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Cocoa husks offer green pectin source

Cocoa husks, a by-product of cocoa processing, may offer an alternative, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient source of pectin for food, suggests a new study.

News briefs: Chewing gum, cocoa and Nestle

A new report claims chewing gum helps weight loss, Nestle job cuts are imminent in the UK, and cocoa price jumped up the last two weeks of September.

Cocoa companies pledge sustainability

World Food Day is galvanising global food companies to help support cocoa labourers, some of the poorest workers in the world, as more and more businesses are signing up to...

Suedzucker expects benefits from sugar reform concessions

Suedzucker has adjusted its profit and revenue expectations for full year 2007/8 following EU moves to make sugar reform more attractive to growers, indicating that the industry efforts to lessen...

Barry Callebaut launches new antioxidant cocoa

Barry Callebaut today said it is adding to its healthy chocolate portfolio with the official launch of a cocoa product containing a high level of antioxidant flavanols.

Tate & Lyle says adios to Mexican sugar

Tate & Lyle has taken new measures to remove itself from volatile commodity markets and refocus on value-added ingredients, with a plan to sell its Mexican sugar business, Grupo Industrial...

Ebro Puleva wont predict sugar hit before terms

The sugar arm of Spanish food group Ebro Puleva has said it is impossible to estimate the impact of EU sugar reform on its business, until the regulatory situation in...

Sugar reforms prove bittersweet for ACP

The African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) sugar producing countries have said they are deeply concerned about the amendments to the EU sugar reform, which brings to an end "preferential access"...

Nestle points towards future of cocoa research

The future of research into the potential health benefits of cocoa should focus on the mechanisms and active compounds, with well defined clinical trials key to this burgeoning segment, says...

Ministers debate milk, wine and sugar reforms

Food safety and animal health top the agenda at today's meeting of EU's agricultural ministers, with the future of milk, wine and sugar production also up for discussion.

Sugar reform and biofuel take toll on yeast extract prices

Rising costs and shrinking supply of sugar molasses are driving up the cost of yeast extract production, says Bio Springer, which is today announcing a double digit price increase for...

Vietnam pushes for cocoa market growth

Vietnam looks set to become one of Asia's primary cocoa producers, with the government pledging to invest 40 billion dong (€1.8m) in the country's burgeoning cocoa trade, according to local...

Timing wrong for Danisco sugar-ingredients split

Danisco's board yesterday rejected a proposal to cleave the company into two businesses, one for sugar and the other for ingredients, because of on-going EU sugar reform. But the plan...

Syngenta takes sugar beet back to the tropics

Syngenta has developed a variety of sugar beet for cultivation in tropical climates that is expected to boost output and farmer income, and has initiated two products to develop its...

ABF to shake up China sugar industry with joint venture

Associated British Foods (ABF) has forged an agreement with Chinese sugar group Hebei Tian Lu, which is expected to revolutionise beet sugar production technology and boost yields.

Danisco stands by for record sugar harvest

Danisco is expecting a record sugar harvest as climactic factors have stimulated growth, the year's first field samples indicate, meaning that any excess above quota will be channelled towards non-food...

Cocoa prices may stabilise, says ICCO

A positive outlook for the chocolate industry as cocoa prices could be stabilising, the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) said in its July review.

Sugar demand to exceed supply says report

Sugar supply for the fiscal year 2008 is expected to be less than the demand, which could cause continual price pressures, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said last week.

Cocoa demand on the up

Demand for cocoa is on the up, registering compound growth of 2.7 per cent over the next three years, and most of it will come from Africa, according to a...

Cargill expands cocoa business in Ghana

Agricultural firm Cargill has started construction of a new cocoa processing facility in Ghana, in an expansion move designed to meet increasing global demand for cocoa products.

New approach to sugar needed, says USDA

A new approach to sugar is needed in the US to avoid the continuing cost pressures on the industry, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in a report...

EU sugar reform hit Agranas sugar revenues

Sales revenues for Agrana's sugar segment were down to €171m for the three months ended May 31, from €243m the same quarter the previous year, due to EU sugar reforms.

Real Good Food focuses on sugar and bakery

Real Good Food said this week it is focusing upon its sugar and bakery sectors following the disposal of its fish business.

Future of cocoa prices uncertain, says ICCO

Cocoa prices in June reached their highest levels since 2003, according to the monthly review by the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO).

Sugar prices expected to stabilise, forecasts FAO

A rising global demand for sugar is set to be met by an increase in production, leading to a more stable market and prices, forecasts the Food and Agriculture Organisation...

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