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Nestlé research discovers 'distinct metabolic signature' for obesity

People with visceral obesity share a unique set of biomarkers that may help researchers to identify future health risks and dietary changes that may help to tackle obesity, say researchers...

Patent Watch

'It's too milky!': Unilever files patent to control color of aerated chocolate

Adding low levels of red and black pigments to chocolate prior to aeration can prevent aerated chocolate from getting lighter and potentially putting off consumers, according to a patent filed...

Portion size science: There is still a lot we do not know, says review

Simply reducing portion sizes is not an easy solution to reducing energy intakes as results from laboratory based experiments do not necessarily reflect what happens in the real world, according...

Chocolate shape affects flavour perception: Study

The shape of chocolate can affect flavour and texture perception, according to a study published in the journal LWT – Food Science and Technology.

The brain cannot be ‘fooled’ by artificial sweeteners, warn researchers

It is hard to fool the brain by providing it with 'energyless' sweet flavours, according to new research in mice that suggests that consumption of zero-calorie sweeteners leads to higher...

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Mondelez develops enviro-friendly cocoa powder for Oreos

Mondelez International has filed a patent for a method to give black cocoa powder its rich color using fewer environmentally damaging chemicals and no iron salts.

Do younger people respond better to the cardiovascular effects of cocoa flavonoids?

Flavonoid-rich dark chocolate may improve the function of the cells lining blood vessels and help control blood pressure in younger, but not older, hypertensives, says a new study.

Researchers question fructose's role in obesity and brain functioning

Increases in childhood obesity levels, in part due to high intakes of fructose, may also have a dramatic effect on brain funcitoning and academic performance, warn researchers.

Chewing gum may help the mildly depressed, say researchers

Chewing gum may reduce symptoms that occur when people are depressed such as loss of appetite and flatulence, say researchers.

Trimming the trans fat: Kraft-backed research proposes novel cellulosic gel replacer

A novel food-grade oleogel made of cellulosic polymer, surfactant and oil could be used to substitute trans fats in foods, according to new research backed by Kraft Foods.

Mondelez develops 3-D object for quicker flavor release in gum

Mondelez has filed a patent for a quicker way to release flavors and actives in chewing gum using a 3-D object made of polymers.

Sleep deprivation linked to junk and snack food cravings

A lack of sleep could alter the way our brains work, making us more likely to consume unhealthy snack products than healthier options, say researchers.

Brain imaging studies may shore-up links between chocolate consumption and cognition, mood and behaviour

Combining functional brain imaging techniques in to behavioural research may help researchers uncover the immediate and long term effects of chocolate consumption on cognition, mood and behaviour, say researchers.

Pectin promise: Researchers uncover new methods to extract ingredient from cocoa waste

The use of citric acid as an extractant could boost the industrial recovery of pectin from waste cocoa husks that are generated during cocoa production, say researchers.

Big differences in cocoa flavanol losses during roasting

A study has found stark differences in the amount of cocoa flavanols preserved after cocoa beans from different origins have been roasted.

Chr Hansen files global probiotic immunity patent

A Lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotic blend can battle chest infections, says Danish probiotics leader Chr Hansen in a global patent application.

Wrigley files patent for ‘natural’ tooth friendly gummies

Mars-owned Wrigley is attempting to patent a method to produce ‘natural’ tooth friendly gummies using erythritol.

How do you eat yours? Food rituals may boost flavour perception, suggest researchers

Short 'rituals' that many people perform before consuming foods and drinks, even if seemingly insignificant, could boost flavour perception and overall liking of products, according to new research.


Is the clamour for publicity making a mockery of real scientific progress?

The need for scientific celebrity seems to have spread like wildfire in recent years, and it’s making a mockery of real scientific progress.

Food industry has important role in preventing cognitive decline and diabetes risk, warns expert

The food industry must continue to innovate new food products that help consumers with pre-diabetes and glucose intolerance to reverse their long term risk of diabetes and dementia, according to...

News in brief

Mars wins award for cocoa flavanol research

Mars Incorporated’s commitment to research into cocoa flavanols has been rewarded recently with an annual award from the Institute of Food Technologists.

Sweet snacks and fizzy drinks linked to colorectal cancer: Study

Consumption of high-energy snack foods and sugar sweetened sodas may be associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer, according to new research.

Reduced fat biscuits with olive and sunflower oil: Study

Healthier fats like olive or sunflower oil can be used in biscuits without impacting the taste and texture, finds new research.

Sweet alternatives: Better sugar understanding is needed for sugar-free chocolate success, say researchers

A better understanding of the complex functions that sugar fulfils in a chocolate product is required by manufacturers before they can reliably develop a high-quality sugar-free chocolate that is acceptable...

The emotions of eating: New study will help industry design foods and marketing to match emotions

A better understanding of the way in which emotions influence consumer behaviours could help industry create new products that fit new market niches and assist in overhauling marketing and communication...

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