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ProSweets 2013 Cologne

Duyvis Wiener: Continuous liquid conch saves on time, energy and space

Royal Duyvis Wiener and Lehmann’s new continuous liquid conch saves time, energy and space for chocolate manufacturers, its international sales manager says.

Rethinking sandwich cream processing after trans fat removal

Manufacturers must rethink production of sandwich creams for bakery fillings and biscuits after a trend to remove trans fatty acids and reduce saturated fatty acids has affected the consistency of the final product, according to equipment firm SPX.

Compound chocolate growth to outstrip ‘real’ chocolate, says Bühler

The global market for compound chocolate will grow faster than regular chocolate, according to equipment supplier Bühler which is gearing up to launch a smaller capacity compound chocolate processing machine to capitalize on the area.

ProSweets 2013 Cologne

Sollich: ‘Within 3-5 years Africa will become an interesting market’

Chocolate processor Sollich will target Africa as its next market; a region that will become very interesting over the next 3-5 years, its executive director said.

ProSweets 2013 Cologne

Confectioners favoring healthier bars over chocolate, says Bosch

Processing and packaging supplier Bosch has reported a fall in the number of enquires to make traditional chocolate bars using its equipment as customers opt for healthier options such as grain-based bars and sugar-free chocolate.

ProSweets 2013 Cologne

‘Flexibility was the aim behind R&D’: Carle&Montanari-OPM on new machines

Flexibility was the aim behind Carle&Montanari-OPM’s new launches for chocolate preparation and primary packaging that it showcased at ProSweets, its sales and marketing manager said.

Netzsch does the Rumba to optimise chocolate processing

Netzsch has claimed that it offers an energy efficient chocolate production process as its grinding and liquid-conching processes run simultaneously in different equipment.

Energy use halved with grassroots tempering, says Aasted

Danish equipment supplier Aasted has been exhibiting a chocolate tempering machine at ProSweets in Germany that it claims uses an old process consuming 50% less energy than conventional tempering.

GEA launches speedy freezer concept

GEA Refrigeration Technology is offering manufacturers better quality food quality, longer shelf life and improved capacity with the launch of a High Velocity Freezer (HVF) unit.

Large scale solar food processing under investigation

Large scale solar food processing remains under-exploited, especially in hot countries, according to a study that is due to be published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology.

Conveyor systems offer increased efficiency, claims FleetwoodGoldcoWyard

FleetwoodGoldcoWyard has updated its mini-buffer and multi-lane conveyor systems, claiming they offer improved production line efficiency.

Texture analysis spots candy cane flaws, says equipment firm

Confectionery manufacturers can reduce the breakage of candy canes and compare products to rivals with texture analyzers, according to eqipment supplier Texture Technologies.

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Rising incomes in developing countries driving processing machinery growth, says report

The demand for bakery and confectionery food processing machinery is to increase over the next few years as employment and incomes rise in developing countries, according to Freedonia.

Improved allergen detection in chocolate with extra step, say researchers

Nut traces can be better detected in dark chocolate and biscuits by adding a clean-up step, say Italian researchers.


Anti-microbial air treatment will become ‘important’ hygiene factor - Ecolab

Anti-microbial air treatment systems will become a “very important” hygiene factor in the food manufacturing industry in coming years, Ecolab’s Marcus Ley told reporter Mark Astley.

Rapidly measure cholesterol in confectionery with new method, say researchers

Researchers have developed a method to quickly determine cholesterol levels in chocolate and sandwich-type biscuits that was not previously possible, they claim.

Detectamet rolls out detectable accessories

Detectamet is rolling out a host of detectable accessories for food and drink manufacturers, from tote bin liners to ear plugs and hygienic gloves.

Ground-breaking laminated recycling technology firm commercialises first site

A revolutionary technology that enables the recovery of aluminium from laminated pouches will be demonstrated for the first time on a commercial scale by the end of the year.

Nestlé UK design checks cut accidents by a third since 2009

Nestlé’s confectionery factory in York, UK, has bagged a safety award for a scheme assessing plant design risks that has reduced the frequency of accidents by a third.

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