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Bills to suspend duty on some imported confectionery introduced in US Congress

Last updated on 21-May-2012 at 12:36 GMT2012-05-21T12:36:53Z

Two bills to temporarily suspend the duty on certain imported filled chocolates and synthetic-sweetened chewing gum have been introduced to Congress in the US.

Republican congressman Charles Dent from Pennsylvania's 15th district first introduced a bill to temporarily suspend the duty on imported ready-to-eat chocolates filled with caramel or sugar-based paste

Mr Dent was asked for the rationale behind the bill, but a response was not forthcoming.

A second bill was launched by Democrat senator Kay Hagan to suspend the duty of confectionery containing synthetic sweetening agents, such as saccharin, on 10 May.

Both bills would see amendments to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States if passed.

Dent’s bill has moved to the committee stage, while Hagan’s is yet to have moved to the next phase.

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