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Eating chocolate produces Nobel prize winners, says study

Brain power equals chocolate squared according to a study that says countries with high chocolate consumption produce more Nobel Laureates.

Cocoa flavanols give snail brains a boost

Cocoa flavanols found in dark chocolate called epicatechin can improve the memories of snails, according to researchers.

Study backs chocolate for stroke prevention

Consuming a ‘moderate’ amount of chocolate each week could be associated with lower risk of developing stroke, according to new research from Sweden.

“Critical breakthrough”: 12 labs validate new cocoa-flavanol measurement method

A multi-centre collaboration between academia and industry has confirmed a new validation method for cocoa flavanols and procyanidins that study backer Mars says could have, “far-reaching implications for researchers and consumers.”...

Dark chocolate could reduce heart disease risk, says study

Cocoa compounds found in dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure in the short term and could help guard against cardiovascular disease, according to a recently released study.

Chocolate linked to improved brain performance

Chocolate can improve brain functioning and mood, according to scientific review assessing over 100 previous studies linking chocolate to health benefits.

EFSA health claim

Callebaut’s cocoa health claim win ‘encouraging’ for chocolate industry

Barry Callebaut has received a positive opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for a health claim linking cocoa to improved blood flow in news that has been welcomed...

EFSA health claim opinions

Barry Callebaut wins article 13.5 chocolate-blood circulation claim; probiotic, rhodiola rejected

Swiss chocolate processor Barry Callebaut has won an article 13.5 health claim from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for a dossier linking cocoa flavanols and blood circulation.

Boost chocolate functionality with freeze-dried raspberry leaf, say researchers

Manufacturers can up the antioxidant content in chocolate with a freeze dried raspberry leaf extract with minimal impact on texture and mouth-feel, according to a study.

Kraft develops quality preserving low-calorie chocolate method

Cadbury owner Kraft Foods has filed an international patent for a process to make low-calorie chocolate that it claims can maintain texture and quality while extending shelf-life.

Lycotec develops ingredient for weight management and cholesterol lowering chocolate

Biotec firm Lycotec has developed an ingredient for chocolate and other fat-based foods that it claims can help consumers to manage their weight and reduce blood cholesterol.

Dark chocolate consumption linked with heart benefits

Consumption of dark chocolate could help to shrink the risk of heart disease in people with metabolic syndrome, according to new scientific data.

Limonene can improve quality of reduced fat chocolate – study

The oil extract limonene can improve the final product quality of reduced fat chocolate, according to researchers.

Chocolate fails to improve motor function despite increased consumption by Parkinson’s sufferers

Dark chocolate and cocoa ingredients do not improve motor function for those with Parkinson’s disease despite increased consumption among those with the disease, according to a study.

Cacao & soy compounds show heart health benefits for diabetic women: Study

Supplementation with cacao-flavonoids and soy isoflavones may improve levels of biomarkers of heart disease in postmenopausal, diabetic women, says a new study.

Functional health ingredients fail to take off in confectionery - Leatherhead

Functional health ingredients have failed to move into mainstream confectionery and have not penetrated the market as expected, according to a report from Leatherhead Food Research.

Have your cake and eat it: Chocolate consumption linked to lower BMI

People who consume chocolate frequently may have lower body mass index (BMI) values, suggests ‘intriguing’ data from the University of California, San Diego.

Cocoa can be the new cranberry, says food marketing guru

Cocoa and its extracts have the potential to rival the success of cranberries as healthful powerhouses, especially if a recently applied for European Union health claim is approved this year,...

10 key trends for chocolate products

Ethically responsible companies catering to health-conscious consumers with clean-label premium products are likeliest to win, according to a market analyst.

Chocolate giant submits cocoa flavanol-blood health claim to EFSA

Barry Callebaut has submitted an article 13.5 health claim dossier to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) linking cocoa flavanols and healthy blood flow.

Long term studies needed before dark chocolate health link established – study

The flavonoid epicatechin that is present in dark chocolate could be used to treat human diseases, but studies to date have been too small and longer controlled tests are required,...

Confectionery NPD ‘lacks quality’; health claims need to be specific – analyst

Confectionery sales in Europe dwindle as new product developments (NPD) have not met consumer preferences which demands more definite health claims, according to an analyst at Mintel.

Novel bakery and confectionery blends with URC technology - Taura

Taura has launched an ingredients range that it claims allows manufactures to combine 100% ultra rapid concentrated (URC) fruit and vegetables with other ingredients for the first time in premium...

Novel Foods Exclusive

First yeast-derived beta glucan approved as novel food in EU

Health ingredients firm Biothera has been granted novel foods approval in the EU for its immune health ingredient yeast beta glucan and said there were prospects for manufacturers in a...

Cocoa compounds show joint health potential

Flavonoid compounds in cocoa may reduce inflammation associated with arthritis in lab animals, says a new study with possible implications for joint health.

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