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Nestle invests in premium Russian choc plant

Nestlé reports that an upgrade to its premium chocolate manufacturing facility in the Samara region of Russia will transform it into a key competence centre for confectionery products in Europe.

Premium products and Asia-Pacific market drive growth for Barry Callebaut

Leading industrial chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut reported buoyant third quarter sales volume gains of 11.3 per cent, based it said upon growth in Asia-Pacific and the luxury chocolate category.

New eco white film for premium confectionery

UK cellulose acetate film supplier Clarifoil has produced a new ultra-gloss white film for luxury confectionery packaging to meet the demand for differentiation in this category.

Eco packaging supplier targets premium choc market

Pro Sweets, the upcoming confectionery industry trade show, will see the release of an environmentally friendly aesthetically enhanced paperboard for the premium confectionery market, says the Finnish company behind the...

New CartonBag aimed at premium choc differentation

A Cartonbag format for loose or wrapped confectionery is a lighter weight replacement for the plastic bag in carton box, claims its design team, which is seeking out chocolate makers...

Nestle opens luxury chocolate research centre

Nestle has opened a chocolate research centre in Switzerland to inspire new formulations, product concepts and packaging designs in the luxury segment.

Deals woo shoppers back to ethical, premium products

UK supermarket Tesco says it has seen sales of its premium, organic and fair-trade products return to growth this year, as special offers on top notch goods convince shoppers that...

Marden Edwards' rapid overwrapper targets luxury chocolate packaging

Meeting criteria to quickly, and delicately, overwrap luxury chocolates in various format sizes, UK firm Marden Edwards employed their latest individual large format pack overwrapper for Polish confectionery manufacturer Mieszko.

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Wrigley 5 gum launch targets UK premium category

Chewing gum giant Wrigley will target the premium category in the UK’s competitive gum market, rolling-out its “sense-stimulating, edgy” 5 gum for “stylish consumers”.

PCs a necessity – not a luxury – in tight economy, says Beckhoff

Investing in automation technology in the food manufacturing industry could enhance productivity by around 10 percent, according to Beckhoff Automation, which recently presented its technology to industry.

Metal packaging innovation confers eco-friendly opportunities for premium biscuits

A raft of new container designs from US firm Crown speciality packaging target premium biscuit makers with an eye on eco-friendly packaging materials.

Quadro-shot tech for premium chocolate grabs consumer eye

Opportunities for eye-catching premium chocolates emerge with quadro-shot technology from swiss confectionery machinery firm Awema.

New packer from Lareka targets carton-packed premium chocolate

Meeting growing demand for premium chocolate packed in carton, Netherland's Lareka launches a new double stage tablet packer with a price tag in reach of small and medium-sized businesses.

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Russian confectioner Landrin moves into premium confectionery

Russian confectioner Landrin, best known for its chocolate eggs containing children’s toys, is attempting a move into the premium confectionery market for adults.

Premium chocolate sales predicted to remain buoyant

The global market for premium chocolate looks set to remain strong despite a worsening economic climate, according to new market research.

Chinese consumers go premium after melamine scare - TNS

The global furore over the recent melamine contamination scandal in China appears to have driven consumers in that country increasingly towards premium and international brands, according to research group TNS...

Luxury abounds at the Salon du Chocolat

 Consumers’ wallets in Europe may be taking a hit, but investment in premium chocolate ploughs on with luxury products taking centre stage at this week's Salon du Chocolat in Paris....

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Nestlé launches luxury chocolates

 Food and confectionery giant Nestlé is introducing a new range of luxury chocolates to complement its successful premium coffee business, Nespresso.

Premium chocolate offers hope as food inflation soars in eurozone

While the food inflation rate continues to gallop ahead in the eurozone, observers speculate as to whether premium chocolate products could help confectionery firms ride the storm.

Ethical and premium brands lock in consumer awareness for chocolate makers

   Ethical and premium brands will bring strong gains to chocolate makers with fresh evidence suggesting they hold sway in the mind of the consumer.

News briefs: healthy and premium chocolate launches

In recent years there has been an increasing trend towards healthy and premium confectionery products, aimed at making consumers feel better about the treats they eat and giving them a...

Candy Expo highlights gourmet, premium and organic products

The All Candy Expo currently taking place in Chicago is highlighting gourmet, premium and organic products, which organisers say is the fastest growing segment in the confectionery and snack market.

Nestle pushes for premium with new R&D centre

Global confectioner Nestle today announced the establishment of a research and development (R&D) facility dedicated entirely to dark and premium chocolate.

News briefs: Woolworths, product launches, and premium chocolate

In confectionery news this week, Woolworths secures sweet supplier EUK with a loan deal, confectionery product launches outnumber other food categories, and dark chocolate continues to prove popular with manufacturers.

Premium innovation boosts Lindt sales

Strong sales of premium and dark products have led Lindt & Spruengli to predict that full year revenue for 2007 will hit CHF 2.95bn (€1.8bn), a 14 per cent increase...

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