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Emerging Markets

Fast growing economies such as Brazil, India, Russia and China present big growth prospects for confectioners. Stay on the pulse of multinationals' moves into these markets and keep up to pace with local players here.

Cadbury India taps into health trend with glucose bar

Tapping into the health and wellness trend, Cadbury is targeting the youth market in India with an energy glucose containing chocolate wafer bar.

Choc makers should look to China and India, says report

Developing regions will drive demand in the global chocolate sector which is predicted to have the fastest rate of growth of the global confectionery market during 2009 and 2013.

Revealed: The secrets of successful food packaging

Successful food packaging should be attractive, transparent, safe, functional and environmentally friendly, according to German engineering company Kautex Maschinenbau.

Nestle steps up green packaging drive for seasonal confectionery

Nestle UK is making its Christmas selection boxes entirely recyclable as part of a campaign to improve the green credentials of seasonal confectionery.

French packaging law could wreck EU food marketing and logistics

A new French law threatens supply chain efficiencies in the packaged goods sector and could create new trade barriers in the EU internal market, warns the European Organisation for Packaging...

BASF partners with Brazilian researchers for higher yield sugarcane

BASF has entered into partnership with a Brazilian research centre to develop genetically modified sugarcane with higher yields and greater tolerance to drought.

Cargill’s NatureWorks take sugar-derived plastics to Brazil

Cargill is to introduce its Ingeo bioplastics to Brazil, offering the food, cosmetics and other industries a new packaging material derived from sugar instead of petroleum.

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Nestle joins group to sponsor bioplastics research for food packaging

Nestle has signed up to a joint venture to sponsor research into bioplastics with the aim of developing materials adapted to the food packaging segment on a large scale

US extends antidumping duty on saccharin from China

The United States has extended an antidumping duty order on saccharin from China, after a review concluded that cheaper imports of the sweetener would damage the domestic market.

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Cadbury mulls India cocoa supply strategy

UK-based Cadbury is hoping to extend its presence in India with the confectioner reportedly set to use the country as a major regional production centre for its cocoa supplies.

Bioplastics industry not fearing downturn packaging hit

As food and drink manufacturers continue to find new uses for bioplastics in their packaging, processor attitudes to innovation remain just as important as cost efficiency in regards to challenges...

Carton packaging is the most eco-friendly claims study

Cartons are the most environmentally friendly form of packaging cutting carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel consumption by up to 60 per cent compared with other forms of packaging, according...

Indian company launches two new inks for food packaging

Indian company Tirupati Inks has launched two new inks specially designed for food packaging applications that are said to provide the same qualities and properties as the solvent base inks.

China opens new food test lab

The first food-testing laboratory in China recognised to reach international standards for pesticide screenings, melamine and heavy metal testing and microbiological analyses, was opened last month by Eurofins in Suzhou.

Unilever finds strength in emerging markets and innovation

Unilever’s activities in the developing and emerging markets and the US have proved key to growth in Q1, but private label presents a challenge to brands.

UK food sector seeks eco incentives and skills push

Fiscal measures to support the UK food and drink manufacturing industry through the economic downturn as well as stimulus package to help the sector continue to reduce its environmental impact...

Barry C and Bunge team-up to extend Brazilian operations

Pod-to-pallet chocolate maker Barry Callebaut is set to extend B2B operations in Brazil's emerging market, with a new plant in the pipeline, and a distribution deal inked with agro-giant Bunge...

Bioplastic switch for Easter egg packaging to power 350,000 homes

Switching Easter egg packaging to a biodegradable plastic made from corn starch could save enough energy to power 350,000 homes, claims a developer of a corn-based plastic.

Cost savings identified in carbon label move for shortbread

Mindful of its carbon footprint, Mey Selections is the first consumer goods company in Scotland to gain a carbon reduction label following data-mining efforts to pinpoint carbon emissions along...

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Local MP joins Cadbury in packaging pledge

Riding the environmental ticket, UK conservative MP Tim Loughton this week joined Cadbury and the National Trust to cut down on packaging as foil-filled Easter approaches.

Innovation platform could optimise packaging

A call to action to the global industry to send examples of sustainable packaging technology from primary, secondary and tertiary packaging to innovative machinery, distribution and IT systems has been...

Green chocolate packaging takes SCA award

A project that optimises the use of a single packaging material - corrugated board - and facilitates recycling has been chosen as the winner of SCA Packaging’s ‘Design Challenge’

Dispatches from IFE

Madagascar unrest raises interest in Indian vanilla

The political unrest in Madagascar, the world’s leading producer of vanilla, has highlighted the need for ingredients companies to diversify supply and eyes have turned to India as an alternative...

Metal packaging innovation confers eco-friendly opportunities for premium biscuits

A raft of new container designs from US firm Crown speciality packaging target premium biscuit makers with an eye on eco-friendly packaging materials.

Thorntons cuts Easter egg packaging weight

Efforts by industry to slash Easter egg packaging continue with UK confectioner Thorntons announcing savings of 22 per cent across its core product range.

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