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Cargill’s Ghanaian cocoa plant to go live in November

Agricultural firm Cargill’s new cocoa processing facility in Ghana is set to go online in November, according to reports.

Cocoa flavanols may boost blood flow in the brain

Flavanol-rich chocolate may boost blood flow in the brain and reduce the risk of dementia and stroke, Boston-based researchers have reported.

High cocoa costs continue to plague industry

Confectionery manufacturers are facing increasing cost pressures as cocoa prices reach their highest in over 20 years as cocoa futures prices soared by 3 per cent.

AAK builds profits on cocoa butter equivalents

The high price of cocoa butter has led to greater demand for AAK’s cocoa butter equivalents (CBEs) from specialty vegetable oils, and in turn has yielded strong growth in its...

Barry Callebaut sells Chococam to focus on cocoa sourcing

Focusing further on cocoa bean sourcing and processing, Zurich-based Barry Callebaut spins-off Chococam, the last of its consumer activities in Africa, to South African food firm Tiger Brands.

Smuggled cocoa beans impact supplies from Ghana

Cocoa supplies in Ghana, the world's second largest producer of beans, are being hit by smugglers taking the valuable beans abroad as prices crash through the $3000 barrier.

Imperial Sugar ups Wholesome Sweetener investment

Imperial Sugar has laid out $4m to increase its stake in the Wholesome Sweeteners joint venture, a move that recognises opportunities in the organic sweetener sector.

Pressure for chocolate industry as cocoa breaks $3000 barrier

Strategies for confectionery makers to absorb rocketing price rises are essential as cocoa prices crash through the $3000 barrier, with demand outstripping supplies and pulling the stocks-to-grindings ratio to a...

Danisco Sugar to be sold to Nordzucker

Danisco has announced that it will sell its sugar division to Nordzucker for DKK5600m, around €751m, bringing to an end months of speculation as to whether it would agree to...

Tate & Lyle spins off sugar trading unit to Bunge

UK sweetener group Tate & Lyle reduces risk to earnings from today's volatile commodity markets, announcing the sale of its international sugar trading operations to US oilseed giant Bunge.

Unlocking cocoa genome to relieve supply threats for chocolate makers?

Quality and supplies for the key ingredient in chocolate - cocoa - may gain from a new project that sees Mars link up with the US goverment and IBM to...

Danisco close to concluding sugar negotiations

Danisco has said it is close to concluding negotiations with potential buyers of its sugar business, but is still working towards spinning it off into a separate business by the...

High costs for cocoa to prevail on stock shortfall

High prices for cocoa manufacturers will prevail as an investment bank predicts a third successive global cocoa deficit in 2008/09.

Increased demand and a healthy future for Latin American cocoa

There is a growing demand for cocoa from Latin America to meet the increasing popularity of premium chocolates in Europe and the US, according to a speaker at the recent...

Mars highlights cocoa biodiversity at UN conference

Protecting cocoa's biodiversity and sustainability are critical, said Mars at the recent United Nations Biodiversity conference held in Bonn, Germany.

News briefs: Fairtrade, sugar surplus and Mars community plan

Fairtrade is working to improve UK market share for its accredited chocolate makers, the forecast for global sugar surplus is revised upwards, and Mars unwraps its social responsibility credentials.

DEFRA agrees allocation of compensation for sugar growers and contractors

The allocation of aid between UK sugar beet growers and contractors will remain unchanged from the original proposal made in British Sugar's application, despite suggestions it could have been re-negotiated,...

Tereos confirms interest in Danisco sugar

French sugar and food solutions company Tereos has confirmed it is hoping to acquire Danisco's sugar business, and that it is bidding against Germany's Nordzucker.

Sugar not to blame for kids behaving badly: review

A new review of studies investigating the role of sucrose in children's behaviour has concluded that it is not the root cause of behavioural problems such as ADHD.

Cocoa deficit forecast to fall but prices remain high

Latest figures from the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) suggest that there will be a rise in world production of cocoa compared to last year and a rise, though smaller, in...

Sugar and currencies blamed for Tate & Lyle profit drop

Tate & Lyle has reported an 11 per cent drop in pre-tax profits to £244m (c €307.3m) for full year 2008, a result of troubles in international sugar trading and...

Cocoa prices bounce back, stay buoyant

The International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) monthly review of the cocoa market suggests that a decline of the monthly average ICCO daily price in April compared to the previous month could...

Major HFCS users unlikely to ditch it for sugar, expert

Some food and beverage manufacturers may switch from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to sugar as a result of high corn prices, but this is only likely to be the...

Imperial Sugar to rebuild refinery damaged in blast

The Imperial Sugar Co today said it will rebuild the parts of its Georgia sugar refinery that were damaged in last year's explosion, reinstating it as the second largest refinery...

Flavanol content of cocoa cut during manufacturing

Alkalising cocoa beans reduces the total flavanoid content by two-thirds, reducing the antioxidant potential of the product, according to new research.

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