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Confectioner introduces more accommodating packaging


The US arm of confectioner Perfetti Van Melle has launched new packaging for its Mentos mints product. The company believes that its new Mentos Box - which will contain 70 per cent more product than its previous roll form - will offer the consumer better value and will be easier to use.

"For Mentos, this packaging change is a significant innovation on a number of levels," said Bob Howard, Perfetti Van Melle's vice president of marketing.

"First, we are taking an iconic shape - our roll - and changing it. The new Mentos box packaging now gives consumers 70 per cent more chewy mints in each package, plus it optimises retail shelf space which benefits our retailers."

The new Mentos box has a flip-top locking lid to contain the disc-shaped mints, and is 3.25 inches long. The product, which will be launched this summer in the US, will be available in mint, mixed fruit, cinnamon and strawberry flavours.

Perfetti Van Melle said that it would continue selling rolls of Mentos in multi-packs, though the majority of retail outlets will be converted to feature the new box design.

"Our company is committed to creating value for consumers through innovative, fun, quality products while providing new, profitable opportunities for our retail partners," said Howard.

"The Mentos box fulfills the consumer need for more convenient and portable products."

Perfetti Van Melle was formed in 2001 through the merger of Italian-based confectioner Perfetti and the Dutch company Van Melle. Today, the privately owned company is the world's sixth largest sugar confectionary group.

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