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ISM innovations: tangy tastes, stevia almonds and yodelling wafers

The International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM) has chosen the most innovative new products at this year show.

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Arcor develops $6m gel-release sugar-free gum

Argentinean confectioner Arcor has introduced a new sugar free gum that includes  a gel-release in a development costing $6m.

Heat resistant chocolate possible with hardfats, say researchers

Adding hardfats to cocoa butter boosts heat resistance in chocolate that can melt in hot climates, according to new research.

Mondelez develops bitterness masking using vitamin E

Mondelez International has developed a method to cover unpleasant bitter tastes in confectionery products using a vitamin E compound.

Researchers find shellac alternative for coating chocolate panned products

Hydrolyzed collagen film could be a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to shellac in coating chocolate panned products, according to new research.

Hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup: study

Recent research shows that the color of beverage containers influences consumer enjoyment, with results indicating that orange and dark-cream colored cups enhanced the flavor, sweetness and aroma of hot chocolate.

Could white chocolate compounds also benefit heart health?

The potential heart health benefits of dark chocolate may be only partly linked to the flavanol content, with white chocolate - devoid of such compounds - also offering potential cardiovascular...

Nestlé ups sustainability efforts at expanded UK innovation center

Nestlé has opened an extended product technology center for confectionery in the UK, which will better enable it to develop products and packaging with sustainable materials.

IFT identifies bitterness thresholds for chocolate

The Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) has validated a method that can help manufacturers determine how much bitterness is too much in chocolate.

Review calls for research on mood modifying effects of cocoa

Daily intake of flavanol-rich cocoa products could have benefits for mood and heart healt however there is a great need for detailed research into the mood modifying effects of such...

Cocoa flavanols give snail brains a boost

Cocoa flavanols found in dark chocolate called epicatechin can improve the memories of snails, according to researchers.

Probiotic chocolate biscuits may aid bowel function in the elderly – study

Chocolate biscuits containing probiotics could help to preserve microorganisms in the gut that decline with age and cause constipation and diarrhea, according to a study.

Study backs chocolate for stroke prevention

Consuming a ‘moderate’ amount of chocolate each week could be associated with lower risk of developing stroke, according to new research from Sweden.

“Critical breakthrough”: 12 labs validate new cocoa-flavanol measurement method

A multi-centre collaboration between academia and industry has confirmed a new validation method for cocoa flavanols and procyanidins that study backer Mars says could have, “far-reaching implications for researchers and consumers.”...

Mood foods: Researchers uncover why some food flavours affect disposition

Chocolate, berries, and tea could be naturally modifying your mood, according to new research that reveals certain compounds found in foods bear ‘striking’ similarity to chemicals used in mood stabilising...

Dark chocolate could reduce heart disease risk, says study

Cocoa compounds found in dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure in the short term and could help guard against cardiovascular disease, according to a recently released study.

High flavanol cocoa can boost brain functioning, finds Mars study

Cocoa flavanols can improve mild cognitive impairment, according to new research funded by chocolate giant Mars.

Slash chocolate fat in half and prevent bloom with fruit juice, says study

Fat content in chocolate can be cut in half and fat bloom avoided by using fruit juice, without any impact on mouthfeel, according to researchers.

Cocoa and green tea extracts show anti-inflammatory benefits: Study

Flavanol-rich extracts from cocoa and green tea may reduce markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in obese adults at risk for insulin resistance, says a new study.

Starter cultures backed for on-farm cocoa fermentation

On-farm implementation of cocoa bean starter cultures could aid the production of chocolate with a more consistent flavour, according to a new study from a team Belgian researchers and Barry...

Study: Almonds may have 20% fewer calories than previously thought

Almonds may contain 20% fewer calories than previously thought, with potential implications for nutrition labeling, according to new research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Boost chocolate functionality with freeze-dried raspberry leaf, say researchers

Manufacturers can up the antioxidant content in chocolate with a freeze dried raspberry leaf extract with minimal impact on texture and mouth-feel, according to a study.

Flexible refining of cocoa butter could boost chocolate quality: Study

Global decline in cocoa butter quality, coupled with growing demand for high quality cocoa butter mean that more robust but flexible refining technologies are required, say researchers.

Mars funded study finds cocoa fertilisation can double production

Using fertiliser on degraded farms with mature trees can double cocoa production, according to a study funded by Mars.

Acid-modified corn starch a viable alternative for gummy confections, say researchers

Formulating gummy confections with acid-modified corn starch (ACMS) is a feasible alternative to other gelling components such as regular starch, gelatin or pectin, according to a study.

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