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Buhler Group

Buhler is the global specialist and technology partner in the supply of plants and services for the cocoa, chocolate and coffee industry.
As partner in solutions and providers of technically demanding and innovative components, systems and process plants, the Buhler name stands for high standards of technical progress and productivity.

From cocoa to chocolate.
The Buhler Technology Group’s Chocolate & Cocoa business unit has developed optimal solutions for the nut, cocoa, and chocolate industries for over 100 years. With the total knowledge and combined capabilities of Buhler, Buhler Barth and Buhler Bindler we offer a seamless range of products and services from the raw cocoa beans to the finest chocolate specialties:

- Cocoa and nuts (cocoa powder production, cocoa mass production, nut processing)
- Chocolate (chocolate mass production, moulding of chocolate articles)
- Specialty masses (filling masses, compounds, rework masses)
Coffee - Technology for exquisite coffee specialties.
Together with the Italian roasting specialist Petroncini Impianti SpA, Buhler covers the entire range of coffee production. Espresso, filter and Turkish coffee are just three of the various popular ways of enjoying this caffeinated beverage.
We offer coffee processing companies not only our roller mill technology, which ensures an optimal particle size distribution of the ground coffee, but also a wide range of plant and equipment for all coffee processing operations – from handling and roasting to grinding.

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