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EFSA lowers ADI for three Southampton colours

The European Food Safety Authority has lowered the acceptable daily intake (ADI) for three of the notorious Southampton Six food colours, but none of the scientific reasons given are associated...

Wirecut machine uses nest shape to increase cookie output

Baker Perkins has launched a new wirecut machine for cookie production that increases output by laying down biscuits in a nest-like pattern.

New machine responds to growing demand for hanging displays of sweets and snacks

Ishida Europe has launched a new packaging machine that gathers bags of sweets and snacks into strips for hanging displays in shops.

Water savings could boost food industry profits, says Siemens

Cutting water use could help food and beverage companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars and make businesses more sustainable, says Siemens Water Technologies which is promoting a six point...

Water inefficiency costing UK food and drink companies up to ₤160,000 a day - report

Food and drink producers in the UK may be pouring up to ₤160,000 a day down the drain by failing to maximise the potential for water efficiency, according to Envirowise.

Bar product distribution station increases plant efficiency, says company

Flexibility, cost effectiveness and ease of access for cleaning and maintenance all mean the latest distribution station from Sigpack Systems is designed to boost overall plant efficiency, said the company.

Aldi takes colours out of Australian products

Aldi is removing the Southampton Six food colours from products in its Australian supermarkets, following a campaign by consumer groups.

Tangerine says modern additive needs are key to ‘classic’ candy push

In its strategy to revamp ‘cult’ sweet brands thought lost to bygone eras, UK-based confectioner Tangerine says it continues to focus on products that are seemingly classic, yet innovative in...

Sedex supplier-led database strengthens opportunities in ethical supply chain

The opportunity for confectioners to audit the ethical credentials of their existing, and potential, suppliers comes in the shape of Sedex, a database tool designed to serve an ethically-driven supply-chain.

Chocolatiers may face supply chain challenges in waste battle

Confectioners are succeeding in looking beyond the lucrative Easter period to cut down on their packaging use, though the industry may yet have to commit to future waste reductions across...

News in brief

WRAP offers free support for recycling in the supply chain

The UK's Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) announced this month that it has expanded its business development service to help small-medium (SME) recycling businesses across England to draw on...

Dispatches from Pro2Pac

New compact machine for sweet bagging unveiled

PFM Packaging Machinery has launched a new weighing and bagging machine which can be used for packing sweets and was designed to help companies save on floor space, capital and...

Confectioners eye small machines bought from cash flow

Demand for products and concepts that through targeted investments can boost efficiency and cut costs for confectioners were particularly in demand, say the organisers of last week's ProSweets trade fair.

CFS labeller allows label reel change with machine running

Dutch equipment supplier CFS has designed a new labelling concept that the company claims can mitigate the need for downtime when changing label reels or torn packing material.

Special edition: natural colours

Ongoing research in natural colours

In the final part of our series on natural colours, FoodNavigator looks at the science behind potential pigments for food and beverages.

More cost savings on the cards at Cadbury

Cadbury has signalled that it will take “whatever measures are necessary” to deliver on its 2008 performance promises – despite H1 results that show good profit growth.

Confectionery machine roll-out boasts 400 products per minute

As ever shorter product life cycles continue to dominate the packaging landscape for confectioners, two Bosch Packaging Technology firms have extended their range of horizontal pillow-pack machines.

Companies urged to 'green' their supply chain

Firms should look at measures to make their supply chains 'greener' not only because it is seen as 'doing the right thing' but because it is also the 'right thing...

Cadbury goes green across supply chain

Cadbury Schweppes today announced it will publish data on greenhouse gas emissions from across its global supply chain, as part of plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 per cent.

Wild targets UK natural colours market with Fiske co-op

The UK and Ireland have been identified as a key market for Wild to intensify its activities with natural colours, after the company accounted a new co-operation with Fiske, the...

Cadbury to cut CO2 emissions by 50 per cent

In a bid to boost its green credentials, Cadbury Schweppes yesterday unveiled a programme to cut down on its use of energy, packaging and water in response to climate change.

Filling machine bags snacks fast, its manufacturer claims

A new vertical form, fill and seal machine is designed to package high density snacks into smaller bags at high speed, its manufacturer claims.

Filling machine boosts dessert making

Confectionery equipment supplier Packaging Automation has seen its latest enhanced filling and sealing machine upping factory output and improving performance, according to customers.

Machines speed up bag production, manufacturer claims

Two different new bag making machines have been released on the market, one designed to produce large bags at high speed, while the otheris targeted at dry and frozen food...

Machine wraps up confectionery packaging

A new operator-friendly flow-wrapper has been launched by packaging firm PFM - providing confectionery manufacturers with an easy-to-use system for producing pillow-style packs

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