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Innovative new bubble gum launched


US-based confectioner Perfetti Van Melle is set to launch an innovative new bubble gum product. Marketed under the Airheads brand name, the gum begins as candy floss in appearance, flavour and texture before transforming itself into bubble gum.

"We created the consistency and look of candy floss through a proprietary manufacturing process," said Perfetti Van Melle marketing vice president Bob Howard. "But after chewing begins, a surprise happens."

Howard believes that the surprise - candy floss suddenly becoming bubble gum - has huge potential appeal for children. "Unexpected turns are always thrilling to kids, and this transformation is no exception," he said.

"It gives the product an interactive appeal for children that is undeniable and absolutely unique. For years Airheads has helped kids fulfill a basic need for fun and fantasy, and this new product continues on that same path of turning the ordinary into extraordinary by changing cotton candy into bubble gum."

Airheads Cotton Candy Bubble Gum is the company's first new product launch in the US since the Italian sugar confectionery Perfetti merged with Dutch-based Van Melle in 2001 to form the world's sixth largest sugar confectionery group.

The product is slated for distribution early this summer.

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