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GEA, Niro, Siemens in $30m auction selling off food processing equipment

A large-scale equipment auction is selling off barely used machinery from GEA, Niro, Siemens and other big names.

Auction at Nestle plant offers sweet deals

Auctioneer Harry Davis & Co. is auctioning off assets from an old Nestle facility in MN, promising a wide range of processing equipment at bargain prices.

New method to measure chocolate’s cocoa content

Researchers are touting a new process to measure the cocoa content of chocolate that requires no sample preparations or chemicals.

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Duyvis Wiener acquires Thouet

Dutch headquartered equipment supplier Royal Duyvis Wiener has acquired German firm Thouet Maschinenbau.

Software helps food firms wrestle with supply chain challenges

ToolsGroup offers software designed to help food and beverage processing firms improve supply-chain and sales/operations planning.

Cold-storage humidification sanitizes, disinfects

Smart Fog has launched a new cold-storage humidification system that sanitizes and disinfects at the same time.

Just Born goes landfill free through energy-to-waste method

US confectioner Just Born is reusing or recycling all waste at its headquarters and main production plant after finding a solution to convert a portion of previously unrecyclable waste into energy.

Burton’s invests in real-time monitoring ‘first’ for biscuit industry

UK-based Burton’s Biscuit Company claims to be piloting the first real-time control room technology for the biscuit industry as part of major supply chain investments.


Enrobing for variety: The fast and the decorative

Enrobing is fast and arms manufacturers with the ability to create varied, decorative confections that appeal to the ever-demanding consumer, a leading industry consultant says.


Kraft files patent for multi-purpose gum rollers

Kraft Foods (now Mondelez) has filed a patent for a chewing gum manufacturing process that can form the gum mass while cooling or heating at the same time.

Special Edition - Flexible and high-speed candy making

SMEs, Nestlé and Valor in ultrasound chocolate tempering project

A group of small-to-medium-sized enterprises along with multinationals Nestlé and Valor have embarked on a project to improve chocolate tempering using ultrasound.

Nestlé and Bosch woo food processing recruits

Nestlé has teamed up with Bosch Packaging Technology and trade body the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) to recruit young talent for the UK food and drink manufacturing industry.

Temper chocolate masses with inclusions in one machine, says Rasch

German equipment supplier Rasch says that chocolate makers can keep inclusions such as whole nuts and raisins in the chocolate mix during tempering without having to separate them.

Air velocity indirectly impacts cocoa browning during roasting: Study

Temperature and its duration have the biggest impact on the browning of cocoa beans during roasting, but air velocity also indirectly influences the process, a study finds.

Candy factory worker has hand crushed

A UK confectionery manufacturer has been fined for safety breaches after a worker's hand was crushed in machinery, another case in which inadequate machine guard measures proved a factor.

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Duyvis Wiener: Continuous liquid conch saves on time, energy and space

Royal Duyvis Wiener and Lehmann’s new continuous liquid conch saves time, energy and space for chocolate manufacturers, its international sales manager says.

Rethinking sandwich cream processing after trans fat removal

Manufacturers must rethink production of sandwich creams for bakery fillings and biscuits after a trend to remove trans fatty acids and reduce saturated fatty acids has affected the consistency of the final product, according to equipment firm SPX.

Compound chocolate growth to outstrip ‘real’ chocolate, says Bühler

The global market for compound chocolate will grow faster than regular chocolate, according to equipment supplier Bühler which is gearing up to launch a smaller capacity compound chocolate processing machine to capitalize on the area.

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Sollich: ‘Within 3-5 years Africa will become an interesting market’

Chocolate processor Sollich will target Africa as its next market; a region that will become very interesting over the next 3-5 years, its executive director said.

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Confectioners favoring healthier bars over chocolate, says Bosch

Processing and packaging supplier Bosch has reported a fall in the number of enquires to make traditional chocolate bars using its equipment as customers opt for healthier options such as grain-based bars and sugar-free chocolate.

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