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French sweet tooth holds sugar opportunities

Opportunities for low-sugar formulations could potentially reside in France with a new study showing eight out of ten French people consume a reduced sugar product at least once a week.

First shipment of UTZ cocoa reaches Europe

An initiative to improve the agricultural, environmental and social aspects of sourcing cocoa from West Africa achieved has achieved a milestone, as the first beans have arrived in Europe for...

Government should urgently raise sugar quotas: Report

Food and agricultural consultancy Promar has added its voice to those calling on government to raise sugar import quotas, saying that uncertain supplies lock in high costs for manufacturers and...

Barry Callebaut to help steer cocoa programme

Chocolate maker Barry Callebaut’s decision to join the UTZ Certified sustainable cocoa programme will bolster efforts to scale up the project and help to get all parts of the supply...

Senomyx calorie-cutting sucrose enhancer gets FEMA GRAS

Senomyx has received notification from the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) that its new sucrose enhancing flavor ingredient is GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

Tate & Lyle to sell stakes in Saudi and Egyptian sugar refineries

Tate & Lyle has reached an agreement to sell its minority stake in sugar refineries in Saudi Arabia and Egypt to Saudi-based sugar refiner Savola, the companies have said.

ADM opens Ghana cocoa plant

ADM has officially opened its new cocoa processing plant in Ghana, planned to boost its ability to provide cocoa products from a single source.

Quotas ignore industry's sugar price plea

The USDA has set sugar import quotas at the minimum level required under World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements, despite pleas from industry to increase quotas in an effort to pull...

Cocoa price spike may favor Kraft over Cadbury

World cocoa prices have just hit record highs sparking suggestions that the resulting cost changes could aid the Kraft bid for Cadbury.

Explosion at Imperial Sugar refinery “entirely preventable”

Last year’s deadly explosion at the Imperial Sugar Port Wentworth refinery fuelled by a build up of sugar dust in the packing plant was “entirely preventable” said the US Chemical...

News in brief

McNeil launches tabletop sugar and stevia blend

McNeil Nutritionals has launched a new all-natural, low-calorie tabletop sweetener containing a blend of sugar and stevia.

News in brief

Imperial Sugar fits packing equipment at rebuilt plant

Imperial Sugar has confirmed that all its packaging equipment is now on site at its Port Wentworth site in Georgia as rebuilding nears completion.

Certified sustainable cocoa source from Ivory Coast opens up

Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate is aiming to have 10,000 tonnes of UTZ-certified cocoa available for the market in 2010, as the first two Ivory Coast cooperatives achieve certification and others...


Sugar and strife – not so nice if the price is not right

Sugar politics means high prices are a bitter pill for US and Indian sweet food and beverage makers; while the European industry is sitting pretty on the back of the...

Heart charity sets strict guidelines for added sugar intake

The American Heart Association (AHA) has set down strict guidelines for added sugar intake that put a woman over the daily recommended limit for drinking just one 12-once can of...

Record sugar prices squeeze food makers

World sugar prices have jumped to their highest levels since the early 1980s, putting upward pressure on the margins of sugar users.

ABF sells Polish sugar business in advance of EU rule change

Associated British Foods (ABF) has sold its Polish sugar business to Pfeifer & Langen for an estimated £120 to £130m in preparation for the opening up of EU sugar trade.

EFSA proposes new DRVs; leaves out sugar and GI

EFSA has launched a public consultation on dietary reference values for carbs fibre and fats – but has declined to give values for sugar or advice on glycaemic index due...

BASF partners with Brazilian researchers for higher yield sugarcane

BASF has entered into partnership with a Brazilian research centre to develop genetically modified sugarcane with higher yields and greater tolerance to drought.

Trade body warns of sugar market disruption

The Sweetener Users Association (SUA) has warned that the sugar market could be disrupted by production shortages, refining capacity issues and the upcoming hurricane season.

Cargill’s NatureWorks take sugar-derived plastics to Brazil

Cargill is to introduce its Ingeo bioplastics to Brazil, offering the food, cosmetics and other industries a new packaging material derived from sugar instead of petroleum.

New UTZ certification for world’s biggest cocoa producers

Producers in the world’s largest cocoa-producing country, Côte d’Ivoire, are taking part in the first independent audits in preparation for the UTZ Certified code of conduct; a programme that sets...

Petra Foods ups cocoa game as new plant gets going

Delfi Cocoa, a division of Petra Foods, has started production at its new processing plant in Hamburg, Germany, as it positions to better serve its European customers.

Technical challenges to reducing sugar

Tate & Lyle’s manager of sweetener technology development gives insight into the role of sugar beyond providing sweetness, and how to pick alternative sweeteners that build back the properties.

Cocoa-derived Cirku launched for better circulation

Mars Botanical is launching a new flavanol-rich cocoa extract called Cirku for use in products aimed at maintaining healthy circulation.

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