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CVS to swap candy at checkouts with better-for-you snacks

US pharmacy retail chain CVS is to replace 25% of checkout space traditionally dedicated to candy with ‘better-for-you’ snacks at almost a third of its stores.

TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference

Nestlé ups game in Asian travel retail with ‘perfect store’ concept

Nestlé will introduce a “perfect store” concept to Asian travel retailers for the first time at the upcoming TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore.  

Global retail segment key to Lindt’s international surge, says CEO

Lindt & Sprüngli has reported record net income in its fiscal 2015 and credits its global retail division for driving international expansion.

The ‘underestimated’ confection

White chocolate game upped in private label to compete with rising dark side: ICAM

Retailers are improving the quality of their own label white chocolate brands to keep pace with growing sales of premium dark chocolate, says Italian brand and contract manufacturer ICAM.

Dollar stores the fastest growing retail channel for U.S. candy - IRI

Dollar stores were the fastest growing sales outlet for candy in the U.S. last year and should be the focus for confectionery manufacturers, says IRI.

‘Consumers are in control’: Online buzz changing US retail landscape, says NCA president

Online conversations are rapidly altering the retail landscape and how people shop for confections, according to the president of the National Confectioners Association.

Dispatches: Pack Expo 2014

E-commerce and candy wrappers: How will online retail change confectionery packaging?

The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) has highlighted strong growth in resealable stand-up pouches in confectionery, but says the rising online environment may change how candy is packaged.

Can stevia chocolate ever be a mainstream retail fixture?

Stevia chocolate is beginning to gain momentum in the US but could take at least a decade to achieve widespread acceptance among mainstream retail, according to stevia chocolate firm Coco...

Retailers need to up sustainable cocoa game, says BDSI

Supermarkets in Germany cannot neglect their role in bringing about a sustainable cocoa supply chain, says the German confectionery association BDSI.

Lindt joint venture to spark retail presence in Brazil

Lindt & Sprüngli will open three retail stores in São Paulo this year thanks to a joint venture with Brazilian premium chocolate specialist the CRM Group.

Dispatches from the NCA State of the Industry Conference in Miami

What the future holds: The 2020 retail landscape

Confectionery companies will need to adapt to a rapidly changing retail landscape as ethnic minorities lead population growth in the developed US market.

United Biscuits unveils environment plan

UK biscuit and snack maker United Biscuits said yesterday it will cut its carbon emissions by more than a third by 2020 and reduce water and packaging use by a...

Nisa sweetens Costcutter merger deal

In a bid to head off stakeholder dissent, the Nisa-Today board has offered members of its buying group a controlling share in the merger deal with convenience chain Costcutter.

Fibre-rich food creeping up on US market

Fibre-fever may be the new trend poised to sweep the United States food industry over the next few years as low-carb diets begin to stutter and the US government raises...

Huge growth potential for French Fairtrade market

As French supermarkets embark upon the second ethical trading promotion of the year this week, the latest survey of consumer preferences carried out by the Casino group suggests that increasing...

Morrisons sweetens Safeway offer

The long-running saga of the takeover of British supermarket chain Safeway appears to have entered its final phase today with the announcement by rival Morrisons of a £3 billion offer...

Approval just first hurdle for Nestlé gum venture

The European Commission yesterday approved the proposed functional confectionery joint venture between Swiss consumer goods company Nestlé and the US-based personal care company Colgate-Palmolive, but approval is just the first...

Fairtrade business booming as consumers 'shop ethical'

British shoppers are becoming increasingly ethical when it comes to choosing what they eat, according to a survey of shoppers released this week - a shift in consumer attitudes which...

Roshen to take on Russian neighbours

Ukraine's largest confectionery group Roshen is to take on its neighbours in the huge Russian market from early next year following the completion of a...

Spanish sweet makers seek partners

Two of Spain's biggest confectionery producers are feeling the pressure of competition in the market and are actively seeking partners to help them survive in...

Sugar system slammed by sweetmakers

Anuga, the world's largest food exhibition, will open for business this weekend, but for one industry segment, doing business there will prove difficult. The German...

Elite facing censure over Cadbury move

Israel's leading confectionery maker Elite has been accused of abusing its dominant position and attempting to block the entry of UK rival Cadbury into the...

Sweet indulgence

British confectionery group Cadbury Trebor Basset is launching a new mail marketing drive for its Flake countline bar which claims that unwrapping the chocolate bar...

Nestlé squares off against Cadbury

The three major players in the UK confectionery market are in a constant state of competition - vital in an increasingly saturated market. The latest...

Sladko 'collapse' to mark era of change in Russian confectionery

The Russian confectionery market is undergoing a number of major changes at the moment, one of which could see the decline of one of the...

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