēz gum rebrand across Europe

Mondelēz International invested in a European-wide revamp of its regional gum brands this year and the agency involved said consistency demands were the biggest challenge.

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Positive displacement pumps protect confectionery, says Watson-Marlow

Positive displacement pump technology can protect viscous confectionery, according to one firm behind the machinery.

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Wrigley packs more gum pieces with compact invention

Wrigley has filed a patent for a foldable compact gum packet that can carry more pieces than the average tab pack.

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ConfectioneryNews gears up for Pack Expo

ConfectioneryNews will be reporting from Pack Expo in Las Vegas this month to bring you the latest on processing and packaging innovations in the industry.

GEA, Niro, Siemens in $30m auction selling off food processing equipment

A large-scale equipment auction is selling off barely used machinery from GEA, Niro, Siemens and other big names.

Polyphenol inspired coatings kill bacteria on contact

Green tea leaves, red wine, dark chocolate and cacao beans can be used to make an antibacterial coating, according to US researchers.

The robotic icing on the cake

Quasar Automation has completed the development of its 3D vision and laser robot that is set to shake up the previously labor intensive manual operation of icing cakes.

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