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Why depositing is best for functional confectionery - Baker Perkins

11-Feb-2015 - Consumers purchasing functional or medicated confectionery are doing so for reasons they would consider more important than the simple pleasure of eating sweets.  These range from augmenting their diet for health or fitness reasons to remedies for common ailments such...
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Compact processing for various applications - Bühler technology and services

14-Nov-2014 - Highlights in chocolate mass and compound production include the SmartChocTM and MicroFactoryTM systems, which clearly demonstrate how companies with small production volumes can benefit from Bühler’s vast know-how in chocolate processing. In chocolate moulding, Bühler provides two new solutions of...
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PowerShot™ depositor – precise and flexible. - Bühler technology and services

20-Oct-2014 - The PowerShot™ depositor is powerful and multifunctional. The system can be variably integrated into any plant type and is a flexible solution for customers that frequently change articles or mass and want to achieve a high throughput at maximum availability....
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ChocoMaster™ Compact – attractively priced - Bühler technology and services

13-Oct-2014 - The ChocoMaster™ Compact is a flexible and efficient chain conveyor moulding line for midrange capacities (500–2,500 kg/h) of solid- and one-shot filled articles. The plant meets all the requirements for manufacturing high-quality products and is suitable for solid tablets, bars and...
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New chocolate emulsifier puts the squeeze on costs - Palsgaard

08-Oct-2014 - With the price of cocoa butter skyrocketing the chocolate industry’s profit margins are squeezed more tightly than ever. Management asks if all possible savings have been identified in their company’s recipes. And they’re keen to explore new cost saving opportunities....
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SmartChoc™– smart, compact process solution - Bühler technology and services

06-Oct-2014 - When it comes to producing chocolate, Bühler sets the benchmark for technology innovations with exceptionally cost-efficient processes. For small-batch production of compound masses, Bühler developed SmartChoc™. For manufacturing chocolate masses in small batches, Bühler developed the extended SmartChoc™ Plus with an...
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Solutions which will bring you a step ahead. - Bühler technology and services

22-Sep-2014 - Companies with smaller production volumes can now benefit from Bühler’s vast expertise in chocolate processing. New highlights in chocolate mass and compound production include the SmartChocTM system with bead mill, mixer and conche as well as the MicroFactoryTM system, which...
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Chocolate moulding. Flexible and energy-efficient - Bühler technology and services

28-Apr-2014 - In chocolate moulding, Bühler will show the new ChocoMaster™ Compact moulding line. The ChocoMaster™ Compact is a chain conveyor moulding line for midrange capacities (500–2,500 kg/h) of solid- and one-shot filled articles. With this new production line, Bühler has the right production...
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Compact processing solutions for chocolate. - Bühler technology and services

07-Apr-2014 - New highlights in chocolate mass and compound production include the SmartChocTM and MicroFactoryTM systems, which clearly demonstrate how companies with small production volumes can benefit from Bühler’s vast know-how in chocolate mass processing. In chocolate moulding, Bühler will show a...
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Setting new standards in food safety. - Bühler technology and services

24-Mar-2014 - As a global technology partner for the processing of cocoa and chocolate Bühler is showing new and proven solutions – executed according to latest hygienic design standards. With its mixer ShearMixTM and the new version of its two-roll refiner PreFinerTM,...
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Bühler – more than 10 trend setting innovations. - Bühler technology and services

13-Jan-2014 - Bühler will feature solutions for the production of cocoa, chocolate, nuts, coffee, and breakfast cereals as well as for drying and sorting of various materials. In addition to technologies, one area of special interest will be Bühler’s global service offerings...
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A Unique Way to Develop New Confectionery Products - Baker Perkins

01-Apr-2013 - Hard candy, soft confectionery and lollipop makers are developing new products and evaluating equipment using the expertise and resources in the Baker Perkins Innovation Centre. Watch our video to see how this facility could help your next project
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Maximising Output of High-Quality Confectionery - Baker Perkins

21-Mar-2013 - Depositing technology has many advantages over traditional methods of producing sugar confectionery including high-quality, innovative products, low production costs and flexible manufacturing.The cooking, depositing and cooling equipment is all modular enabling high-output lines to be assembled that employ exactly the...
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Understanding the latest requirements from GFSI - EAGLE Product Inspection

14-Mar-2013 - The safety and quality of food have always been important, but recent contamination crises, along with well-publicized product recalls, have heightened public scrutiny of food manufacturers and awareness of product safety.
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A clean solution - Chocolate Production with NETZSCH - NETZSCH

01-Mar-2013 - The innovative CHOCOEASY® – system RUMBA designed by NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH offers a maximum profitability, flexibility and efficiency in chocolate mass production.
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ChocoStar™ Compact – reliable technology at an attractive price - Buhler

25-Jun-2012 - The new ChocoStar Compact is a modular moulding line designed for highest flexibility and efficiency. This new line is based on reliable technologies which ensure high quality of the final article. Thanks to the modular design the ChocoStar Compact will...
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New Ishida multihead gives confectionery packer greater flexibility - Ishida Europe

28-May-2012 - A new 20-head Ishida R-Series multihead can be readily adapted to mix products in a range of ratios for confectionery packing. Equally at home handling short bursts of intense activity or operating with relentless reliability over very large product runs,...
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CHOCOEASY® - Welcome to the Future of Chocolate Production - NETZSCH

12-Dec-2011 - NETZSCH’s ChocoEasy® enables chocolate makers of any size to cost effectively manufacture all varieties of chocolate from scratch. Released from their traditional dependence on large chocolate suppliers, confectioners are now free to create their own chocolate recipes.
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Hänsel Processing: STRADA® 2000 - high performance forming line - Hänsel Processing

14-Nov-2011 - Suitable not only for medical candies - packed in blister - is the STRADA® forming line for seamless and highly centre-filled hard candy products. Advantages of both rotary and chain dies are combined and contribute to the manufacturing of high...
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Hänsel Processing´s Fondant Beating Machine HFD III - Hänsel Processing

24-Oct-2011 - The fondant beating machine HFD III is appropriate especially for high quality fondant with very smooth and uniform crystal structure. In a modular construction it has a capacity of 80 to 3600 kg/h of fondant. The high quality is achieved...

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