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Cocoa compounds show joint health potential

Flavonoid compounds in cocoa may reduce inflammation associated with arthritis in lab animals, says a new study with possible implications for joint health.

Antioxidant-rich cocoa shows short-term heart benefits: Harvard review

Eating antioxidant-rich cocoa products may improve blood pressure and boost levels of good cholesterol, according to a meta-analysis of studies.

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Dark chocolate does not give you a 'workout', insists NHS

Dark chocolate does not 'give you a workout', the UK National Health Service (NHS) has insisted, as it reacted to 'misleading newspaper headlines" that suggested such effects in light of...

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Daily dark chocolate snack doesn't rule out weight loss, study

Dieters can still achieve weight-loss by consuming a daily dark chocolate or "non-chocolate snack" within the context of a low-calorie, nutrient-dense diet, according to a study in the Journal of...

‘Substantial variations’ in the use of trans-fats still exist, says research

Although the content of trans-fat in is generally declining, substantial variations are still present in certain product categories, according to new research from Germany.

Study maps how tastes are coded in brain

Different tastes are sensed by a unique set of neurons in distinct areas of the brain, reveals new research in mice.

Systematic review: Chocolate can reduce heart disease risk by a third

A Cambridge University-led systematic review published today in the British Medical Journal has concluded that polyphenol-rich chocolate consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease by a third.

Dark chocolate/cocoa effective for cholesterol improvements: Meta-analysis

Consuming polyphenol-rich dark chocolate or cocoa products may reduce total and LD cholesterol levels, but has no effect on HDL levels, according to a meta-analysis of 10 clinical trials.

Chocolate can boost exercise endurance, says study

Chocolate can enhance exercise performance, according to a new mouse study.

Kids seeing fewer TV ads for sweets and snacks, study finds

The number of TV advertisements US children see for high-fat, salty and sugary foods and beverages has declined in recent years – but the majority of kids’ TV food advertising...

Wrigley backed study shows gum could reduce snack craving

Chewing gum reduces cravings for sweet and salty snacks in between meals, and could aid appetite control, according to researchers.

Sucker or chewer: new study on variance in choc eating habits could impact NPD

Results from recent research aiming to better understand variation in chocolate consumption behaviour suggest that formulation experts at leading brand owners might consider developing different products targeted at suckers and...

Nuts may help prevent diabetes, suggests study

Daily consumption of nuts may help to control type 2 diabetes, and prevent its complications, according to new research.

Gum arabic blend may boost satiety, and aid weight management: Study

A dose as low as five grams of gum arabic may increase satiety and reduce caloric intake, without causing compensation at a subsequent meal, according to research.

Cocoa extracts may benefit cholesterol levels: Study

A combination of cocoa and skimmed milk may beneficially affect cholesterol levels in the blood, according to new data from Spain.

Enzymes may boost chocolate flavour: Study

Enzymatic treatment of cocoa almonds may improve flavour profiles by up to 50 per cent, leading to improved chocolate flavours from low quality almonds, according to new research.

Dark chocolate may combat exercise-induced oxidative stress

Consuming flavonoid-rich dark chocolate prior to exercise may decrease the potential muscle damaging effects of oxidative stress, suggests a new study.

Nestlé to expand York R&D centre

Nestlé has revealed to that it is planning a significant extension to its confectionery and biscuit product technology centre (PTC) in York.

Cocoa flavanols can improve eye and brain function, study

A new study from researchers at the University of Reading claims that consumption of cocoa flavanols may improve aspects of eye and brain function.

Hershey: Cocoa polyphenols show weight management potential

Extracts from cocoa may block carbohydrate and lipid breakdown in the gut, and aid weight management, says a new study from Hershey.

Ultrasound process may assist foam production, suggests study

The use of an ultrasound process during the mixing step of foam production in foods may lead to better quality products, according to new research.

Study investigates sensory properties of fishy ice cream

Ice cream enriched with fish proteins may be acceptable after production, but storage is a problem, according to new research.

Flavonoids may act as emulsion stabilisers: Study

Bioactive flavonoid compounds, better known for their potential health benefits, may also act to stabilise oil-and-water emulsions, according to new research.

Hot chocolate: No heat resistant solution, says review

Although many previous attempts have shown that heat resistant chocolate is possible, more research is needed to produce a simple, inexpensive, and tasty chocolate that is resistant to melting, according...

Study flags up oxidative stress reduction benefits of cocoa

New research from Spain finds that polyphenol-enriched cocoa powder could be used as a functional ingredient to reduce oxidative stress in the elderly.

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