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Prescription tablet found on Nestlé UK Jelly Tots line

Last updated on 28-Aug-2014 at 17:27 GMT2014-08-28T17:27:25Z

Prescription drug found on line at Fawdon in Newcastle, UK
Prescription drug found on line at Fawdon in Newcastle, UK

Nestlé UK has said there is no cause for alarm after a prescription drug was found on jelly tot line at Nestlé its plant in Fawdon, Newcastle.

“The incident involved the discovery, in product prior to packing, of a standard prescription tablet, commonly prescribed to both adults and children,” said a Nestlé spokesperson.

“We can confirm that due to our rigorous quality procedures and immediate action, the incident was isolated and contained within our control.  Our consumers and customers can be assured that all our products are completely safe.”

Nestlé decided against a recall as the company was confident its detection technology would have discovered any contaminants.

“The incident was immediately contained, the police were asked to investigate and we are working with them,” said the spokesperson.

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