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Novel fibers may blunt blood sugar spikes

Formulating foods with a novel functional fibers may reduce blood sugar spikes after eating, according to a new study.

Tagging system said to boost cocoa traceability

A new tagging system is said to provide enhanced levels of quality control and transparency in a leading cocoa supplier’s production chain to provide assurance to chocolate product manufacturers about...


High fructose corn syrup: A sugar by any other name

Once upon a time sugar was sugar, and sugar was most definitely not good for you. So the Corn Refiners Association move to rebrand high fructose corn syrup as corn...

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PureCircle announces sugar-stevia deal with Nordzucker

Stevia producer PureCircle has announced its third new European alliance in a week, teaming up with Nordzucker to develop and market stevia-sugar combos.

PureCircle and Tereos target Europe and Brazil for sugar/stevia blends

PureCircle has launched a joint venture with the sugar company Tereos to provide sugar/stevia blends to the European market and gain a stronger international presence through Tereos’ Brazilian facilities.

ADM Cocoa’s expansion reflects Eastern European sales focus

ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) Cocoa has appointed new managers to reflect its expansion and Eastern European sales focus, while an announcement on new European research centres is imminent.

Leading scientists welcome Mars backed cocoa genome breakthrough

A breakthrough in cocoa genetics by a collaboration involving Mars, USDA and IBM will accelerate research into the production of trees that can better resist drought, disease and pests, and...

Hershey's cocoa sourcing held to account

Hershey lags behind its competitors when it comes to purchasing cocoa that has been certified to meet certain labour, social, and environmental standards, argues four non-governmental organisations in a highly...

Cargill looks to tackle child labour in cocoa growing

Cargill said its planned investment of $5m over the next three years in sustainable cocoa initiatives will help address the worst forms of child labour in cocoa growing communities in...

Deal sees Barry Callebaut double existing business with Kraft

Industrial chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut has secured a key, long-term supply contract with Kraft Foods, which will see the Swiss firm invest €51m to expand production capacity in North America,...

Heavy rains hit Indonesian cocoa exports

Cocoa bean exports were hit for the first time in four months as heavy rains damaged crops and disrupted transport, according to the Indonesian Cocoa Association.

Maltitol has good digestive tolerance: study

Maltitol is better tolerated then previous reported, and could be used as a sugar replacer in a wide range of food products - according to new research.

Cocoa initiative to boost farmer incomes and supply, claims Kraft

Kraft said work conducted by the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership initiative in Ghana will see more cocoa farmer organisations becoming Fairtrade certified by the end of 2010, to ensure sustainability of...

Healthy cocoa butter alternatives show novel food applications

Sustainable, healthy, cost-effective cocoa butter equivalents may be produced from enriched sunflower oils, and enable formulation of chocolates with higher melting points.

Olam to build cocoa processing plant in Ivory Coast

Olam International is planning to invest $43.5m to build its first, large greenfield cocoa processing plant in the Ivory Coast as well as additional primary processing and warehouse facilities.

News in brief

Fair trade cocoa could protect against price volatility, analyst

Opting for fair trade cocoa could be one way for food firms to protect themselves against price volatility for the commodity, according to an industry analyst.

AAK spies ongoing growth in cocoa butter alternatives

Specialist fat supplier reports strong growth in cocoa butter alternatives, sustaining an increase in operating profits in spite of growing market uncertainty.

Cocoa bean speculation is causing price volatility, analyst

Recent cocoa bean price volatility is due in large part to hedge funds attracted by quick returns taking short-term positions on the commodity, according to a leading analyst.

Court blocks planting of GM sugar beets pending assessment

A federal judge ruled on Friday that genetically modified (GM) sugar beets should not be planted or processed until the US Department of Agriculture has carried out a thorough assessment...

Sweetener users welcome early sugar quota announcement

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has set sugar import tariff-rate quotas for the 2011 fiscal year – including extra specialty sugar “to accommodate a rapidly expanding organic food sector”, USDA said.

Cocoa goes lower as signs supply pressure may ease

Cocoa fell to a three month low in London on signs that supplies in the world’s biggest producer countries would be boosted by the better crop husbandry initiated over the...

Soluble cocoa fibre could replace muffin fat

Replacing some of the original fat in muffins with soluble cocoa fibre could help manufacturers boost the health profile of their products, says a new Spanish study.

Cocoa smuggling undermines Ghana’s aim to boost production

Ghana’s drive to boost cocoa production to 1m tonnes by 2012, is being frustrated by smugglers, warn government agencies.

Large cocoa purchase to have negligible impact on choc industry, ICCO

The reported purchase of 240,100 tonnes of cocoa on the London futures market by a sole trader will not impact hugely on supply to industry, as cocoa processors have already...

Cocoa bean grind up in US and Europe

North American cocoa bean grind in the second quarter of 2010 again showed double digit gains from the same quarter a year ago, according to data from the US National...

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