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Maltitol has good digestive tolerance: study

Maltitol is better tolerated then previous reported, and could be used as a sugar replacer in a wide range of food products - according to new research.

Cocoa initiative to boost farmer incomes and supply, claims Kraft

Kraft said work conducted by the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership initiative in Ghana will see more cocoa farmer organisations becoming Fairtrade certified by the end of 2010, to ensure sustainability of...

Fat digestion images point to improved formulation

Netherlands-based scientists have reported data for the real-time digestion of fats containing ingredients like vitamin D3, insights that could advance the formulation of foods.

Nestle invests in premium Russian choc plant

Nestlé reports that an upgrade to its premium chocolate manufacturing facility in the Samara region of Russia will transform it into a key competence centre for confectionery products in Europe.

News in brief

Ganeden eyes chocolate market for its probiotics

Ganeden Biotech has teamed up with Italian firm Agostoni Chocolate for the launch of Chocolate Plus Private Label, combining the GanedenBC30 probiotic with premium Italian dark chocolate.


Don’t worry about wheat prices: Look at grain stocks

There’s nothing like a shortage of wheat to send some news media searching for superlatives. Talk of “soaring” wheat prices and “rocketing” bread prices were common, in the British press,...

Fairtrade growth brings benefits to 1.2 milion producers and workers

Around 1.2 million farmers and workers around the world are estimated to have benefited from Fairtrade certification and labelling schemes in 2009, says FLO, with coffee still the largest category.

Chocolate beats the recession with US sales expected to top $19bn

Chocolate products are smashing through the recessionary gloom in the US with sales expected to top $19bn within four years, according to the latest report from research group Packaged Facts.

Healthy cocoa butter alternatives show novel food applications

Sustainable, healthy, cost-effective cocoa butter equivalents may be produced from enriched sunflower oils, and enable formulation of chocolates with higher melting points.

Mars rolls out chocolate bars with reduced saturated fat

New reformulated Mars chocolate bars are going on sale in Europe with 15 to 20 per cent less saturated fat than their predecessors.

Cargill unveils new solid chocolate service for smaller users

Cargill is launching a new service in Europe to offer food manufacturing customers its solid chocolate products in smaller quantities.

Carmine use still strong through 2009

The use of the food colouring carmine has steadily increased in key European markets over the past six years, according to the latest market data from Mintel.

US confectioners urge Mexican border dispute resolution

A new 20 percent tariff on American chocolate and gum being shipped into Mexico has prompted an outcry from US confectioners, as the Mexican government has introduced a raft of...


Let’s hear it for the sound of compostable packaging

The world’s first 100 percent biodegradable chip packet attracted a lot of noise last week, but not the buzz that SunChips’ maker FritoLay had been hoping for.

High carmine prices boost search for alternative colours

Suppliers of the food colouring carmine are taking a cautious approach to new customers, as the industry continues to feel the impact of supply shortages, which this year sent prices...

Olam to build cocoa processing plant in Ivory Coast

Olam International is planning to invest $43.5m to build its first, large greenfield cocoa processing plant in the Ivory Coast as well as additional primary processing and warehouse facilities.

FSA works towards sweetener detection system

The UK government is looking to set up a food analysis system, which would test for the levels of sweeteners found in certain products to ensure their safe use.

Red palm oil shows functional chocolate potential

Adding red palm olein to chocolate spread could boost its antioxidant power and nutrient availability, according to new research published in the journal Food Chemistry.

News in brief

Fair trade cocoa could protect against price volatility, analyst

Opting for fair trade cocoa could be one way for food firms to protect themselves against price volatility for the commodity, according to an industry analyst.

Kraft looks to packaging to protect chocolate from heat

Kraft Foods is reaching out to industry and academic partners to find a packaging technology that will protect chocolate bars from melting.

AAK spies ongoing growth in cocoa butter alternatives

Specialist fat supplier reports strong growth in cocoa butter alternatives, sustaining an increase in operating profits in spite of growing market uncertainty.

Study warns of limitations to chocolate's heart health benefits

An observational study analysing the eating habits of 31,823 women suggests that only moderate consumption of high quality chocolate has a positive impact on heart failure risk.

Puratos launches chocolate-based healthy snacking recipes

Puratos has combined ingredients from its three sectors – bakery, patisserie and chocolate – to develop new ‘healthy snacking’ concepts for its customers in the food industry.

Raisio glows as Glisten boosts net sales

Raisio is reaping the rewards of buying British snack brand Glisten with a 22 per cent increase in net sales in H1; with a new growth phase now underway, more...

Cocoa bean speculation is causing price volatility, analyst

Recent cocoa bean price volatility is due in large part to hedge funds attracted by quick returns taking short-term positions on the commodity, according to a leading analyst.

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