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The healthy chocolate sector is still in a relatively embryonic stage but is being buoyed by the increasing amount of cocoa polyphenol science, exciting product innovation and increasing public interest. And, while the segment still suffers from a counter-intuitive response in many consumers that a health benefit shouldn’t be derived from an indulgence food like chocolate, this is being overcome.

Dispatches from FiE 2013

Mars: Chocolate fat reduction challenge in EU

The chocolate industry can only go so far to reduce fat in the EU, says Mars R&D manager, meaning portion size is the only current option.

Probiotic dark chocolate: Potential for new synbiotic strain, finds study

A synbiotic combination of a Baccilus probiotic and two dietary fibers holds promise in dark chocolate, according to research.

Cocoa flavanol losses reduced with superheated steam roasting: Study

Superheated steam roasting retains more phenols and flavonoids during cocoa processing than the conventional roasting method, according to research by Universiti Sains in Malaysia.

Barry Callebaut: We have more certified products than the market wants (for now)

Barry Callebaut is prepared to supply more certified cocoa if the industry demands it, but with 12% total cocoa volumes coming from ‘sustainable’ sources it says it already has more...

Nutrient reduces E.coli O157:H7 cells on beef meat by up to 90%

A substance found in chocolate and sold by health food stores to enhance mood has been found to reduce the number of E.coli O157:H7 cells on beef meat pieces by...

Nutrition and obesity studies may overstate results, warn researchers

Many studies focusing on obesity and nutrition may overstate conclusions of their findings, which may lead to policy makers and other researchers basing decisions on inaccurate assumptions, according to new...

Lower BMIs for chocolate-eating teens, finds study

Young people consuming larger amounts of chocolate each day have slimmer waists and lower body mass indices, according to research.

Trick or Treat? FDA’s licorice warning

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging moderation this Halloween when eating black licorice.

Nestlé cuts Kit Kat saturated fat with palm oil switch

Nestlé UK & Ireland has reduced saturated fat levels in Kit Kat by around 10% by changing the palm oil in the wafer filling.

Don't change our treats! Smaller portions better than reformulation for confectionery, says dietitian

Confectioners should reduce portion sizes rather than reformulate since indulgent treats help us enjoy our diets, says a dietitian. 


IQ Chocolate preps sports performance cocoa health claim

Scottish chocolate start-up, IQ Chocolate, has high hopes for its “raw” dark chocolate bars within the high quality, functional foods sector and is currently in the initial stages of preparing...

Coroner warns of energy sweets danger after man’s death

A coroner has written to the UK’s Department of Health warning of the dangers of high-caffeine confectionery after a man accidentally overdosed on caffeinated energy mints.

Oreo crazy rats hooked like cocaine addicts, claims unpublished study

Unpublished research by Connecticut College’s psychology department claims that Mondelēz’s Oreo cookies are as addictive as cocaine for rats.

Nestlé research discovers 'distinct metabolic signature' for obesity

People with visceral obesity share a unique set of biomarkers that may help researchers to identify future health risks and dietary changes that may help to tackle obesity, say researchers...

Portion size science: There is still a lot we do not know, says review

Simply reducing portion sizes is not an easy solution to reducing energy intakes as results from laboratory based experiments do not necessarily reflect what happens in the real world, according...

Dried fruit health halo prompts rise as chocolate inclusion

Chocolate makers are increasingly opting for dried fruit inclusions over sharper flavor additions like chilli and nuts because of their perceived healthy image and flavor enhancing properties, according to confectionery...

Sugar confectionery processing evolves for nutraceutical age

Sugar confectionery processing suppliers are having to adapt to increased demand for nutraceutical confections, which require more complex handling.

EU passes generic descriptors law: Clearing up confusion or compromising commercial freedom?

The European Commission has passed a law meaning generic descriptors for food and beverage products which could be construed as health claims will only be allowed if they have been...

Infographic: The facts behind low calorie sweetener consumption

Sweeteners are widely used to replace sugar in diet and low calorie products within the food and beverage industry. However, many consumers are still worried about these ingredients. So, what...

The brain cannot be ‘fooled’ by artificial sweeteners, warn researchers

It is hard to fool the brain by providing it with 'energyless' sweet flavours, according to new research in mice that suggests that consumption of zero-calorie sweeteners leads to higher...

Industry Voices - The Gum Doctor

Fortified chewing gum can protect against the common cold, claims Immuno Gum creator

Immune health chewing gum is a cheaper and more portable way to guard against the common cold than dissolvable vitamins, according to an emergency room doctor who has created his...

Sugar tax ‘best option’ to limit escalating health problems, says Credit Suisse

A sugar tax is the best way to combat excess sugar consumption which doctors agree is partly to blame for growing global obesity and diabetes rates, according to a report...

Do younger people respond better to the cardiovascular effects of cocoa flavonoids?

Flavonoid-rich dark chocolate may improve the function of the cells lining blood vessels and help control blood pressure in younger, but not older, hypertensives, says a new study.

Exclusive interview

Does Callebaut's EU flavanol claim add health bite or bark to dark choc's image?

Barry Callebaut's R&D department talks to ConfectioneryNews after winning a blood flow health claim for cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate and cocoa beverages.

News in brief

Cocoa flavanol health claim becomes EU law

Barry Callebaut’s cocoa flavanol health claim has been approved by EU Commission.

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