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DuPont test system receives approval for E.coli and Salmonella


DuPont Qualicon has said the approval of a system to detect both E.coli and Salmonella will save food companies time, as well as cutting inventory and storage costs.

The company said its BAX System MP Enrichment Media has been approved by the AOAC Research Centre for both E.coli 0157:H7 and salmonella testing.

The system has been validated on ground beef, beef trim, spinach and lettuce. The company said the system performs as well or better than traditional culture methods for detecting Salmonella but with a much faster time to result. Although the MP enrichment media was originally designed for use with the BAX assay for E.coli detection in ground beef and beef trim, the AOAC extended certification to include the two leafy vegetables.

DuPont Qualicon research microbiologist Linda Peng said: “Customers can now use the same 8-hour enrichment to test certain types of meat and fresh produce for two different pathogens. This will not only save hands-on time, but the single medium will also reduce inventory and storage costs for food companies.”

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