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Singapore group buys up CSR sugar division

Singapore based Wilmar International, in a surprise deal, will acquire the sugar and renewable energy business of Australian giant CSR for US$1.47bn, a move which trounces the recent bid by...

European cocoa industry launches formal complaint to Liffe

The extent of speculation in the London cocoa market has prompted 16 European organizations to sign a letter addressed to the Liffe exchange calling for increased hedge transparency, according to Reuters.

City: Sugar sale gives Tate & Lyle firepower to develop £500m added value ingredients business

The proceeds from Tate & Lyle's sale of its EU sugar business should give bosses the firepower to develop an added-value food ingredients business of at least £500m, according to...

Industry debates NGO admission to cocoa sector forum

Observer status for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on a new cocoa industry consultative board is proving a sticking point at the UN Cocoa Conference in Geneva this week, which aims to...

News in brief

Ivorian cocoa exports gather pace

Cocoa exports from major grower Ivory Coast are said to be picking up, but imprecise counting techniques and smuggling brings figures into question, according to reports.

Spanish researchers point to method for healthy cocoa butter alternatives

Healthy hydrogenated trans-free and short chained fatty acid-free solid alternatives to cocoa butter for chocolate production can be produced from sunflower oils enriched in stearic and oleic acids by means...

Concern over sugar consumption driving stevia market, analysts

Sugar consumption is an escalating concern among Australian and UK consumers, and sweeteners with natural credentials are benefiting from this trend, according to a new report from independent business analyst...

Supply worries keep cocoa prices rising

As demand continues to outstrip supply, the world price of cocoa was more than 12 per cent higher at the end of last week compared with a year ago, according...

Radical new twist in Ajinomoto vs Asda 'nasty' battle

The legal dispute between Ajinomoto and Asda over the right to call aspartame 'nasty' has taken a radical new turn following a Court of Appeal judgment effectively overturning last year's...

Stevia tops preferences for low-cal chocolate

Beverages formulated with stevia are preferred by consumers over similar products sweetened with sugar or other common high intensity sweeteners, says new research from Croatia.

Cargill gets Novel Foods for Xtend sucromalt

A sucromalt ingredient from Cargill has received Novel Foods approval in Europe, opening up the use of the sweetener in a range of food and beverage products in the bloc.

Tate & Lyle shifts focus as profits fall

Tate & Lyle has announced a major shake-up of its business, shifting focus to specialty food ingredients and away from its traditional sugar business.

Italian Chocolate producer ICAM targets North American market

A new US sales office will provide private label chocolatier ICAM with a platform to expand into North America and Mexico.

'Very large confectioner' in baobab trial

Product developers at a “very large confectionery company”, a smoothie maker, a babyfood manufacturer and several cereal bar makers are conducting trials of products containing powder from the pulp of...

Comax sweetness enhancer responds to lower-sugar demand

Comax Flavors claims to have ‘set a new standard’ for sweetness enhancers for foods and beverages with the latest addition to its Max FlavorLab range of enhancers.

Randomness may be key to reduced sugar products

Uneven distribution of sugar in a food may allow formulators to reduce the sugar content of foods without detrimentally affecting the sweetness of the finished product, Dutch researchers report.

New joint venture aims to secure higher quality cocoa supply

Blommer Chocolate, Petra Foods, and Cemoi Chocolatier have created a joint venture that will establish 30 fermentation centres to improve the supply of high quality, fermented cocoa from the Ivory Coast.

Researchers claim novel method to boost polyphenol levels in cocoa products

A wet heat treatment process that avoids the cocoa fermentation and roasting steps produces polyphenol-rich cocoa powder, claims a Spanish study.

Air bubbles may help cut salt and sugar: Unilever

The salt and sugar content of foods may be reduced by using air bubbles as an “inert filler” in liquid products, according to new research from Unilever R&D Vlaardingen....

Sucralose does not promote weight gain: Human study

Consumption of sucralose and sucralose-sweetened products does not affect gut hormones linked to hunger, or detrimentally affect blood sugar levels, says a new study from Australia.

Sugar quota increase not enough, say confectioners

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has said it will increase sugar quotas by 200,000 short tons in order to relieve supply pressure, but candy makers are still calling for more.

Imperial shares know-how on sugar dust hazards

Dust produced by sugar and flour and other materials such as wood, metal, coal and paper, can produce explosive hazards if not contained, claims Imperial Sugar Company.

Drop in demand for sugar-free sweets in US: report

The market for sugar-free sweets in the US has declined in recent years, according to a new report from Leatherhead International.

Tate & Lyle secures new sugar supply

Tate & Lyle has finalised a new sugar supply agreement with Jamaica, which secures just under 10 per cent of its annual stocks.

Cocoa supplies likely to be down on last year, report

Latest data on cocoa output from the world's leading cocoa growers, the Ivory Coast and Ghana, shows that levels are well-below last year, according to Reuters.

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