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ProSweets 2013 Cologne

Marshmallows ‘excellent’ with whey proteins, says Herbertz

By Oliver Nieburg+, 11-Feb-2013

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Aerated products such as marshmallows are among the best carriers for whey ingredients, according to Herbertz Dairy Food Service.

Georg Herbertz, owner of Herbertz Dairy Food Service, who organized the Conference on Ingredients at ProSweets  2013, told about the latest developments in milk and whey ingredients in confectionery.

“Thanks to the development of new technologies we are able today to produce a number of whey ingredients and use them in our confectionery products,” he said.

“Aerated products like marshmallows - in this kind of product - high purified whey proteins work excellent compared to other egg white,” he continued.

Herbertz added that a lactose edible grade could be used to reduce the sweetness of a finished confection.

He said that it would be difficult to deal with rising demand for milk and whey ingredients, particularly as the market in the Far East, especially China, was growing rapidly.

Potential abolition of milk quotas by 2015 may ease supply constraints, he added.