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Chocolate giant submits cocoa flavanol-blood health claim to EFSA

Barry Callebaut has submitted an article 13.5 health claim dossier to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) linking cocoa flavanols and healthy blood flow.

Long term studies needed before dark chocolate health link established – study

The flavonoid epicatechin that is present in dark chocolate could be used to treat human diseases, but studies to date have been too small and longer controlled tests are required,...

Confectionery NPD ‘lacks quality’; health claims need to be specific – analyst

Confectionery sales in Europe dwindle as new product developments (NPD) have not met consumer preferences which demands more definite health claims, according to an analyst at Mintel.

Novel bakery and confectionery blends with URC technology - Taura

Taura has launched an ingredients range that it claims allows manufactures to combine 100% ultra rapid concentrated (URC) fruit and vegetables with other ingredients for the first time in premium...

Novel Foods Exclusive

First yeast-derived beta glucan approved as novel food in EU

Health ingredients firm Biothera has been granted novel foods approval in the EU for its immune health ingredient yeast beta glucan and said there were prospects for manufacturers in a...

Cocoa compounds show joint health potential

Flavonoid compounds in cocoa may reduce inflammation associated with arthritis in lab animals, says a new study with possible implications for joint health.

Antioxidant-rich cocoa shows short-term heart benefits: Harvard review

Eating antioxidant-rich cocoa products may improve blood pressure and boost levels of good cholesterol, according to a meta-analysis of studies.

News in brief

Nordic Sugar resubmits sugar beet constipation claims to EFSA

The Danish group Nordic Sugar has resubmitted to article 13.5, emerging and proprietary science health claim submissions linking sugar beet fibre consumption and digestive health benefits to the European Food...

Systematic review: Chocolate can reduce heart disease risk by a third

A Cambridge University-led systematic review published today in the British Medical Journal has concluded that polyphenol-rich chocolate consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease by a third.

Dark chocolate/cocoa effective for cholesterol improvements: Meta-analysis

Consuming polyphenol-rich dark chocolate or cocoa products may reduce total and LD cholesterol levels, but has no effect on HDL levels, according to a meta-analysis of 10 clinical trials.

Cocoa’s benefits linked to anti-inflammatory potential: Human data

The potential health benefits of cocoa polyphenols may be linked to their anti-inflammatory potential, suggests data from a human study from the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Cocoa extracts may benefit cholesterol levels: Study

A combination of cocoa and skimmed milk may beneficially affect cholesterol levels in the blood, according to new data from Spain.

Demand for ethical and luxury products to fuel global confectionery growth, analyst

Continued growth in the global confectionery market will be driven by increased demand for ethical and functional products in mature regions, and a rise in disposable income in emerging markets,...

Dark chocolate may combat exercise-induced oxidative stress

Consuming flavonoid-rich dark chocolate prior to exercise may decrease the potential muscle damaging effects of oxidative stress, suggests a new study.

Hershey: Cocoa polyphenols show weight management potential

Extracts from cocoa may block carbohydrate and lipid breakdown in the gut, and aid weight management, says a new study from Hershey.

Nutrigenomics shows blood pressure benefits of cocoa

The potential of polyphenol compounds in cocoa to reduce blood pressure is related to genotype, suggests a new nutrigenomic study that deepens our understanding of the cardiovascular benefits of cocoa.

Study flags up oxidative stress reduction benefits of cocoa

New research from Spain finds that polyphenol-enriched cocoa powder could be used as a functional ingredient to reduce oxidative stress in the elderly.

Chocolate is the new super fruit, claim Hershey scientists

Cocoa powder and dark chocolate has equivalent polyphenol content and greater antioxidant and flavanol content than various super fruits, claims a new study by research scientists based at the Hershey...

Scientists identify cocoa’s ‘novel mechanism’ for heart benefits

The potential heart health benefits of polyphenol-rich cocoa powder may be related to a ‘novel mechanism’ of boosting HDL (good) cholesterol, says a new study from Japan.

Polyphenol-rich choc may ease chronic fatigue symptoms: Study

Consumption of a flavanol-rich chocolate product may ease the symptoms of chronic fatigue, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Hull in England.

EFSA strikes a blow against cocoa health claims

The European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) has struck a blow to the confectionery industry by saying there is not enough evidence to support a link between cocoa flavanols and...

Defatted cocoa powder ‘best compromise’ for low-fat choc: Nestle

Formulating reduced fat chocolate using defatted cocoa powder may indeed by the ‘best compromise’ for confectionery producers, says a new study from Nestlé Product Technology.

Red palm oil shows functional chocolate potential

Adding red palm olein to chocolate spread could boost its antioxidant power and nutrient availability, according to new research published in the journal Food Chemistry.

High-flavanol cocoa repairs blood vessels in CVD patients - Mars

Cocoa flavanols could improve poor blood vessel function in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), according to research by a team of researchers, including scientists from confectionery maker, Mars Inc.

Chocolate could lower cholesterol for CVD risk group, study

Short-term cocoa consumption can significantly lower blood cholesterol, but only in modest quantities and only in those with risk factors for heart diseases, according to a meta-analysis of randomised controlled...

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