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India ready to send huge quantities of non-GMO emulsifiers to Europe

Adani Wilmar, one of the largest soy producers in South Asia, has gained non-GMO soya lecithin certification, which it will use to provide the European food industry with 30 tonnes...

Mondelez will struggle to topple Mars in China and Russia – analyst

Kraft’s global snacks spin-off Mondelez will face fierce competition from the likes of Mars and Nestlé in the emerging confectionery markets of China and Russia, according to an analyst from...

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Ferrero starts Kinder Surprise production in Russia

Italian confectioner Ferrero has begun producing Kinder Surprise in Russia, the company has confirmed.

THE MONDELEZ SERIES – Gum & Candy strategy

Mondelez plans lower price points and China focus for gum and candy category

Kraft Foods’ global snacks spin-off Mondelez International will focus on penetrating the Chinese market and will introduce lower price points for gum as it looks to reinvigorate the ailing gum...

Kraft launches first gum brand in China with Stride

Kraft Foods has introduced its first chewing gum brand to the Chinese market with Stride Gum as it looks to put pressure on market leader Wrigley.

Hershey sets up Indian subsidiary after ending Godrej joint venture

The Hershey Company has agreed a deal to buy Godrej Industries 49% stake in the two companies’ Indian joint venture and has announced plans to set up its own subsidiary:...

The Mondelez Series - New confectionery powerhouse

BRIC markets to drive growth for Kraft’s Mondelez spin-off

The developing markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China will drive sales for Kraft’s global snacks business Mondelez International, according to CEO Irene Rosenfeld.

Indian schools to ban junk food in 2013

Junk food will be banned from sale in and around Indian schools after India’s food agency indicated it would follow guidance from a local court to restrict their availability.

Brazil orders Nestlé to label GM products

A court in Brazil has ordered Nestlé to impose mandatory labelling for all its products in the country highlighting more than 1% genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

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Bug-infested cocoa shipment forces Brazil to suspend Ivorian imports – reports

Brazil has temporarily suspended imports from the world’s biggest cocoa grower Ivory Coast after bugs were found in a 10,000 tonne cocoa shipment, according to reports.

Kraft investigates ‘worm-infested’ Cadbury éclair in China

Cadbury parent company Kraft Foods has responded to allegations from a Chinese newspaper that a piece of Choclairs from a Beijing supermarket contained a worm.

Mars opens €80m chocolate factory in Russia

Mars has opened a €80m (RUB 3.3bn) chocolate factory in Russia’s Ulyanovsk region as it looks to capture a greater share of the highest value BRIC chocolate market.

Natra grows Asian presence with new supply contract in China

Spanish chocolate and cocoa processor Natra has signed a Belgian chocolate supply contract in China with an unnamed distributor that it says will boost sales in the market by 70%...

Sustainability expert on enviro-friendly confectionery packaging speaks to Innovia Films’ sustainability head about the latest trends in green confectionery packaging.

Biscuits, chocolate and developing markets drive growth for Kraft in Q1

Kraft Foods is off to a solid start to 2012 in its first quarter (Q1) results driven by sales growth in global biscuits and chocolate and strong performance in emerging markets.

Hershey denies Godrej split in India

The Hershey Company has dismissed reports that it is set to sell its 51% stake in its Indian joint venture with the Godrej Group and tackle the market alone.

ExxonMobil touts energy saving claims for food grade lubricants caught up with Dr Ian Davidson of ExxonMobil at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne last week to talk about new energy saving claims the company is making for its range...

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Easter Egg packaging now fully recyclable - Nestlé

Nestlé UK and Ireland has claimed it is the first major confectioner to make Easter egg packaging 100% recyclable.

Active and intelligent packaging public database launches

The first public version of a new database for active and intelligent packaging (AIP) innovations that aims to give small and medium enterprises (SME) free access to the groundbreaking technology...

Economic downturn and Chinese exports hit Europe’s alufoil output

European aluminium foil (alufoil) output fell in 2011 as the economic downturn and a surge in imports from China combined to give the industry a tough 12 months.

Power brands and BRIC countries drive growth for Kraft in 2011

Kraft Foods has posted growth in its 2011 results driven by strong performance for its power brands and BRIC and European markets.

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Vonpar grows in vacuum left by Nestle and Kraft with new Brazilian chocolate factory

Vonpar has announced plans to build a €51.9m (R $118m) chocolate production facility in Brazil for its Neugebauer business as it aims to plug market gaps left by giants Nestle...

Edible food packaging is the future, Harvard developer claims

US scientists have developed a food packaging technology that could eliminate the need for plastic containers, and the lead developer told that it could hit the market inside 12...


Nestle lined up for Sustainable Packaging conference

William Reed Business Media invites you to participate in a virtual event focussed on cutting packaging waste, reducing environmental impact and driving costs down for manufacturers

Sun sets in East: Emerging markets deliver for Nestle in 2011

Food giant Nestle has recorded modest growth in 2011 driven by strong performance in China and other emerging markets leading its CEO to say wealth potential is moving from West...

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