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Barry Callebaut Food Manufacturers

 Barry Callebaut 'Food Manufacturers' is the world's major manufacturer of high-quality cocoa, chocolate, chocolate related-products, fillings, inclusions and decorations for all sorts of applications. These include chocolate confectionery, ice-cream and desserts, chocolate dairy, biscuits and bakery, breakfast and snacking and sugar confectionery. Consumers are increasingly concerned about health issues, whilst at the same time not wanting to give up their indulgences. Barry Callebaut is able to meet such emerging demands by offering health and wellbeing chocolates like chocolate without added sugar, chocolate without milk or lactose ingredients etc... There are also certified products such as fairtrade, organic and kosher. With Barry Callebaut chocolates, health and indulgence can go hand in hand. 
 But there's more to Barry Callebaut than just our products. Our approach is to establish close working partnerships with our customers, so that together we can create products which exceed consumers' expectations. The expertise we have built up means that rather than just understanding the trends in our customers' markets, we can often anticipate them. R&D has always been one of our strengths and we have introduced many innovative products into a wide variety of markets.This is where our partnership approach really pays off. We don't simply help our customers by supplying their chosen ingredients, we can also offer support and advice about taste formulations, production processes and the many other aspects required for successful product development. 
 We have production sites all around the world and thousands of employees dedicated to providing our customers with nothing but the finest products and solutions. 
 Over the past 155 years, the company has built up unrivalled experience in every area of chocolate making, from sourcing the best cocoa beans to creating and producing top quality finished chocolate and chocolate-based products. 
 Our core values are customer focus, passion, entrepreneurship, team spirit and integrity.

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