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Aasted launches low capacity chocolate molding line

By Oliver Nieburg , 09-Oct-2012
Last updated on 26-May-2017 at 12:09 GMT2017-05-26T12:09:55Z

Aasted Jensen Compact automatic molding line
Aasted Jensen Compact automatic molding line

Danish equipment supplier Aasted has launched a chocolate molding line designed for small-size production.

The company’s Jensen Compact Line is between 15-20 meters in length and 3-2 meters in height, which Aasted claims makes it well-suited for small-size companies.

The line comes in stainless steel and can be either automatic or manual. It has a maximum production capacity of 230 kilos per hour and runs up to five molds a minute.

Response to customer requests

Camilla Iversen, sales & marketing assistant at Aasted, told “The concept was developed upon several requests from small-scale customers, wishing to go from manual handling to semi-automatic or even automatic handling.”

“This new concept ables us to service these requests, and to provide an Aasted Line solution in small-scale.”

The line was developed during the second quarter (Q2) of 2012 and the first line was sold this summer.

Extra features

The machine requires only one worker to operate. The line includes a one-shot depositor, but further feeding equipment can be added for producing tablets or pralines. Manufacturers can alos add a demolding section in future if required.

Aasted claimed that machine was easily cleaned and could be delivered quickly, requiring a simple installation.

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