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Confectioners competing for chocolate gold at London Olympics explores how the leading players are gearing up for a PR brand building exercise that comes around only once every four years and asks how high-fat, high-sugar chocolate can...

News in brief

Nazi exploding chocolate plot to assassinate Churchill

Secret wartime papers have been uncovered that detail a Nazi plot to plant exploding chocolate in the British War Cabinet dining room in a bid to kill former Prime Minister...

EFSA health claim opinions

Barry Callebaut wins article 13.5 chocolate-blood circulation claim; probiotic, rhodiola rejected

Swiss chocolate processor Barry Callebaut has won an article 13.5 health claim from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for a dossier linking cocoa flavanols and blood circulation.

Cargill launches certified chocolate range for small users

Cargill has certified its Off the Shelf Chocolate range to bring ethical cocoa to smaller users as demand for sustainable products booms.

Boost chocolate functionality with freeze-dried raspberry leaf, say researchers

Manufacturers can up the antioxidant content in chocolate with a freeze dried raspberry leaf extract with minimal impact on texture and mouth-feel, according to a study.

AERO-plane experiments

Nestlé in space: Aerated chocolate under zero-gravity

 Nestlé is working with the European Space Agency to create better chocolate air bubbles under zero-gravity and will eventually experiment in space.

Optimise chocolate through cocoa traceability, say researchers

Chocolate manufacturers will risk a poorer quality final product unless they trace what happens to cocoa beans before they reach their factories, say researchers.

Kraft develops quality preserving low-calorie chocolate method

Cadbury owner Kraft Foods has filed an international patent for a process to make low-calorie chocolate that it claims can maintain texture and quality while extending shelf-life.

Flexible refining of cocoa butter could boost chocolate quality: Study

Global decline in cocoa butter quality, coupled with growing demand for high quality cocoa butter mean that more robust but flexible refining technologies are required, say researchers.

Mars opens €80m chocolate factory in Russia

Mars has opened a €80m (RUB 3.3bn) chocolate factory in Russia’s Ulyanovsk region as it looks to capture a greater share of the highest value BRIC chocolate market.

Blommer Chocolate and Olam form joint venture to crack Latin America

The Blommer Chocolate Company has established the joint venture firm GrowCocoa with ingredients supplier Olam International to allow the companies to move into Latin America and new cocoa origins in...

Lycotec develops ingredient for weight management and cholesterol lowering chocolate

Biotec firm Lycotec has developed an ingredient for chocolate and other fat-based foods that it claims can help consumers to manage their weight and reduce blood cholesterol.

The chocolate market of 2030 – analyst looks through crystal ball speaks to a consumer goods analyst about the issues that will inform the chocolate industry over the next two decades.

News in brief

Hershey claims 30% reduced fat chocolate with first brand launch since 2007

Hershey’s first brand launch since 2007 is a chocolate product that it claims contains 30% less fat compared to the average leading milk chocolates.

Healthy chocolate ‘breakthrough’: Lycotec develops ingredient to unlock cocoa’s health potential

Biotech firm Lycotec has developed an ingredient that it claims can harness the health potential in both dark and milk chocolate and lead to products with anti-ageing, injury recovery and...

News in brief

US retail chocolate market up 6.6% to $19.5bn, says Packaged Facts

The US market for chocolate sold at retail was worth an estimated $19.5bn in 2011, up 6.6% over the previous year, according to a new report from Packaged Facts.

News in brief

Sir Bob Geldof to speak at Callebaut’s chocolate conference tomorrow

Sir Bob Geldof will be among the keynote speakers at Barry Callebaut’s Chocovision 2012 conference in Davos, which kicks off tomorrow.

Dark chocolate consumption linked with heart benefits

Consumption of dark chocolate could help to shrink the risk of heart disease in people with metabolic syndrome, according to new scientific data.

Royal sales over Jubilee weekend set for UK chocolate market: Analyst

UK chocolate brands have indulged in a British-homage in the run up to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on June 2 and consumer spending will be up, driving the usual post-Easter...

‘Personalised’ products just one opportunity for chocolate manufacturers

Demand for more ‘personalised’ chocolate aimed at individuals is a major trend confectionery manufacturers should tap into in the near future, according to Datamonitor.

Lindt chocolate bunny trademark gunned down by ECJ

Lindt’s chocolate rabbit is devoid of any distinctive character, according to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) which has ruled that the firm’s 3D-bunny-sign cannot be registered as a trademark...

Limonene can improve quality of reduced fat chocolate – study

The oil extract limonene can improve the final product quality of reduced fat chocolate, according to researchers.

Chocolate fails to improve motor function despite increased consumption by Parkinson’s sufferers

Dark chocolate and cocoa ingredients do not improve motor function for those with Parkinson’s disease despite increased consumption among those with the disease, according to a study.

Analyst lauds chocolate market potential in Mexico

Confectioners face big rewards by tapping into market potential in Mexico, but will face “oblivion” if they fail to address growing health concerns, according to an analyst.

Barry Callebaut introduces lactose-free milk chocolate for Europe

Barry Callebaut has launched a lactose-free milk chocolate that it claims has a similar taste to regular milk chocolate.

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