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UK project aims to secure future cocoa supply

A UK research project aims to ensure the sustainability of future cocoa production through suggesting ways cocoa breeders can produce varieties more adapted to climate change.

Flavanols in cocoa again linked to CVD benefits

Small amounts of chocolate can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease, according to a study by German researchers published in the European Heart Journal.

New goals set for sugar and saturated fat reduction

The UK’s Food Standards Agency has unveiled its final recommendations to industry for cutting sugar and saturated fat in soft drinks, confectionery and bakery products, which includes trimming back portion...

Danish TV programme misrepresents cocoa farming, Caobisco

Representatives of the EU confectionery sector, Caobisco, has said claims made in a Danish documentary about child labour are a misrepresentation of the facts about cocoa farming in the Ivory...

Low-sugar options expand with gel innovations

Careful control of protein levels in a food gel could allow for lower-sugar foods to be formulated without affecting the sweetness of the food, says new research from The Netherlands.

Judge denies immediate ban on GM sugar beets

A judge has denied an immediate ban on the planting of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) sugar beets as it “would have a large detrimental effect on the United States’ domestic...

Tea seed oil may replace cocoa butter in chocolates

Partial substitution of cocoa butter in confectionery products may be achieved with tea seed oil, a by-product of tea processing, says new research with the potential to help chocolate makers...

Barry Callebaut looks to Malaysia for alternative cocoa sources

Ambitious growth targets are fuelling leading chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut’s strategy to source cocoa from regions other than West Africa, with Malaysia the focus of the first stage of its...

Cocoa compounds may ease exercise-related heart function

Consumption of a beverage rich in cocoa flavanols may boost blood flow to the muscles and ease the demands on the heart during exercising, says a new study from Australia.

Cargill calls for harmonized fair trade cocoa schemes

As Cargill expands its cocoa farmer training programme in the Ivory Coast this month, we caught up with managing director of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, Harold Poelma, to hear about...

Cocoa speculators damaging industry, German producers

The German confectionery industry has expressed concern over the fluctuation in the price of its key raw ingredient, cocoa, as a result of speculation.

Study thickens the science of cocoa’s heart benefits

Regular consumption of cocoa flavanols may decrease blood pressure in people with mild hypertension, but only at high doses, says a new study from Australia.

Cocoa prices dip on reports of buoyant supply

Cocoa futures in New York hit their lowest price since September yesterday on signs of increased production in Ivory Coast, which is the leading global supplier.

Divine buys up first Sierra Leone Fairtrade cocoa shipment

The first shipment of Fairtrade certified cocoa by farmers based in Sierra Leone has been bought by Divine Chocolate, a company co-owned by cocoa farmers in Ghana.

New test improves control of chocolate origins

A simple test of volatile compounds in chocolate may serve as chemical tracers to enable better traceability of cocoa and inform consumers of the countries of origin, say French researchers.

Cocoa power project gets green light

A trial by chocolate maker Lindt USA to supply cocoa bean shells to a fuel burning facility to produce ‘green’ power is now being implemented officially following approval by the...

Sugar and stevia join forces to cut calories

PureCircle and Imperial Sugar have launched a joint venture to offer sugar and stevia combinations to the food and beverage industry as it looks to meet consumer demand for natural...

Training scheme aiding sustainable choc supply, Cargill

Cocoa bean crop quality and yield is benefiting from a farmer training programme in the Ivory Coast, which is set to be extended to a wider number of farmer cooperatives...

Sugar Policy Alliance renews call for increased imports

The Sugar Policy Alliance has renewed its call for Congress to revise sugar policy as strict import quotas have reduced the availability of refined sugar, thereby inflating prices, the organization...

Layered gels may help sugar reduction

By controlling the distribution of sugar in a gelled product, the overall sugar concentration may be lowered without affecting the perceived sweetness, says a new study from Sweden.

Insurance payout boosts profits for Imperial Sugar

Imperial Sugar has posted a leap in profits for the first quarter of fiscal 2010 on the back of a one-off insurance payout following the company’s deadly Port Wentworth refinery...

Roquette gains further maltitol patent protection in the US

A US District Court has ruled that no dry form of maltitol from Yucheng Lujian Biological Co. or its associated companies may enter the US, in the latest chapter of...

Senomyx and Firmenich to commercialize sucrose enhancer

Firmenich intends to proceed with the commercial development of a Senomyx sweetness enhancer, which could reduce sucrose content by up to 50 percent without reducing perceived sweetness, Senomyx has said.

Green and Black's go 100 per cent Fairtrade

Organic chocolate maker Green & Black's said it is bolstering its commitment to sustainability by moving its entire global food and beverage range worldwide to Fairtrade.

Lindt expects input cost pressures to continue

The drop in demand for premium products in Europe impacted sales for Swiss chocolate maker Lindt & Sprüngli last year and the company expects pressure on margins to continue due...

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