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Ritter Sport ‘natural’ bust up with consumer group gets litigious

Ritter Sport and a German consumer group will go head-to-head in a court battle over the naturalness of vanilla flavoring piperonal.


What’s the occasion for Barry Callebaut’s E-free red?

Barry Callebaut has expanded its E-number free printable colorant range to include red, a move the company hopes will help tap into seasonal opportunities as well as the clean label...

Crediton Confectionery explores meat-free gelatins after business turnaround

UK firm Crediton Confectionery intends to move to non-meat gelatin for its confections to differentiate itself from bigger players after overseeing a significant rise in production volumes since the firm...

Mars defends use of artificial colors in M&Ms as CSPI-backed petition urges it to ditch ‘neurotoxic chemicals’

Confectionery giant Mars has defended its use of artificial colors in M&Ms after being urged to ditch them in a petition on accompanied by a press release from the...

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Naturex launches natural blue spirulina for 'fat-loving' candies

French ingredients firm Naturex claims to be the first supplier to offer natural blue spirulina coloring for lipophilic confectionery applications such as compound coatings.

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Australia ‘lagging behind emerging nations’ in artificial colour use

One of Asia-Pacific’s leading authorities on natural food colours has urged Australian and New Zealand food manufacturers, marketeers and media to show greater leadership in converting to natural colours.

What's a bored, hypoglycemic lawyer to do? Start a natural label, low sugar ice cream company, of course!

For Justin Woolverton, founder and CEO of premium ice cream brand Halo Top Creamery, life had become too sweet and too sour at the same time.  A dissatisfaction with his...

Functional confectionery niche continues to grow, says Naturex

The functional confectionery market remains niche but is growing rapidly as candy makers look for new ways to differentiate their products, according to ingredients firm Naturex.

Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013: How clean is your label? And can GMOs ever belong in 'natural' products?

Recent data from Symphony Consulting (click here ), shows that while US retail sales of products making ‘natural’ claims still grew in 2012, the pace of that growth slowed noticeably compared...

Cloetta acquires ‘very special’ natural candy technology with Goody Good Stuff buy

Scandinavian confectioner Cloetta has acquired UK firm Goody Good Stuff and its unique gelatin free technology to help it capitalise on what it calls a growing natural candy category.

Food colors in India: Researchers call for review

Majority of colored foods in India illegal

Researchers are calling for a review of food colors in India after finding that the majority found in popular products exceed legal limits and almost a fifth of products contain...

Study hails eco-friendly synthetic colour test

Scientists have outlined an eco-friendly test for certain synthetic food colours commonly used in soft drinks and sugar and gelatin-based confectionery.

Global report on food colours

Clean label trend helps drive natural colours to overtake synthetics

Natural colours have overtaken their synthetic counterparts for the first time ever, and the trend towards clean label products is one of the key drivers according to new data from...

Blue colors study author clarifies position on lollipop risks

The author of a study on blue dyes in lollipops says that her paper focuses on the risk of systemic absorption in small quantities and not “human health risks”....

Natural vs. synthetic: ‘The consumer will always choose the natural product’

Switching to natural colours can be an important product differentiator, as consumers around the world will always choose a natural product when given the option, says ingredient firm Chr. Hansen.

Blue colors in lollipops present health risk to kids, say researchers

Researchers are urging candy makers to remove two blue food colors from hard candies and lollipops because they may pose a health risk to children.

EFSA on caramel colours: Consumer exposure lower than previously estimated

Consumer exposure to three caramel colours used in a variety of food and drink applications is ‘considerably lower’ than a 2011 scientific opinion published by EFSA suggested, says the Authority.  ...

Picked by you: M&M’s launch new color mix selected by Facebook fans

Mars has announced the launch of a limited edition M&M’s mix containing new colors picked exclusively by fans on Facebook; including purple, aqua and dark pink.  ...

‘No way back’ from natural colour trend, says Nestlé scientist

The trend toward natural colours for foods, drinks and sweets is here to stay – but raises huge technical challenges, according to Steve Tolliday, principal product technologist at Nestlé’s Product...

Rhodia launches intense vanilla flavors for chocolate and bakery

Rhodia Aroma Performance has introduced a range of intense vanilla flavors that it claims allows manufacturers to differentiate products and mask off-notes.

Caragum claims cost and speed savings on Acacia-blend coating system

Ingredients specialist Caragum International has said its coating system is a cost effective, rapid alternative to other colloids for confectionery and chewing gum.

Asia-Pacific to overtake Western Europe in natural flavours

Sales of natural flavours in Western Europe are set to be overtaken by sales in the Asia-Pacific market within the next three years, according to market research firm RTS.

Printpack’s new site leads to operational re-shuffle

Printpack has announced plans to build a plant in Wisconsin for US$72m (€57.3m) which will mean the closure of its current North Carolina and Wisconsin sites.

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Natra profits soar after operational improvements

Spanish ingredients firm Natra has upped its operating profit 71% on last year in its first quarter (Q1) results due to operational changes in its main cocoa and chocolate business.

Chr Hansen shares jump 9% on strong H1 profits

First half EBIT profits for 2011-12 surged 19% to €83m at Chr Hansen as it shrugged off the effects of severe fluctuations in the price of red colorant carmine, and...

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