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ADM shuts down Ivorian cocoa processing plant

Leading cocoa processor and exporter, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), said it has suspended cocoa plant operations in the Ivory Coast and is shifting production elsewhere, due to heightened political tensions...

Nutrigenomics shows blood pressure benefits of cocoa

The potential of polyphenol compounds in cocoa to reduce blood pressure is related to genotype, suggests a new nutrigenomic study that deepens our understanding of the cardiovascular benefits of cocoa.

Let up in sugar and cocoa commodity commotion unlikely, analyst

As the market and industry weighs the impact of turmoil in Ivory Coast on cocoa supply and tightness in sugar trade continues, we talk to Rabobank analyst Keith Flury to...

Court overturns order to destroy GM sugar beets

A federal appeals court in San Francisco has overturned a previous ruling to destroy genetically modified (GM) sugar beets, ruling in favor of Monsanto and the US Department of Agriculture...

Emerging markets and sugar prices drive sucralose takeup, JK Sucralose

The market for the sweetener sucralose is poised for growth, with global production expected to top 15,000 tonnes by 2018, according to the world’s second largest sucralose producer.

Commission introduces measures to ease EU sugar deficit

A European Commission initiative to release 500,000 tonnes of out of quota sugar onto the EU market has been backed by member states in the EU sugar management committee today.

First certified Vietnamese beans delivery is milestone for cocoa development in the region says Cargill

The delivery of Cargill’s first UTZ Certified beans from Vietnam marks an important milestone for the company in its bid to establish the region as a new origin country for...

Ragus questions EC approach and predicts further sugar price hikes

Sugar supplier to the bakery and confectionery industry, Ragus, said it expects further commodity price hikes and contests whether proposed EC intervention on import duty tariff reductions would have the...

Cocoa supplies not disrupted by ongoing Ivorian unrest, Euromonitor

Cocoa supplies are not currently disrupted by Ivorian unrest, according to the latest official data, calming the nerves of cocoa traders.

Blommer awaits record-breaking sustainable cocoa shipment

Industrial chocolate supplier, Blommer Chocolate, said it is set to receive a record-breaking shipment of cocoa beans containing a large percentage of sustainably farmed and Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, despite...

Likely cocoa price increases if Ivory Coast ban is extended, Rabobank

An indefinite extension of the Ivory Coast one month cocoa ban could lead to a further hike in cocoa prices, according to Rabobank analysts.

Study flags up oxidative stress reduction benefits of cocoa

New research from Spain finds that polyphenol-enriched cocoa powder could be used as a functional ingredient to reduce oxidative stress in the elderly.

High sugar prices stimulate neotame take up, NutraSweet

The NutraSweet Company's sales of high intensity sweetener neotame grew by 20 per cent between 2009 and 2010 – and the same percentage is expected this year as sugar prices...

Cocoa prices stable despite Ivorian ban

Cocoa prices have remained stable over the past two weeks despite the Ivory Coast export ban with industry analysts citing good industry supply cover and access to plentiful crop from...

Barry Callebaut hails new cocoa fermentation method

A novel cocoa cultivation method and a new approach to fermentation are resulting in cocoa beans with enhanced quality, claims industrial chocolate supplier, Barry Callebaut.


Sugar: regulatory sweet nothings leave food and drink makers in limbo

Jazz singer Nina Simone’s plaintive, “I want a little sugar in my bowl”, will strike the right note with Europe’s beleaguered sugar industry.

Regulatory fast-tracking needed to remedy sugar deficit, says food and drink lobby

The food and drink sugar users lobby has warned the European Commission that any further delays in intervention to remedy the sugar deficit in the market could result in even...

Ghana cocoa plant to remain open, confirms ADM

Leading cocoa supplier, Archer Daniel Midlands (ADM), has confirmed that it is keeping its cocoa processing plant in Kumasi, Ghana open in spite of challenges related to acquiring light crop...

EC policy change on sugar could bring relief for bakers

The European Commission, in a policy about face, said it may open the import quota or allow the sale of out-of-quota sugar into the bloc - a move that would...

EU sugar supply deficit threatens Irish industry, says trade group

The deficit in the EU sugar supply could put production at risk for confectioners and other food and drink industry users of the commodity if market intervention does not occur,...

Senate bill aims to reform US sugar policy

US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) introduced a new bipartisan bill in the Senate this week intended to phase out the sugar support program, claiming sugar prices are artificially high and...

Scientists identify cocoa’s ‘novel mechanism’ for heart benefits

The potential heart health benefits of polyphenol-rich cocoa powder may be related to a ‘novel mechanism’ of boosting HDL (good) cholesterol, says a new study from Japan.

Our cocoa stock levels are sufficient so far, says Barry Callebaut

Leading maker of bulk chocolate, Barry Callebaut, has bought and exported the cocoa beans it needs to fulfill its processing needs, said a company spokesperson in reaction to the suspension...

Cocoa trade bodies press EU for more clarity on Ivory Coast ban

Lack of clarity on the implications for the cocoa industry of the financial penalities imposed by the EU on the Ivory Coast has prompted trade representatives in the bloc to...

Explosion at ADM cocoa processing facility

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is currently assessing the impact of an explosion that occurred on a production line at its cocoa processing facility in Wormer, Netherlands, which was followed...

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