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Chewing gum fails to suppress hunger and puts people off fruit: Study

Chewing gum has long been considered a potential appetite suppressant, but new research says there is no evidence it can control hunger and mint-flavored varieties may even deter people from...

Antioxidants in confectionery: Struggles to control release in grape gummies

Researchers have found that soy protein isolates are unable to control the release of antioxidants from grape juice in pectin-based confections such as gummies.

Global confectionery NPD: Stevia Haribo and dental candy

ConfectioneryNews takes a look at the latest confections to hit store shelves across the globe including stevia-sweetened Haribo in Germany, low calorie chocolates in Japan, and teeth friendly candy in...

‘New train of thought’ for aerated chocolate

A team of Chinese researchers claim to have discovered a new way to create bubbles in chocolate.

Insufficient cocoa flavanols in chocolate to benefit diabetics, says Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK says there are not enough cocoa flavanols in chocolate to benefit diabetics after a study found that a cocoa extract could help people with the condition regulate insulin...

Dark chocolate bitterness can be reduced with green coffee, finds Callebaut

Barry Callebaut has developed a formula to reduce the bitterness of high cocoa chocolate using green coffee that doesn’t give a coffee taste and ups antioxidant content.

Cocoa may help diabetics regulate insulin, says study

Diets rich in cocoa may help people with diabetes to regulate insulin levels, according to new research.

Air velocity indirectly impacts cocoa browning during roasting: Study

Temperature and its duration have the biggest impact on the browning of cocoa beans during roasting, but air velocity also indirectly influences the process, a study finds.

Researchers examine ‘bone-healthy’ silicon supplemented chewing gum

The taste and mouthfeel of silicon microparticles may be acceptable for inclusion in a functional chewing gum that aids bone health, according to researchers.

Health group issues warning over chewing gum brain performance claims

A Japanese study linking chewing gum to improved brain performance has prompted a UK health group to issue words of caution.

Asian sweet-tooth may be suppressed by hot drink preferences – study

Asian people may consume fewer sweet goods such as chocolate because they prefer hot beverages, according to new research.

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Lindt launches wasabi chocolate in US

Lindt & Sprungli has added three new products to its chocolate range including a bar featuring wasabi.

Award Winners

ISM innovations: tangy tastes, stevia almonds and yodelling wafers

The International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM) has chosen the most innovative new products at this year show.

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Arcor develops $6m gel-release sugar-free gum

Argentinean confectioner Arcor has introduced a new sugar free gum that includes  a gel-release in a development costing $6m.

Heat resistant chocolate possible with hardfats, say researchers

Adding hardfats to cocoa butter boosts heat resistance in chocolate that can melt in hot climates, according to new research.

Mondelez develops bitterness masking using vitamin E

Mondelez International has developed a method to cover unpleasant bitter tastes in confectionery products using a vitamin E compound.

Researchers find shellac alternative for coating chocolate panned products

Hydrolyzed collagen film could be a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to shellac in coating chocolate panned products, according to new research.

Hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup: study

Recent research shows that the color of beverage containers influences consumer enjoyment, with results indicating that orange and dark-cream colored cups enhanced the flavor, sweetness and aroma of hot chocolate.

Could white chocolate compounds also benefit heart health?

The potential heart health benefits of dark chocolate may be only partly linked to the flavanol content, with white chocolate - devoid of such compounds - also offering potential cardiovascular...

Nestlé ups sustainability efforts at expanded UK innovation center

Nestlé has opened an extended product technology center for confectionery in the UK, which will better enable it to develop products and packaging with sustainable materials.

IFT identifies bitterness thresholds for chocolate

The Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) has validated a method that can help manufacturers determine how much bitterness is too much in chocolate.

Review calls for research on mood modifying effects of cocoa

Daily intake of flavanol-rich cocoa products could have benefits for mood and heart healt however there is a great need for detailed research into the mood modifying effects of such...

Cocoa flavanols give snail brains a boost

Cocoa flavanols found in dark chocolate called epicatechin can improve the memories of snails, according to researchers.

Probiotic chocolate biscuits may aid bowel function in the elderly – study

Chocolate biscuits containing probiotics could help to preserve microorganisms in the gut that decline with age and cause constipation and diarrhea, according to a study.

Study backs chocolate for stroke prevention

Consuming a ‘moderate’ amount of chocolate each week could be associated with lower risk of developing stroke, according to new research from Sweden.

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