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What ‘natural’ means in food regulations

‘Natural’ has become a word consumers like to see on food product packages, while ‘clean label’ is an industry term to describe an E-number-free ingredients list. But exact definitions depend...

Mintel: Natural and clean-label trend still driving NPD

While shoppers’ enthusiasm for low-fat, low-sugar or low-calorie claims (‘minus’ claims) or added functional ingredients claims (‘plus’ claims) has waned; their interest in natural claims has continued to grow, according...


100% natural (and absolutely no 'hairy chemicals'...)

Consumers, observed Mintel’s David Jago at a Leatherhead Food Research conference on natural trends last week, want foods that are ‘wholesome’, ‘authentic’, and above all ‘natural’, although few of them...

Ex-Innocent Drinks entrepreneurs secure first major listing for gum

Peppersmith - the premium gum firm created by former Innocent Drinks executives Mike Stevens and Dan Shrimpton – has secured its first supermarket listing.

Symrise and partner to increase L-menthol production

Symrise is planning a major increase in its capacity of synthetic menthol as demand from confectionery and oral care sectors is surging, especially in emerging markets.

Guest article

Pumping up performance to boost efficiency, maximise yields

Pumps are becoming increasingly essential in food and beverage processing, particularly when it comes to improving efficiency and maximising yield, said Keith Driver of NOV Mono. In a guest article...

EFSA lowers ADI for food colour in re-evaluation

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in adoption of opinions on three further food colours used in bakery and confectionery products, has confirmed intake levels for one colour, halved the...

Matrix all important in Southampton colour switch-out

Food and beverage companies should aim to address all their reformulation issues at the same time as replacing Southampton colours, say Campden BRI experts, as subsequent changes to the matrix...

Spirulina faces legal questions

Spirulina, the blue colour from algae used in Nestlé’s Smarties, is one of 10 substances used to colour food that faces an uncertain future as its legal status is scrutinised.


Supply chain transparency only answer to hostile campaigns

Food companies must ensure their supply chains are transparent and socially responsible in order to prevent backlashes from consumer activists and non-governmental groups on Facebook or Twitter, which could have...

Carrageenan high on texture, low on cost for confectioners, study

Carrageenan has good textural properties and is a more cost effective hydrocolloid than dextran for use in semi liquid syrups for production of a wide range of confectionery products, claims...

Tangerine hard gums get green and clean label makeover

UK based Tangerine confectionery said it has switched to greener packaging and has reformulated the hard eating gums in its Lion range to meet the growing demand for clean labels...

New machine promises chocolate waste-free future

Equipment that separates liquid chocolate from solid rework components by centrifugal force helps eliminate food waste by enabling the chocolate to be reused in product manufacturer, claims its German developer.

Health Canada proposes stricter color labeling

Health Canada is seeking comments on a proposal to change Canadian regulations on how food colorings are listed on ingredient labels, the agency said on Thursday.

Colour ADI adjustments: What it means for industry

The new ADIs for three of the colours included in the Southampton study may mean restrictions on levels or the range of foods they are used in, says the UK’s...

EFSA lowers ADI for three Southampton colours

The European Food Safety Authority has lowered the acceptable daily intake (ADI) for three of the notorious Southampton Six food colours, but none of the scientific reasons given are associated...

Wirecut machine uses nest shape to increase cookie output

Baker Perkins has launched a new wirecut machine for cookie production that increases output by laying down biscuits in a nest-like pattern.

New machine responds to growing demand for hanging displays of sweets and snacks

Ishida Europe has launched a new packaging machine that gathers bags of sweets and snacks into strips for hanging displays in shops.

Water savings could boost food industry profits, says Siemens

Cutting water use could help food and beverage companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars and make businesses more sustainable, says Siemens Water Technologies which is promoting a six point...

Water inefficiency costing UK food and drink companies up to ₤160,000 a day - report

Food and drink producers in the UK may be pouring up to ₤160,000 a day down the drain by failing to maximise the potential for water efficiency, according to Envirowise.

Bar product distribution station increases plant efficiency, says company

Flexibility, cost effectiveness and ease of access for cleaning and maintenance all mean the latest distribution station from Sigpack Systems is designed to boost overall plant efficiency, said the company.

Aldi takes colours out of Australian products

Aldi is removing the Southampton Six food colours from products in its Australian supermarkets, following a campaign by consumer groups.

Tangerine says modern additive needs are key to ‘classic’ candy push

In its strategy to revamp ‘cult’ sweet brands thought lost to bygone eras, UK-based confectioner Tangerine says it continues to focus on products that are seemingly classic, yet innovative in...

Sedex supplier-led database strengthens opportunities in ethical supply chain

The opportunity for confectioners to audit the ethical credentials of their existing, and potential, suppliers comes in the shape of Sedex, a database tool designed to serve an ethically-driven supply-chain.

Chocolatiers may face supply chain challenges in waste battle

Confectioners are succeeding in looking beyond the lucrative Easter period to cut down on their packaging use, though the industry may yet have to commit to future waste reductions across...

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