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German confectioner launches new packaging


Confectionery manufacturer Van Houten is relaunching its Scholetta chocolate nuts brand in a contact clear and shatter resistant jar.

The company required a jar that was both contact clear and shatterproof, and so looked at a number of innovative solutions.

Polypropylene (PP) was chosen as the ideal substance for making the new packaging. The material, created by RPC Verpackungen Celle, is reported to be stronger and more durable than standard polystyrene packaging.

This marks a significant break from traditional confectionery packaging.

While polystyrene is commonly seen as the ideal material for manufacturing contact clear packaging, PP provides stronger resistance against breakage.

RPC's designers therefore had to choose between the two materials. They decided that the increased protection provided by PP, both during distribution and retail, made it more suitable for Van Houten's needs.

RPC therefore developed a clear, thin-walled PP jar that is conical in shape. The injection-moulded jar holds 200g of chocolate nuts and features a tamper evident lid.

Based in Norderstedt, Germany, Van Houten manufactures a range of chocolate products for the trade sector.

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