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Study suggests you can be addicted to chocolate

Scientists from the University of Oxford claim they have found similarities in brain activity between those addicted to drugs and those addicted to chocolate.

News Focus: Health and Wellness

Nestle pursues human nutrition through acquisition strategy

The third in a series of articles on the health and wellness approach of major US companies examines Nestlé's increasing focus on research and development as a means to...

China is still number one for expanding firms

China is still the number one location for manufacturers and retailers looking to expand their businesses in an effort both to tap into the fast growing China market and as...

Donut company develops new zero trans oil

US-based Dunkin' Brands has developed a new oil in order to create trans-free fat bakery products without sacrificing quality, flavour and taste, the company said this week.

Syngenta takes sugar beet back to the tropics

Syngenta has developed a variety of sugar beet for cultivation in tropical climates that is expected to boost output and farmer income, and has initiated two products to develop its...

Danisco's Litesse gains FDA approval for food use

Ingredient firm Danisco has said that its Litesse polydextrose ingredient has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in almost all food and beverage categories.

Cadbury's gum acquisition approved in Turkey

Cadbury's planned acquisition of the Turkey-based chewing gum manufacturer Intergum has been approved by the competition regulator, the company said today.

China still top for manufacturing investment, study

China remains the number one location in which manufacturers plan to expand their operations, according to a new study by service consultants, Deloitte & Touche.

Airport security measures boost confectionery sales

Confectionery sales are booming in the global duty free and travel retail sales market, faster than the market average growth, according to a new report.

Weekly comment

Is it harsh? Is it fair? No it's a consumer watchdog

In 1993, it seemed superheroes had reached their lowest peak when Superman was slain by an unstoppable monster known as "Doomsday".

ABF to shake up China sugar industry with joint venture

Associated British Foods (ABF) has forged an agreement with Chinese sugar group Hebei Tian Lu, which is expected to revolutionise beet sugar production technology and boost yields.

Polish confectionery producer plans expansions

Polish confectionery company Jutrzenka is planning acquisitions across Central and Eastern Europe, in a bid to expand into the emerging markets, according to the Polish media.

Syral's Tate & Lyle starch buy approved

The European Commission has approved Syral's acquisition of part of Tate & Lyle's Food and Industrial sweeteners and starches businesses in Europe it was announced yesterday.

Fat remains major baddie for healthy eaters, says Datamonitor

Reducing fat intake continues to be the main priority of consumers looking to improve their diets, according to a new report from market analyst Datamonitor.

New vending machine hot chocolate makes beauty claims

A new hot chocolate sold in vending machine is a novel addition to the growing market for drinkable and eatable beauty products.

Nickelodeon ends character licensing to junk food

Leading kids' entertainment brand Nickelodeon has said it will stop licensing its characters for use on 'unhealthy' foods and beverages, as part of its commitment to help slow the growth...

Danisco stands by for record sugar harvest

Danisco is expecting a record sugar harvest as climactic factors have stimulated growth, the year's first field samples indicate, meaning that any excess above quota will be channelled towards non-food...

Lindt plans price increase to cover raw materials

Lindt will increase product prices in order to cover the rising raw material costs, the company said yesterday.

Cocoa prices may stabilise, says ICCO

A positive outlook for the chocolate industry as cocoa prices could be stabilising, the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) said in its July review.

Organic labels are confusing, says consumer survey

Consumers remain confused about the use of organic product claims, which has led to people increasingly opting for locally grown food instead, according to a new survey.

Plants provide potent antimicrobial extracts

Natural antimicrobial agents derived from cloves, oregano, thyme and paprika can be used to block pathogens on food surfaces and packaging, according to new research.

Spiderman and The Simpsons are food baddies, says Which?

Consumer watchdog Which? has launched a new campaign to oust cartoon characters from unhealthy snack advertising, claiming that superheros are being exploited to encourage kids to clamour for foods that...

Internet campaign encourages a Cadbury re-launch

Cadbury last week said it will be re-launching its Wispa bar in the UK following pressure from social-networking sites.

Western diet linked to greater colon cancer recurrence

The high calorie, low fibre dietary pattern associated with the Western diet are associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer recurrence, says new research from the US.

Nestle recasts its Black Magic recipes

In a bid to take advantage of the new consumer fad for dark chocolate, Nestle has re-written its Black Magic recipes.

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