Breaking News on Confectionery & Biscuit Processing

Filling machine bags snacks fast, its manufacturer claims

A new vertical form, fill and seal machine is designed to package high density snacks into smaller bags at high speed, its manufacturer claims.

Filling machine boosts dessert making

Confectionery equipment supplier Packaging Automation has seen its latest enhanced filling and sealing machine upping factory output and improving performance, according to customers.

Machines speed up bag production, manufacturer claims

Two different new bag making machines have been released on the market, one designed to produce large bags at high speed, while the otheris targeted at dry and frozen food...

Machine wraps up confectionery packaging

A new operator-friendly flow-wrapper has been launched by packaging firm PFM - providing confectionery manufacturers with an easy-to-use system for producing pillow-style packs

Starchless moulding machine opens up jelly and gum market

A new cost-cutting moulding and depositing system suitable for use in the manufacture of jelly and gum confectionery has been launched by UK firm Baker Perkins to attract confectioners previously...

Nestlé France outsources transport logistics

Nestlé France has outsourced its supply chain transport to Geodis for the next three years,under a contract that guarantees the Switzerland-based agrifood giant guaranteed performancetargets.

Easy to clean chocolate machine cuts hygiene risks

New chocolate moulding equipment which can be cleaned quickly and easily has been developed by British firm Spooner Vicars, targetting manufacturers wary of hygiene considerations.

Mobile fridge keeps cool during transport

A mobile fridge allows companies to ensure an unbroken cold chain along the supply chain to a product's final delivery point.

Machine firm targets confectionery product innovation

A range of special decorating heads has been re-launched to help confectionery manufacturers keep up with the impressive number of new products hitting the market.

Machine automates confectionery bar packing

An automated machine for packing cereal and confectionery bars into cartons helps manufacturers speed up their production lines and cuts down on labour costs, its manufacturer claims.

Wild targets natural colours market with kiwi green

Wild has developed a revolutionary new technique to capture a natural brilliant green kiwi colour for the food and drink industry.

Condensing machine targeted at food industry

Alfa Laval has designed a scaled-down model of its vapour condensing machine, offering the food industry a cheaper method of doing evaporation and condensation processes, the company claims.

Industry briefs: Updated wafer machine; KitKat

Franz Haas Waffel has updated its machine for wafer and biscuit production, which includes a new high-capacity wafer baking system, and a new depositor for aerated creams, batters and marshmallows.

Cadbury increases efficiency through package coding

A Cadbury Trebor Bassett division in the UK has installed a package coding management system (PCMS) to accurately control pack coding at two production sites.

Versatility and price boost confectionery machine sales

A new machine designed to decorate bakery and confectionery products with up to 150 different items has been launched by Russia's Ekma-Konfi engineering group. The versatility, reliability and cost effectiveness...

Conveying surface range expanded for cost-efficiency

Integrated material handling solutions provider FKI Logistex has expanded its range of conveying surface options to make pallet loading more adaptable and cost-effective for suppliers.

Northern Foods shuts factories to increase efficiency

Northern Foods is to close two of its UK factories with the loss of 1,000 jobs in an attempt to drive down costs as it struggles against rising raw material...

Safety first in the packaging supply chain

US-based packaging distributor Hughes Enterprises argues that attention to packaging is vital in ensuring total supply chain safety, reports Anthony Fletcher.

Nestlé installs enterprise-wide streamlining initiative

Nestlé, the largest food and beverage company in the world, has selected the Quadrem eMarketplace as the partner for its global eRequisitioning programme, part of an enterprise-wide initiative Nestle is...

Natural colours raise 3Q results for Chr Hansen

Danish ingredients firm Chr Hansen has benefited from the growing demand by food makers for natural colours. Higher sales of natural colours helped to lift profit figures in a third...

Russian sugar production down, efficiency up

Russian white sugar production from imported raw beet is reported to be down by 23 per cent for the start of the year, as the sector struggles against diminished supplies...

All-Fill introduces cup filling machines

US filling equipment provider All-Fill has introduced two new volumetric cup filling machines. Both machines debuted at the recent Pack Expo and are for dry...

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