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CHOCOEASY® - Welcome to the Future of Chocolate Production

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NETZSCH’s ChocoEasy® enables chocolate makers of any size to cost effectively manufacture all varieties of chocolate from scratch. Released from their traditional dependence on large chocolate suppliers, confectioners are now free to create their own chocolate recipes and to develop their own proprietary chocolate brands.

The engineers at NETZSCH worked with chocolatiers from around the world to develop a system that protects the integrity and uniqueness of their products while reducing their raw material and processing costs. With ChocoEasy®, chocolatiers can independently and cost effectively customize the variety and amount of chocolate they produce.

Using standard raw materials readily available on the market, ChocoEasy® melts and mixes ingredients, combines dry and wet conching, and uses a purpose-built agitator bead mill for fine grinding, enabling the production of superior chocolate with narrow particle size distribution for desired quality and fineness, be it dark, milk or white chocolate. The ChocoEasy® line includes modules in six different sizes. By using ChocoEasy®, quantities from 25 kg to 6 tons of high-quality, made-to-order chocolate can be formulated, and manufactured in one batch.

In addition, ChocoEasy®’s design is so compact that it not only fits in existing facilities, but also frees up valuable floor space. The closed system design also prevents contamination, reduces energy and water costs, and preserves reproducibility and process control standards.

Live Chocolate Production with the NETZSCH ChocoEasy® at ProSweets Cologne.

Visit NETZSCH at booth C70/D79 in hall 10.1, from January 29 to February 1 and taste real Chocolate.