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Ivory Coast plan to boost cocoa quality

The Ivory Coast is taking steps to protect its cocoa industry with a plan to improve the quality of its crop which is said to have fallen in standards over...

Sugar addiction ‘unlikely in humans’, says scientist

A recent study which claimed to suggest the existence of sugar addiction in animal studies created an unnatural circumstance and may be of little relevance to humans, according to a...

New Florida sugarcane varieties to boost yields

Scientists for the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have developed two new sugarcane varieties which they have shown to increase yields when grown on Florida’s sand soils.

Sugar and caffeine seen as key natural developments

One of the key trends in product development for 2009 will be natural additives able to keep consumers active, leading to searches for alternatives to caffeine and sugar, according to...

Scientists set on busting the sugar-hyperactivity ‘myth’

An article published in the British Medical Journal today has dismissed the commonly held belief that sugar causes hyperactivity in children as a ‘medical myth’.

Explosion costs impact on Imperial Sugar’s full year results

The rebuilding of Imperial Sugar’s Port Wentworth refinery following an explosion in February is expected to total $200m-$220m, taking its toll on the company’s full year results, despite stronger sugar...

ABF reaches acquisition agreement on Ebro Spanish sugar business

Associated British Foods (ABF) has announced that it has reached an agreement with Ebro Puleva for the acquisition of its Spanish sugar business, Azucarera Ebro, for €385 million.

Cut cocoa-butter for beta-glucan hydrocolloid, suggests study

Beta-glucan-rich hydrocolloids may be able to replace cocoa-butter in chocolate products, according to new research from the US.

Animal study suggests existence of sugar addiction, says scientist

Researchers at Princeton University claim that they have laid down the final pieces of evidence necessary to prove the existence of sugar addiction in animal studies.

Saharan wind whips up cocoa supply fears

Troubles for West African cocoa supplies look set to continue following reports that the harmattan, a harsh, crop-damaging wind, has begun to sweep in from the Sahara.

Cocoa prices remain resilient despite commodity slump

Cocoa prices have proved resilient in the economic downturn, even as other commodity prices have slumped, and confectionery manufacturers are concerned that tight supply will keep prices high for some...

ABF ready to buy Ebro’s sugar business – in principle

Associated British Foods has reached an agreement in principle to acquire Ebro Puleva’s sugar business for €385m – a deal that would further fortify the world’s second biggest sugar firm....

Cocoa flavanols cut blood pressure, says study

The daily consumption of 17 grams of ACTICOA dark chocolate, containing 500 milligrams (mg) of cocoa flavanols, for two weeks helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, according to new research...

Barry Callebaut builds options for sustainable cocoa

Efforts this month under the sustainability mantle by leading pod-to-pallet cocoa player Barry Callebaut include a 250,000 tree-planting project in Tanzania, and a tripling of grindings in Ivory Coast.

News in brief

ADM Cocoa announces management appointments

 The cocoa division of US-based agricultural manufacturer Archer Daniels Midland Company has made two new appointments to its international senior management group.

Cocoa supply chain and sustainability headline African symposium

 With sustainability a buzz word for today's confectionery makers, a symposium that kicked off in Ghana today will attempt to get to grips with current issues impacting sustainability in Africa's...

Price tumble for cocoa aids confectioners

Prices for cocoa continue to tumble compounded by the global financial crisis, offering further relief in costs for confectioners.

New ADM cocoa plant to meet growing demand

ADM has this week opened its new cocoa processing plant in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, a project it began in 2006 in a bid to expand and cater to growing demand for...

Imperial Sugar enters Cargill cooperation talks

The Imperial Sugar Company says it has entered discussions with joint venture group the Louisiana Sugar Refinery (LSR) over joining forces to construct and operate a new refinery in the...

Ivory Coast cocoa hit by disease, politics

Costs for cocoa have fallen from a peak of $3000 per tonne in July, to $2551.33 on Monday, but reports of the damaging black pod disease in Ivory Coast could...

Opportunities for cocoa powder as study shows antioxidant levels

Confectioners may seek to develop new formulations that use cocoa powder and baking chocolate, as new evidence suggests these two chocolate foods deliver the highest levels of the health-busting...

Farm-gate cocoa prices in Ghana to rise

Cocobod, the cocoa regulator for Ghana, has raised the fixed price it pays to farmers, a move that may not directly impact cocoa processors and buyers but could ultimately...

Chocolatiers dip into cocoa bank to identify flavor profiles

The owner of the confectionary company Chocolove has joined an expert taste panel to identify the unique flavors of different cocoa plants as part of a preservation project which could...

Cargill’s Ghanaian cocoa plant to go live in November

Agricultural firm Cargill’s new cocoa processing facility in Ghana is set to go online in November, according to reports.

Cocoa flavanols may boost blood flow in the brain

Flavanol-rich chocolate may boost blood flow in the brain and reduce the risk of dementia and stroke, Boston-based researchers have reported.

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