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Findus tightens supply chain with Intentia software

Findus Sweden has gone live this month with Intentia's Movex supply chain solution. The technology has been integrated with a number of other systems, such as SAP and a mainframe system, to provide the manufacturer with complete control - and knowledge - of the production process.

Thailand races to compete with Asian palm oil giants

After years of Malaysian domination the international palm oil industry is set to become far more competitive. It is common knowledge that the Indonesian palm oil industry is gearing up for increased production, but now Thailand is joining the competition after its agricultural ministry announced plans to develop vast tracts of land previously devoted to rubber plantations.

Fresh market opportunities from new 'decaff' coffee crop

Cheaper processing methods could be on the way for makers of decaffeinated coffee as scientists in Brazil identify naturally growing caffeine-free coffee plants. As the global coffee market remains dogged by rock bottom prices through over supplies, value-added crops could help ease the industry out of the economic crisis.

Arnott 's says it wants to expand in Asia

Leading Australian biscuit manufacturer Arnott's Biscuits, part of the global food giant Campbell Soup, says it wants to expands it presence throughout the Asian region.

F&N moves in on China dairy

The Singapore-based Fraser & Neave group has made its first acquisition in the China dairy market, in a move that aims to tap in on double digit growth, the company reports.

New Dragon Asia expands flour production

New Dragon Asia has acquired the assets of a flour manufacturing facility valued at $1.33 million, located in Penglai City of Shandong Province within the People's Republic of China, which aims to further expand the company's flour production capacity and meet rising consumer needs.

Interbrew buys up Zhejiang brewer

Interbrew has acquired a 70 per cent controlling interest in Zhejiang Shiliang Brewery Company, located in the Yangtze Delta, strengthening its leading in China's Zehjiang province.

Fujian Dali Food builds new China biscuit facility

Leading China biscuit manufacturing Fujian Dali Food says that construction of its new €19 million biscuit factory in Changchun, Jilin Province, is now well underway, moving it closer towards its goal of dominating the biscuit market in northeastern China.

Cooler flour makes for better 'goodies'

Swiss bakery product manufacturer Hug has installed a flour cooling system from Buhler which is said to produce better baking results.

Depositing plant for gum lollies

Three companies have announced a technology that allows the deposit gum bases and incorporate gums into candies and lollipops, which is said to provide new opportunities for the confectionery industry.

Major benefits from APV Baker four-roll dough moulder

A new four-roll dough moulder from APV Baker is said to provide industrial bakers with a number of benefits, not least the extension of product shelf life.

Fonterra looks to China exports for future

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterrra has outlined ambitions to tap in on anticipated growth in demand for dairy imports to China. Speaking at a conference in Auckland today CEO Andrew Ferrier said that the country represented 'considerable long-term opportunities' for the company.

PepsiCo installs business platform to unify operations

US food and beverage giant PepsiCo has installed a primary business platform from SAP to unify its operations, standardise its processes and increase efficiency across all its divisions.

Lock doughweighers for greater baking efficiency

UK industrial baker Warburtons has installed Lock CK1500 doughweighers at its Glasgow and Wakefield production plants with the aim of increasing productivity and reducing costs by eliminating product inconsistencies and minimising dough wastage.

New Coke facility under way

COFCO Coca-Cola Beverage said it has begun construction of a $12 million new production facility in Lanzhou's high technology district, in the central western region of China.

Spiral belt technology from Systemate Numafa

A new spiral belt designed for the cooling and freezing of food products is claimed to substantially cut product waste and increase energy efficiency for production plants. The idea is that food products are less likely to stick on the new plastic belt compared to traditional steel belt systems.

Processors paying the price for push to renewable energy

The promotion of renewable energy is adding significantly to processing costs, according to an industry body that represents major energy consumers such as food packagers and chemical processors.

Rapid cooling of foods information from CCFRA

A review to help chilled and frozen food companies to identify and potentially exploit new technologies for the rapid cooling of foods has been launched.

China's Heilongjiang Jiusan soybean crusher to list and diversify

China's third largest soybean crusher Heilongjiang Jiusan is doubling its output -- to one quarter of the country's total - as it prepares to float on the Hong Kong stock exchange next year.

Better fluid handling for greater plant efficiency

Increasing production efficiency to generate higher profits is the aim of every plant manager. But now manufacturers have to think about their legal obligations to reduce waste and conserve energy. Can new fluid handling technology offer food processors a helping hand, asks Anthony Fletcher.

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