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News in brief

Upgrade to eco-packaging measurement tool

An upgraded version of a computer programme that measures the carbon footprint of packaging has been released.

Premium products and Asia-Pacific market drive growth for Barry Callebaut

Leading industrial chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut reported buoyant third quarter sales volume gains of 11.3 per cent, based it said upon growth in Asia-Pacific and the luxury chocolate category.

New technology delivers omega-3 chews for private label

UK-based Oxford Nutrascience has teamed up with Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) to develop omega-3 chews, which it plans to supply to dietary supplement firms around Europe for their own-label lines.

Stevia-added chocolate needs high DP inulin for sensory appeal, study

Blends of stevia rebaudiana extract with inulin and polydextrose as bulking agents can produce sucrose free chocolate with little differential noted between it and sucrose sweetened milk chocolate in terms...

Choc-blood pressure meta-analysis sees need for dietary habit studies

A new meta-analysis of studies investigating the effect of dark chocolate and flavanols on hypertension has drawn mixed conclusion and suggest more studies be done on dietary habits and genetic...


Where next for ingredients since Cognis and National Starch?

‘Billion dollar deal’ was not a phrase bandied about the food ingredients industry much last year. With BASF buying Cognis for €3.1bn and Corn Products International paying $1.3bn for National...

Lotte group set to acquire Wedel in Poland from Kraft

Ending months of speculation, Asian confectionery giant Lotte Group will acquire the Wedel business in Poland from Kraft Foods, subject to regulatory approval.

No risk posed from magnolia bark extract in gum and mints, says ACNFP

Magnolia bark extract could be used in chewing gum and mint confectionery and is unlikely to pose any risk to consumers at the use level specified by the manufacturer, according...

Seaweed extracts could offer edible flavor films

French scientists continue to expand the potential of carrageenan films to encapsulate and control the release of flavors, with new data showing superiority over established options.

EFSA publishes data guidance for flavour approvals

The European Food Safety Authority has published its final guidance for data required to assess new food flavourings, and is looking to build on experience gained during evaluations to establish...

Industry debates NGO admission to cocoa sector forum

Observer status for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on a new cocoa industry consultative board is proving a sticking point at the UN Cocoa Conference in Geneva this week, which aims to...

Satiety and oral health demands drive Asia-Pacific confectionery market

Chocolate that suppresses appetite and delivers oral health benefits has been highlighted in a new survey of confectionery product launches in the Asia-Pacific region conducted by Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics....

Pectin-protein combo may extend ingredient microencapsulation

A combination of pectin and fibrils of ovalbumin may offer interesting and innovative encapsulation materials for formulators as protection for sensitive ingredients like flavours, says a new study.

News in brief

Ivorian cocoa exports gather pace

Cocoa exports from major grower Ivory Coast are said to be picking up, but imprecise counting techniques and smuggling brings figures into question, according to reports.

Spectrometer simplifies cadmium in chocolate analysis - company

Thermo Fisher Scientific said it has developed a new, simple and accurate method for analysing the presence of cadmium in chocolate.

Blue California develops fermentation process for Reb A extraction

Blue California, manufacturer of the Good & Sweet-brand Reb A stevia extract, has developed a natural fermentation process that it will be using to extract the sweetener by next March,...

News in brief

Cadbury heiress to launch chocolate company - reports

The heiress to the Cadbury’s fortune is to sell her £27m country estate in a bid to launch a chocolate company, according to UK media reports.

Danisco positive on FY despite sweetener struggles

Danisco achieved 6 per cent in revenue for its full year 2009/10 and strong profit growth; all divisions with the exception of sweeteners contributed to its margin expansion.


Europe must keep cool over country of origin labelling

Always read the small print. Good advice and nowhere more so than in food labelling with today’s increasingly savvy consumers demanding to know what’s in their food, where it came...

Loders Croklaan innovation centre targets confectioners

Oil and fats supplier IOI-Loders Croklaan has opened a creative studio in the Netherlands for confectioners to develop and market new concepts and formulations.

Special edition: Natural and clean label

Consumers' views on natural and clean label terminology

‘No-additives’, and ‘no-preservatives’ are the most popular clean label claims with consumers, while ‘natural’ struggles because of over-use and lack of definition, according to research.

Spanish researchers point to method for healthy cocoa butter alternatives

Healthy hydrogenated trans-free and short chained fatty acid-free solid alternatives to cocoa butter for chocolate production can be produced from sunflower oils enriched in stearic and oleic acids by means...

Confectioners give cautious backing to EU labelling vote

Representatives of Europe wide confectionery, biscuit and chocolate makers have given a cautious backing to the much-anticipated EU parliament vote on amendments to the proposed food information regulation, which has...

What ‘natural’ means in food regulations

‘Natural’ has become a word consumers like to see on food product packages, while ‘clean label’ is an industry term to describe an E-number-free ingredients list. But exact definitions depend...

Russia and Ukraine choc sales fuelling Theegarten growth

Confectionery wrapping machine supplier Theegarten Pactec claims Russia and the Ukraine have been the fundamental growth drivers for the firm over the past three years, citing greater affluence and increasing...

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